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  1. It is not that far from parts of west London but it is still awkward to get to by public transport, especially on a Sunday.
  2. I suppose there are reasons that we are not being told about for not going back to Ealing then? Personally I would rather we stayed in place and I thought Ealing was a pretty good venue for us. I said at the time we should of signed up for another 5 or 10 years there. I genuinely don’t see the logic in continually moving these long distances every 2 or 3 years . Is there something that I am missing?
  3. London look like they are going to stay up despite their results as none of the other teams at the bottom can win either.
  4. I think London will win this one and climb out of the relegation places. They certainly need to.
  5. When we were at Trailfinders we earned promotion to Super League on the pitch by bearing Toronto . We were then unlucky to go back down again. iIf we had hung onto Sammut, or got a suitable replacement, we probably would of stayed up?
  6. What, another one? We have all seen how Trailfinders have been doing this season. What I still have not had a good answer for, is why anyone thought it was a good idea to move ( yet again) ?
  7. Yes and that fact makes the move to Wimbledon all the more baffling.
  8. Yes. London are not looking good at the moment but are still in with a good shout in regard to survival in the Championship because the other teams at the bottom are not winning either.
  9. According to a Facebook poster who was apparently there the crowd was very small last night. There needs to be some changes soon or the club will disappear. As I have said before leaving Ealing to go to to Wimbledon was a crazy decision in the current circumstances.
  10. Moving from Trailfinders because “That’s not Super League” was a an absolutely crazy decision. What makes things even more galling was that Ealing Trailfinders won their championship and although they have been denied promotion now they had offered to work towards a ten thousand seater stadium at Ealing in the next few years.
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