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  1. If they are genuinely tight against the cap with the squad they have at present, (minus Hurrell and Merrin who I presume are the two marquees), then they are worse run as a club than I thought. I know there is a shortage of UK born half backs, but if you think Richie Myler is the answer to your problems, then you are in trouble. As for Carnegie, their playing budget for 18/19 was more than the SL salary cap at around £2.3 million, yet the club only had guaranteed revenues of the £600k from the RFU. The rest was coming from some daft individual willing to chuck away a load of cash. Said daft individual obviously had a knock to the head, saw sense and pulled out. Hence the club now in the process of going out of business. Hetherington has obviously done great things for the Leeds club over the years, but right now he is firefighting on two fronts. Be interesting to see if he is up to it.
  2. I imagine Leeds is more than a little financially restricted at the moment. Any contributions from Carnegie to the costs of running Leeds Rugby and Headingley are more than likely to disappear and something will have to fill the void - apparently the RU lot were paying about £400k for playing at Carnegie. Which is a bit of a hole in a set of accounts somewhere in GH's empire. Strange how it all seems to be unravelling quite quickly at Leeds. RU side going out of business, RL side really in the mire.
  3. The article clearly says that there are World Rugby related pitch size issues with the soccer ground.
  4. ........is thinking that whatever happens in Aus, even if he spends his time playing bush rugby, it has to be far better than being part of the worst Leeds team in decades.
  5. If there was a General Election tomorrow, I seriously doubt any of the MPs currently sitting under the Change UK banner would be returned. I would expect the Lib Dems to continue their comeback, particularly in the South West, where IIRC Cameron had managed to nab a few seats for the Conservatives. As long as Corbyn is leader, I actually think Labour will shed a lot of votes to the Lib Dems as Remain voting Labour voters have realised that the messiah is actually not their friend on this issue. Whereas Vince is, (if they can just hold their noses long enough to vote for a man who served in a Conservative government). TBH, if you think Parliament is in a state now, I think it will be worse after a GE. The Tories will be out of power, Labour will not have a majority, the Lib Dems will be a stronger group with an important role to play number wise. Labour will need a coalition in order to govern, but good luck getting either the Lib Dems or the SNP to agree to that with Corbyn in charge. And Corbyn will not go without the Labour party tearing itself apart. The Brexit party is a single issue party which will not win any meaningful number of seats in Parliament. In short, no-one will be able to get a majority together and as with the WA, it will be stalemate.
  6. Now possibly going to work for the French national team who have offered a 4 year contract. What a tart.
  7. Very amusing development. After all the hoo-haa, seems like Wales has only offered Edwards a 2 year contract. And he will be co-defense coach, seeing that the new head coach had already hired someone to do the defense job. Apparently Edwards is not happy, and could end up back at Wasps. Where he will probably get the 4 year contract he is looking for, but lets be honest given the financial mess Wasps are in, he may well be looking elsewhere before those 4 years are up. Little bit of karma in all that.
  8. What's the deal with Newcastle? Running Rugby says Newcastle Rugby has posted a loss of £3.9 million, up quite a bit on the previous year. The RU team are looking a good bet to be relegated this season which will not do the financials any good whatsoever. Where does the RL side fit in all this in terms of financing? Is it kind of like a reverse Rhinos/ Carnegie set up?
  9. Oh no doubts the Wigan job will attract a top class RL coach. But I think Wigan needs more than that, and your SMT seemed to acknowledge as much last summer during all the fanfare about Edwards' appointment. The situation can be Campbell'd all you like but the SMT has stuffed up on this. I always got the impression that Lenegan was a shrewd businessman but he comes out of this looking a bit of an amateur. Be interesting to see who is at Wigan next season.
  10. People go on about how there are no household names in English RL, and as a result the outside world knows nothing of the sport. Whilst Edwards might not be known in every household in the land, he is certainly a very high profile figure in British sport and beyond. To that extent were he to move to RL with Wigan, I think it would be fair to say he would have the highest media profile of anyone involved in the sport, and I would like to think that profile could be managed not only for the benefit of the Wigan club, but for the wider sport of RL. There would be significant marketing opportunities around for example Shaun Edwards taking Wigan to a Challenge Cup final. Personally, I think the ship has sailed on this one and the Wigan SMT have properly stuffed up.
  11. He did say last year, during the presser to announce the deal, that he was taking a risk (coming back to RL) and that he could earn a lot more in RU. I cannot see him coming back. Which is a real shame as he could have been a positive thing for both Wigan and the game of RL. The sport needs a sprinkling of stardust and Edwards could have been the man to bring it. I think Lenegan has a lot of questions to answer over this, both from Wigan fans and the other chairs.
