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  1. Hemel withdrew from League 1 in 2018, entered SC, with a view to returning to Lg 1 in 2020. Just had a look at the SC league table and I see they are 5th, having lost more games than they won. Anyone know if they still plan to try to get back into League 1 or have they found their level?
  2. There was a segment on our local news about this. They spoke to a mum and her son who were going to compete in this competition. The mum said she had taken her son out of school and now home schooled him so he could spend more time on the computer playing Fortnite and honing his skills for these types of competitions. Not sure if it's the young lad being spoken about above or someone different.
  3. I cannot tell you how much I dislike this, whoever thought it would be good tv wants his manhood stapled to the back door.
  4. Agree, my neighbour is a 'sport fan', he watches any sports on tv but says he struggles with TGG because of its speed. He says that when something happens, the commentators and crowd howl/cheer/celebrate something, but unless the game is stopped and replays shown, he doesn't quite know what happened and would like to see it again, but because the game moves on so quickly, thats it. No replays, no explanation. That would be great.
  5. Just been on local telly, a Labour party member thanks the Tory candidate for doing so well as that stopped the Brexit party from winning. Politics, confusing?
  6. With four days to go, I have had leaflets from English Democrats, UKIP and Brexit Party, but not a sausage from Labour, Tories or LibDems. Have the big three decided not to waste money on leaflets ?
  7. Has just sunk in that they haven't played a game in the three weeks the East RL has been playing. If they fail to fulfil next Saturdays cup game at North Herts, maybe they will/should be removed from the East RL.
  8. Hemel in the Southern Conf lose their first two games then pull out of their third. Last week their A team pulled out of their first game of the season in the East League citing lack of players. It does seem like something is not quite right at Hemel. Maybe Hemel Stag has heard something. I enjoy my trips to Hemel.
  9. Week 2 results North Herts Crusaders 16 - 28 Bedford Tigers Eastern Rhinos 28 - 14 Hemel Stags Valley Cougars 42-8 All Golds Torfaen Tigers 50-36 Swindon St George
  10. Saturday saw the start of the East RL Hemel Stags A 0 - 24 Southend Sharks North Herts Knights 48 - 20 Bedford Tigers A St Albans Centurions 18 - 0 Brentwood Eels (Been told Hemel pulled out of their match as they couldn't raise a team - not sure if it's true though? If it is, hopefully just a blip)
  11. A friend of mine in Canada says that in his 'local municipal elections' there is no party allegiances. There are just names on a ballot paper and you vote for the person who you think would do the best job for your community.
  12. Kept wondering that myself. My brain kept saying Sonny Jill Williams !!!
  13. Sorry if this has already been asked (but 15 back pages is a lot to read through) but does this mean that Hemel now have no licence to play in or return to League 1 as they were planning to for the 2020 season. Can they just re-apply for another licence or are they now a Nat Conf South team permanently? Cheers.
  14. Really enjoyed it. I downloaded the series and watched one episode a day. It's not often I take a sharp intake of breath at the end of the series, but the last 20 seconds of the last episode made me do just that. Roll on season 2.
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