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  1. Thomas lacans  is very dedicated, he's not very big but handles himself well at 9 and 6. He's quick with a good step too, His kicking game could be better but in a full time environment he'd excel, Baptiste is very skillful, especially his kicking game, he's quicker than he looks, maybe he has a flaw in his defence but again it could be worked on, if the Aude team ever appeared in the championship I reckon they'd both be recruited. 

    Thomas was in the Catalan academy u19s as a 16 year old. They both played elite 1 at 17/18.

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  2. The French team won't have any elite players in the team, they'll all come from super league or the championship, 

    Fabre is a very good player and doing well at full back, Boyer was playing and helping with the coaching in Toulouse elite team, he is looking to get a club in Australia at cup level if possible, 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Lowdesert said:

    Anything that gives another pathway into the pro teams is good.  

    It wasn’t uncommon, in fact far from it, for ex pro’s to drop into the national league in England but it’s really just shoving another hopeful out.

    How is the young gentleman going at the pole espoirs by the way?

    He's doing very well, having the time of his life, top level coaching, enjoying school and stays there all week with his mates,  he has the second get together for the France u17s on Monday so fingers crossed. He still qualifies for the u17s next season so anything this year is a bonus and a good learning experience. 

    It's amazing how much he's physically changed by training every day, skills wise also. 

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  4. Three teams stay in elite and the best players go to the Cathares and if they don't play drop back to their club in elite maybe, it would make elite 1 a lot more competitive. Less top players but definitely more competitive. It would give an extra stepping stone for the talented young French kids. I'm just guessing. 

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  5. Just now, audois said:

    That's good to hear. The location between Perpignan and Toulouse is important I reckon. USC have in Pro 2 making head way. For the CXIII to relocate their operation at Domec was more than a good move. Can the clubs come together again as Aude Cathares just to enter the Challenge Cup. Rotate between the three grounds too.

    I think they want more than just cup games Gordon, 

  6. The president's of Lézignan, Carcassonne and limoux got together last night for a chat about how they're running their clubs and the future, good to see the three clubs getting along, I'm looking forward to the limoux v carcassonne derby this Sunday and the carcassonne v  Lézignan return match the 26th or 27tg February. 

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  7. 24 minutes ago, Andy Pickup said:

    Manchester to Carcassonne, Ryanair flies on Monday's and Friday's.

    Carcassonne to Perpignan by car is only around 1h30.

    Better still, stay at our chambres d'hôtes in Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse,

    only 30 minutes from Carcassonne and 45 minutes from the Stade Brutus!

    A very nice chambre d'hôtes, highly recommended. 

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  8. he may be doing a good job convincing people to host France games and the world cup but he needs to get his team working l, so far at all levels apart from the world cup  it catastrophic!!!! If you ask anybody involved in a team or a committee they'll tell you the same. 

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