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  1. The same questions bothering me, its to quiet. I know Oldhams, Rochdales , Batleys, Dewsburys new signings but nothing about us .Have we or have we not signed any players? Simple question why the suspense?
  2. I don't know loyalion but we can't carry on as we are. If has seems likely Bury council refuse us permission for the stand our home games could be all over the place. This is no good for the fans or the players and certainly not for the stability of our club. I am a realist and know that big money is needed to buy the ground, I also know that without financial help from the town council this is going to be an almighty struggle to obtain. I'm 72 today and I am now convinced that I will never see the lions back in Swinton but I am equally convinced that the present situation can't go on as it is.
  3. Now we are in the championship we need to win our home matches to have any chance of survival, To do this you have to make your home ground a forttress. As we are in essence playing away from home we are batting on a very sticky wicket. This concerns me greatly as we are forfitting home advantage which his to our detriment. We must have our own turf be it Sedgely, AJ bell or Ambrose barlow playing fields but it must somewhere that the players can call home and defend with there last ounce of energy. We MUST win our home games, how can we do this when our home games are away games? we have lost any advantage we should have. If anything is showing that we need to be back in Swinton NOW it's the position we are in right now. In two to three years is no good we need to be back pronto. Those two to three years have been going on for twenty three years. If we go back down to championship one due to losing home advantage we may never get back to m27.
  4. Theres some wires crossed somewhere. according to Jon Duffys interview he signed for us on Saturday morning. Could this be clarified please.
  5. The Lions have signed Rodhri Lloyd . Welcome back Rodhri.
  6. Paul the email address given to me is bouncin back at me . I would like to book one seat on the coach on sunday. if you get this message could you confirm the booking to oakleyglenn@ymail.com thank you
  7. Question to the board? If on the 16th of February Bury council refuse permission for the new stand where will that leave the club as far as the championship goes?
  8. Does anyone know when work starts on the new stand and turnstiles. I have just been for a walk in Phillips park and on passing the ground couldn't see any sign of any work having been done?
  9. Is anybody out there. Ihave never known this forum and the club website so quiet, whats going on? With only two weeks to our first match both sites should be buzzing with anticipation for the new season yet theres nothing coming from the club or you speccies on here has everybody hibernated?
  10. When are we going to know the squad numbers . Two weeks to the first game and we still don,t know ?
  11. If it's true he's another thats retired.
  12. What the hells going on? First it was Paul woods then Suffolk now Tom T hackery all our big props gone before the seasons even started. seems we are going to end up with a light pack that that could get walked over in this league. Can the club make a statement on whats going on please. I for one am not happy
  13. Disappointed that Suffolk has gone before the season as started. I was counting on him to beef the pack up against the big teams. whats worrying me is that there as been no news whatsoever from the club about his departure. I hope we are not returning to the silent days of the Kidds . he's going to be hard to replace with a prop goodenough to hold his own in this league with the season nearly upon us. just hope mr Duffy can find us a decent replacement?
  14. A few weeks ago John Roddy stated that the club had done a deal for a plot of land for the new ground. As there has been no follow up news I am starting to get very curious has to where the land could be. Any ideas fellow fans?
  15. Having noticed that we have lost our best player, Andy Ackers to another championship side who happen to be full time professionals. being a semi-pro outfit can we possibly compete against the sides that are full time. These include London, Bradford Leigh, Sheffield and I think Featherstone and Halifax. I personally think this is a big ask but I hope I am wrong, anybody else have any views, this could make an interesting topic
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