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  1. Was in the pub last night with a couple of mates and there was four young ads on the next table, I think they were from the local union club. Their conversation was about going down to that there London to watch SBW and Toronto play St Helens in February. Probably 100 mile plus round trip for them, but it seems word is spreading.
  2. There was a rumour (and I stress rumour) going around at the end of the season that several of the clubs who finished near the top of the London, Eastern and Midland leagues were going to be invited to join an enlarged Southern Conference for the 2020 season and the remaining clubs in the London and Eastern leagues amalgamated. As I said, nothing official, just rumours.
  3. As my old mate, an ex copper says "When I joined we had a police force and a postal service. When I retired, we had a police service and a parcel force."
  4. What they said, couldn't have put it better.
  5. Just looked this show up. Here's the blurb from UKTV - My Famous Babysitter is the latest from UKTV bringing celebrity star names to 2019, like Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over, Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, Ski A&E and Inside The Operating Theatre. Dr Christian Will See You Now, John Bishop: In Conversation With..., The Davina Hour, and Inside the Ambulance.
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