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  1. I have a feeling the Catalan fitness coach will end up at the dolphins with Bennet
  2. they've a decent support but I've never seen a full stand like that when I've been with Lézignan.
  3. I'd guess he isn't qualified as French yet, they left the country for a few years, or he doesn't want to be French.
  4. Nowhere near his big brother in playing standards!
  5. Between 100 and 160 euros to play over here in France, paid to your club, most goes to the federation, the open age teams and coaches usually get it paid by the club's, the kids pay. You usually end up with a tracksuit,shorts and socks included from your club, my youngest plays basketball too from this year, that's 160 euros too,
  6. Albi play Saturday night , the other games are Sunday afternoon
  7. Albi on Facebook or YouTube,fcl 13 says Lézignan will be on their Facebook page, and Avignon haven't confirmed yet, nor heard anything for limoux
  8. Albi v Toulouse, Avignon v Carcassonne, Limoux v St Estève Lézignan v St Gaudens Villeneuve exempt
  9. If the rfl are intelligent they should have toulouse and Catalan at home on alternate weekends, quite a few will watch both teams. myself included,
  10. All sports on french tv have the the crowd noise turned down foe some reason,
  11. At Old Trafford yesterday, Ernest wallon tonight, I'm having a great weekend!
  12. The touch save by coote, just to clear the rule up for me, I always thought that if the ball crossed the line in the air it was in touch, it doesn't need to touch the ground,so if you jump from the field of play the ball is still out!
  13. Flew 10000 miles and worth every penny! As Alex Murphy once said
  14. The Catalan ticket line just doesn't ring anymore! We've bought 5 tickets and want 3 more but can't get through!
  15. Plus all the forms and testing company websites are in English, but then again they all should know how to read and speak the queen's English if they're flying to England!
  16. No it's easier for you to get into France than for us to get into the UK, no tests needed in France if vaccinated, just a locator form, the second day tests for us four is twice the price of the flights and drive to Limoges!
  17. I'd best book my tickets! Four hour drive to Limoges with wife and our two boys ,to fly Friday morning, quick stop over in Wiggin to see my parents then back Sunday and with a bit off luck a stop off in Toulouse for the championship final,
  18. Il looking forward to this, I just hope that if Toulouse lose they don't throw the towel in!
  19. Pass sanitaire so either vaccinated or a test before, just like for all restaurants, bars cinema etc
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