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  1. The Broncos seem to have become dissatisfied with every landlord that they have ever had recently so why would it be different at Skolars?
  2. 1. Ealing was a good place to walk round the pitch and mix, particularly on a sunny day. 2. The food and the beer was better there. 3. We achieved promotion on the pitch while we were there.
  3. The other option for London I suppose is for IMG to put their weight behind Skolars instead of the Broncos.
  4. As I said at the time we should have stayed at Trailfinders. Wimbledon was way too big for where we are at the moment and where we are likely to be for the next 5 to 10 years. Does Man of Kent have any comment to make I wonder?
  5. A really interesting development I think. I hope they don’t move grounds and I sincerely hope this is the start of something very positive for RL in London.
  6. Having some food and a drink while you are there and catching up with people was part of the experience for me and that was one of the reasons I liked Trailfinders.
  7. How many times are we going to hear this? It usually crops up every time we move. The reality is that unless we are are talking about actual figures it’s all speculation anyway. The attendances don’t lie. We have been in steady decline since the Stoop albeit with a slight upturn while we were at Trailfinders. Actually I didn’t find Trailfinders soulless at all. You could easily walk round the ground and mix in the sun plus it had better beer and food. There was even a great night in the bar when we beat Toronto and got promotion.
  8. Why not let the Broncos carry on and set up a new club in that case? Perhaps in SE London.
  9. I think a number of posters on here including me, have been basically saying the same as IMG are now saying, for yers now. The problems will start when IMG start to set out how they would do things differently from how they are being done in the past and are being done now.. Ultimately i assume it will be the existing clubs who decide what happens in the future and not IMG. Unfortunately the game in the northern hemisphere’s record on real expansion is not good ( with the single exception of Catalan) and I can’t see that changing.
  10. I think a 1500 average would create a good atmosphere at Ealing unfortunately I don’t think that it ever will at Wimbledon. A year ago there was talk of a target of 5000 in the next three years I think. I haven’t heard anything about that recently? Around the time that Danny Ward left he said there was no plan for London. I have not seen anything to prove him wrong on this. Simply moving into a much bigger stadium is not progress for me. I really think we should of stayed at Trailfinders for another 5 or 10 years and then reviewed things again. iMG are not going to solve all of the Broncos problems in a million years.
  11. For me it’s not a great stadium and for this sort of thing the Stoop or Trailfinders are more suitable. I have been a couple of times and I agree with Atlantisman it is soulless. We simply don’t have the fans to create an atmosphere in a place like this. It’s clear that some Wimbledon football fans are attending but it is also clear to me that we have lost some of the people who went to Ealing regularly. Sorry to be negative but the steep rise in season ticket prices and the move has affected the level of my interest in the club. I did go to the Arsenal stadium for the England v Samoa game however and that was a great experience despite the result.
  12. In Toronto we had a large number of fans who may also never see a top level RL match again. This just seems to be the nature of RL. The rise of Tonga and Samoa has been great for the World Cup. In my view to really take the international game forward on a long term basis I think Toulouse in the Super League with perhaps a scheme to get some young French players experience in Australia or New Zealand as well and a PNG team in the NRL is the way forward. Wales was a possibility once but that ship has probably sailed.
  13. Fantastic match. I still can’t believe that the Kiwis didn’t win. I was absolutely convinced they were going to score a try on the right hand side in the last minute of the game! The neutrals in the crowd looked like they were were really getting into the match on the side of New Zealand. The games looks so much better on television with a decent crowd. Shame about the replays while the ball was on play in the BBC coverage but it didn’t seem as bad as it was in some of the previous games. I agree Manu was the man of the match. I am going to the match this afternoon at the Arsenal stadium. I can’t wait.
  14. These continual replays are irritating. Another great match though.
  15. The quarter finals needed a match like this. What a start from Fiji.
  16. It is not that far from parts of west London but it is still awkward to get to by public transport, especially on a Sunday.
  17. I suppose there are reasons that we are not being told about for not going back to Ealing then? Personally I would rather we stayed in place and I thought Ealing was a pretty good venue for us. I said at the time we should of signed up for another 5 or 10 years there. I genuinely don’t see the logic in continually moving these long distances every 2 or 3 years . Is there something that I am missing?
  18. London look like they are going to stay up despite their results as none of the other teams at the bottom can win either.
  19. I think London will win this one and climb out of the relegation places. They certainly need to.
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