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  1. 7 hours ago, Saint Toppy said:

    While they may all be in the same age group, and without detracting from the French performance & result, it wasn't exactly a 'like for like player comparison. Most (if not all) of the French lads are associated with Pro / semi-pro clubs and have received that level of coaching. None of the English lads are in the Scholarships / Academies of any of the English Pro / semi-pro clubs.

    We'll never know what the result would have been had England sent over a team made up of their best players in that age group. 

    Not this again, No they're not, they're all from clubs in the French leagues, I've heard this a few times since the first game, if you're being picky, 2 Lads have signed for Halifax academy in the English team and I've seen photos of two in the Wakefield scholarship shirts and one in Castleford, 

    My son plays for Lézignan u17s coached by one of the players dad's, I've coached my son from u5s and he's  never had a coaching session from a pro coach or a paid coach, all the others are the same, elite 1 teams are the equivalent of st pat's, it's your local club, you start there and if you stay you can play up to u19s , everyone is welcome, when I coached the 19s I had French u19s  internationals down to lads who want to give it a try and never played before, it's semi pro in the first team, ( with paymens between 200 euros and 1400 euros a month,  all the players come from clubs dotted around the south of France, Carpentras are in elite 2, salon too, Lyon have no adult team, limoux, Lézignan, Carcassonne, Toulouse (amateur elite 1) XIIi Catalan (not Catalan dragons) Villeneuve sur Lot, etc all coached by volunteers and parents if the players are lucky enough to make the first team they then get coached by a semi pro coach,   there is no money in France, there are 14 u19s teams in the whole of France, Toulouse and Catalan don't invest in French RL, there are more teams in the north west of England  than the whole of France, 

    I've coached over here from u5s to u19s and now I'm an assistant in elite 1 and still helping out with my youngest son in the u15s I've a total of 22 years experience in France as a player and coach so I have a pretty good idea where the players come from, 14 of the squad are lucky enough to be part of the pole espoirs,  it's extra rugby after school, nothing to do with pro clubs or the Catalans or Toulouse,  

    France had 2 15 year olds and two 16 years olds (first year u17s ) play in the second test. 

    They can only play the team the English send over, yes it would have been different with academy players, but would have been a close game, 


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  2. French team announced, 5 changes made, nice touch from the staff that everyone in the squad gets at least one game!  1 born in 2007 2 in 2006 and the rest in 2005. 

    On my way to Marseille, very warm and even worse with the ground being in the city centre right next to the velodrome. 30 degrees but the weather forecast reckons it'll feel more like 39 degrees at kick off, 

    Allez les bleues. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Scubby said:

    The difference between 2022 and 2002 is that scouts from 2 fully professional French clubs would be watching and taking on some of the most talented guys on their pathways. France has always produced young players who are competitive at youth level. They have not had the route into become full time pros like they have now.

    That would be too simple, they don't have pathways just a come and play for us if you want to ,but only  if your club will release you pathway, the French pass there exams at 18 so it's complicated to upsticks and move to Toulouse or Perpignan. The English go into academies and fully pro clubs and the French go into semi pro or almost amateur clubs and train twice a week with their mates, get a bit upset at not getting a game in elite and end up in the lower division to play and get free beer afterwards. 

    The French squad was made up with players from carcassonne, Carpentras, Lyon (who send their best players to Carpentras they're a fused club) salon, baho, xiii Catalan, limoux, Lézignan, Toulouse, Villeneuve, So a good mix of clubs. 

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  4. I understand your comments I know it was the community lions, normally the French u17 play the England u16s with all the scholarship/signed players, this time it's the u17 and most of this team are playing u18s amateur and I read a few are playing national conference open age, the French players are all born in 2005 except the two on the photo (2006) and there's a squad member who didn't get picked last night who was born in 2007. 

    They can only play the team they put up against them. 

    The heat played it's part as it was still 34 degrees when they played, I was sweating just sitting in the stands. The difference in size was amazing between the two teams, the English had some big aggressive lads. 

    Around 2000 spectators, a marching band who carried on playing all through the game and we'll into the night, it was a great French atmosphere!!! 


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  5. Belmas and Sangaré changed the game again last night when they came on the field, if toulouse stay up and Sangaré goes to Leeds it'll be a massive loss for Toulouse, a real impact player, if Leeds would have had one or two more experienced players last night they'd have won as they where the fitter team, Toulouse really struggled in the last 15 minutes. 

    Same for  peacock and his mates in the stands 😁 the last 15 minutes was hard work for them in this heat, there'll be a few sore heads this morning 🤣

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  6. 1 hour ago, ShropshireBull said:

    The best thing about Elite 1 as a non tv league is that it is effectively an off season league for SL and Aus. Lads can go over there or shine for a few months and when June comes around, maybe grab themselves something in UK. 

    Brexit makes it difficult for the French lads now, they need to be one of the top earners in a championship team to get a visa, cozza had to leave after a month as he couldn't get a visa extension after his trial, Clement Boyer was in contact with clubs but again too difficult to get a visa, 

    Thomas lacans is looking to play in the championship but again visa difficulties. 

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