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  1. For NFL games a lot of the fans are there for the entertainment more than the game!!! When I went to see Tampa bay I found myself more interested by the sideline entertainment, the music, the dance camera, the catching competition etc etc. Same for rugby union internationals people speak about the atmosphere, the anthems, the Piper on the roof, the picnic before the game, 

  2. 1 hour ago, fcl said:

    However, this is the current eligibility rule. And it also applies to maintain his eligibility ! 

    In the future, we can expect less rigid rules for heritage players and that we look for the nationality of great-grandparents and no longer just parents and grandparents.

    These rules will end up burying the last hopes of French rugby league

    Don't worry Lézignan rugby school will save French RL in a couple of years 😉. A couple of them could choose England though 😉😁

    On another note Brexit is making it very difficult for the young French players to get a club in England, it's quite difficult to get a  visa now. 

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  3. Hopefully 10. Pia will be promoted even if they lose the grand final, St Gaudens will stay in elite 1, hopefully Villeneuve will manage to keep some players and stay in elite, if Villeneuve would have had all their juniors playing juniors instead of first grade they'd have at least reached the u19s grand final. So hopefully this year will be a transition year with a young team that will be a very good team in a couple of years. 


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  4. 3 hours ago, audois said:

    Thery were in the Elite 1 competition back in the 198O's. They had an outstanding forward who later joined Wigan,Halifax and Castleford


    I'm sure they played in elite 1 in  the 2000's for a season and Villeneuve where their local derby  

  5. It's a pity they didn't sign Thomas lacans from Lézignan, he's been the best 9 in elite this year, but I suppose it's difficult to take a risk on a young French player when you can still get relegated, peats has the experience to help them stay up. I heard they where in contact with Thomas but chose peats, hopefully Thomas will get a summer in England playing at least championship level to help his chances of getting into the France team for the world cup. 

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