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  1. Very helpful ... err, just wondering, is Pornhub back online? Asking for a friend.
  2. Next door neighbour has a teenage son who's school closes down today. He has told her that 'all the boys form school' have planned to 'meet up' at various locations around the town ni the coming weeks. She has told him he won't be going out, but I bet a lot of parents won't know where their kids are. Silly old young selfish b*******.
  3. Must be a regional thing, our big Tesco are limiting you to three packets of pasta, and 3 anti bac hand lotions. Everything else ok, even toilet rolls. One of their staff said they have plenty of stock, and more being delivered, " It's being caused by idiots who are panicking", (her words) .
  4. Been talking to my neighbour who has been on his monthly stocking up trip with his misses to Costco at Watford. He says they have security guarding the toilet rolls and limiting it to a pack ( of 40) to one per customer as people have been buying dozens of packs at a time and causing a bit of an issue.
  5. What have they done? (Genuine question). Heard the East League was still a bit up in the air with 4 teams confirming and another three still to decide which league and what level to play at.
  6. Coventry Bears 10-40 Newcastle Thunder Doncaster 18-24 Barrow Raiders London Skolars 22-16 North Wales Crusaders West Wales Raiders 6-46 Hunslet Workington Town 22-18 Keighley Cougars
  7. Spot on. That or they reduce its size to half the screen whilst they scroll up, putting an advert on for the next program on the other half.
  8. New sign just gone up in the supermarket, not jumping on the bandwagon or anything ... " Domestos, kills all known germs and VIRUSES"
  9. Couple of days ago on tv this was asked by a reporter of one of the ministers, who was there, and he replied something along the lines of 'The PM thinks if he did attend then his visit would take emergency workers away from their jobs of helping the victims ... and he would probably get an ear full as well'.
  10. Really good, enjoyed that, nice to know about the players ... but what a pity there is still this kind of attitude in union ( 2 mins in, "I got quite a lot of threats, if you go and trial for league then you won't be playing for us next week ...." )
  11. Great coverage. But from the Sky correspondent outside of Buck House on 8.30am news this morning "Would we be here reporting on the Rugby League World Cup draw if Prince Harry wasn't involved - probably not." Sad but true.
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