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  1. "A rough-coated, dough-faced ploughman strode, coughing and hiccoughing, thoughtfully through the streets of Loughborough "
  2. We were taught at school that Greensleeves was written by Henry Vlll for Anne Boleyn.
  3. Couple of good ones on yesterday. On Tipping Point the question was " What genre of books did John Le Carre write? Were they about Farming, Spying or Sailing?" Contestant, "Well I've never heard of him, but he sounds posh, so I'll guess at Spies." And on Richard Osman's House of Games, question "Which US state is the Devils Tower in, that featured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?" Contestant "Never heard of Devils Tower or that Close Encounters thing... is it a film or a book or something?"
  4. About 4" of snow has settled here in the village, not sure if it's near enough to London for 'horror of snow and ice' stories in the press though.
  5. And they helpfully show a painting of Jesus, in case you forgot what he looks like.
  6. The town of Humptulips should not be in the USA, but in the red light areas of Amsterdam.
  7. No black pudding, toast instead of fried bread ... and hash browns !!! what are you, a southerner or something?
  8. Bradley Walsh: "Name the television naturalist the 'RichardAttenborosaurus' dinosaur is named after." Contestant: "Erm... pass." Anne Robinson: "In the Lord's Prayer, what word beginning with 'H' meaning 'blessed' comes before 'be thy name'?" Contestant: (quietly) "Howard." Anne: "Pardon?" Contestant: (louder) "Howard." Ben Shephard: "Between 1991 and 1999, Peter Schmeichel was the goalkeeper for which English football club?" Contestant: "Germany?" Ben: "What day is Christmas Day traditionally celebrated in the UK?" Contestant: "Wednesday." Alexander Armstrong: "Who was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas?" Contestant: "JR."
  9. Got to agreed with Beds Bronco, Luton really is a dump, and I have been to several of the other towns named on here - no comparison.
  10. Like every town, there are nice areas and not so nice areas. In St Albans case, compared to a lot of other towns, their nice areas are very, very nice and their not so nice areas are still pretty good.
  11. On social media I have read about quite a few 'concerns' from families who's loved ones die and have 'probable Covid' on the death cert, I wold have thought to be included in the 'daily death figures' there would have to be a blood test of the deceased at least, and not just an assumption made. Anyone know if this is the case?
  12. From yesterdays Metro:- A group of NHS nurses who performed the haka while chanting about ‘destroying’ coronavirus have apologised after being accused of cultural appropriation. At the end of the footage, one woman chants: ‘This is the message we wish to affirm, You’ll never beat us we hate you, you germ. Together we’ll triumph with the strength from within. Mankind will destroy you, mankind will win.’ The team have now apologised for the video after it was branded ‘blatant cultural abuse that is verging on being racist’ by Māori cultural advisor Karaitiana Taiuru, in New Zealand. Full story here - Metro
  13. This is the bit that tickled me, had a quiet giggle ... "The Rafale-B's command ejection system is meant to fire both seats if one of the crew pulls the handle. A very confused pilot, however, was still sitting in his newly canopy-free Rafale wondering what the hell had just happened. He returned to land, conscious all the time that the seat could fire at any moment without warning."
  14. Sometimes it seems like a competition between the different news broadcasters on how they view things. Over the weekend there was a news report on one of the main news channels about how hard the lock down is effecting dairy farmers, with an interview with a very upset lady farmer who runs a dairy farm, and showing video of her pouring milk down the drains as she can't sell it as demand for milk had dropped to it's lowest levels ever. Next day, the other channel does a piece on milkmen and dairy farmers under lock down where the milkman says his turnover on doorstep deliveries has increased by a lot and he can't get enough milk, and the dairy farmer says he could do with doubling his heard as he is working flat out and can't keep up with demand for milk. Two rival channels, two different reports. Maybe it differs in different parts of the country?
  15. Cheers for the update, think I am just trying to look out for any bit of 'good news' from this awful situation.
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