  12. Cat and pigeons comes Cat and pigeons comes to mind.
  13. Well I imagine it would certainly work out cheaper than developing Odsal. Question is, what potential is there for non rugby commercial revenue generation? On the rugby side, I suppose it is close enough to Wigan for the club to relocate there when the Latics owners start getting funny about rugby being played at the DW.
  14. From the Guardian last August: Edwards will use his spare time away from his Wales commitments to observe Wigan from afar before taking charge. “I will try to be involved. I’m hoping to do some consultancy work with Ospreys outside of my international commitments, although when the internationals are on it’s absolutely full-on – you’re with Wales full-time. “But later in the weeks outside of that, I’ll be driving up to Wigan and watching training. I won’t be doing any coaching, though, it will be all over to Adrian. We will speak on the phone regularly but he’s the boss during his period in charge.” So are we to deduce from all this that there was actually a gentleman's handshake on a salary and duration? And that having observed from afar what is going on at Wigan he has decided it is no longer for him? A rum old do, that's for sure.
  15. This just makes the Wigan club look very, very stupid and amateurish. And incredibly, Lenegan has made Rimmer look competent.
  16. Two years out from a World Cup, it should be England touring as England, getting important game time together as England and hopefully getting some more wins. As things stand, with the scarcity of international fixtures, if the Aussies nil England in the series next year (which would not be unprecedented), England could head into the World Cup not having one a meaningful Test match in two years.
  17. Er, that is kind of the point of the Great Britain side, players from across the British Isles, as opposed to just England. If all you are going to do is take a squad of England players all born north of the Wash plus a few Aussie ringers and put them in a red, white and blue jersey, then IMO that is absolutely pointless, and lacking any credibility whatsoever. It has been a long haul to get proper momentum behind the England RL brand, and at a point where things are starting to come together, it gets parked for some stupid Nigel Hall nostalgia trip. I normally have a lot of time for Headingley's favourite Lancastrian, but I think he is very wrong on this one.
  18. Mine might be a contrarian view, but I really do not see the point of the GB tour if you are effectively only going to take Englishmen (and I include people like McIllorum in there) plus maybe a few Antipodeans with UK heritage. GB RL is a historical construct which worked at a time when the sport was able to attract top RU talent in numbers from Wales and to a lesser extent Scotland. And it should have been left in the past. The fat lad from Red Hall strikes again. If you cannot put together a proper squad with players from England, Scotland and Wales, then just don't bother, as you have a complete lack of credibility. As far as I am concerned, given that we cannot, it should be England touring in the Autumn. I certainly would not play Grace or Flower against the Kiwis, however I see nothing wrong in taking them in the squad to play against PNG. Tonga plus the Kiwis, three big games in a row is going to be very tough physically, PNG would be the game to line them up for.
  19. I would expect Regan Grace to be in the squad. And Ben Flower as well. So two bona fide Welshmen. Other than that, I struggle to think of non English players, so Scots and Irish, who are not heritage players. Parachuting in Australasian players who have a British granny is not my preferred way of filling a squad.
  20. Whilst he may not be known in every household up and down the land, it would be a very, very big deal if George Ford, a current England RU international, were to switch codes to RL for 2020. It would definitely put RL back on the map, so to speak. There is a slight air of fragility about Ford which you do not get with Farrell, but Ford is a much more natural footballer. I would have thought Edwards would be able to work on that fragility in a way which does not impinge on his natural talents. Given time to re-adjust to the sport of his youth, I would say Ford has the potential to be the English Cooper Cronk.
  21. Not sure Saints have any need of him. The other two clubs on the other hand most certainly could use a player of his rugby ability. By all accounts Wigan are losing Williams to the NRL at the end of this season, and so will need to recruit someone decent. So they are either looking at an NRL half back or bringing in someone from RU, and actually bringing in someone like Ford could be an astute move given the cap exemptions for RU players. Not sure about Leeds, but the club has fallen a long way off the pace. Ford has previously spent time at Leeds Rugby, so who knows what relationships were established back then? Personally I would say Ford would be a significant upgrade on Myler once he had made the re-adjustment.
  22. Priceless. Headingley is in Leeds, always has been, it is about 3 miles from the city centre. Wetherby happens to be in the Leeds MDC but is about 13 miles from the centre of Leeds, and is definitely not in Leeds. Wigan is about 20 miles from the centre of Manchester, the same distance Watford is from the centre of London. By your logic Watford is in London? And I suppose you would say that Wolverhampton is in Birmingham?
  23. Erm, Brooklyn is in New York, it is one of the five boroughs, and Chelsea and Fulham are in London and always have been. Andy Burnham's administrative fiefdom might stretch out that way but Wigan is most definitely not Manchester. Exhibit A, the police officer on duty at the Grand Final who when I asked him about buses into the city centre said "Dunno pal, I'm from Wigan".
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