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  1. 18 hours ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    People who go on quiz shows and use the excuse, "it's before my time" when they get a question wrong. What so you're not able to find out about stuff that happened before you were born? Have these people never watched a documentary or read a book or anything? 

    • Bradley Walsh: "Name the television naturalist the 'RichardAttenborosaurus' dinosaur is named after."
    • Contestant: "Erm... pass."
    • Anne Robinson: "In the Lord's Prayer, what word beginning with 'H' meaning 'blessed' comes before 'be thy name'?"
    • Contestant: (quietly) "Howard."
    • Anne: "Pardon?"
    • Contestant: (louder) "Howard."
    • Ben Shephard: "Between 1991 and 1999, Peter Schmeichel was the goalkeeper for which English football club?"
    • Contestant: "Germany?"
    • Ben: "What day is Christmas Day traditionally celebrated in the UK?"
    • Contestant: "Wednesday."
    • Alexander Armstrong: "Who was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas?"
    • Contestant: "JR."
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  2. 20 hours ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    Got to agreed with Beds Bronco, Luton really is a dump, and I have been to several of the other towns named on here  - no comparison.

  3. 1 hour ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    St. Albans is a beautiful place in parts. I love Roman history and not many better places in England for it

    Like every town, there are nice areas and not so nice areas.

    In St Albans case, compared to a lot of other towns,  their nice areas are very, very nice and their not so nice areas are still pretty good.

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  4. 1 hour ago, JohnM said:

    One issue: rhe says relatives complaining that docs add Covid 1 to list of causes on death cert.when that has not been confirmed.


    13 minutes ago, Saintslass said:

      She didn't develop any other known symptoms of Covid but 'probable Covid' has gone down on her death certificate 

    On social media I have read about quite a few 'concerns' from families who's loved ones die and have 'probable Covid' on the death cert, I wold have thought to be included in the 'daily death figures' there would have to be a blood test of the deceased at least, and not just an assumption made. Anyone know if this is the case?



  5. From yesterdays Metro:-


    A group of NHS nurses who performed the haka while chanting about ‘destroying’ coronavirus have apologised after being accused of cultural appropriation.  At the end of the footage, one woman chants: 

    ‘This is the message we wish to affirm,

    You’ll never beat us we hate you, you germ.

    Together we’ll triumph with the strength from within.

    Mankind will destroy you, mankind will win.’

    The team have now apologised for the video after it was branded ‘blatant cultural abuse that is verging on being racist’ by Māori cultural advisor Karaitiana Taiuru, in New Zealand.

    Full story here - Metro





  6. On 10/04/2020 at 14:19, Futtocks said:

    This is the bit that tickled me, had a quiet giggle ... "The Rafale-B's command ejection system is meant to fire both seats if one of the crew pulls the handle. A very confused pilot, however, was still sitting in his newly canopy-free Rafale wondering what the hell had just happened. He returned to land, conscious all the time that the seat could fire at any moment without warning."

  7. Sometimes it seems like a competition between the different news broadcasters on how they view things.  Over the weekend there was a news report on one of the main news channels about how hard the lock down is effecting dairy farmers, with an interview with a very upset lady farmer who runs a dairy farm, and showing video of her pouring milk down the drains as she can't sell it as demand for milk had dropped to it's lowest levels ever.  Next day, the other channel does a piece on milkmen and dairy farmers under lock down where the milkman says his turnover on doorstep deliveries has increased by a lot and he can't get enough milk, and the dairy farmer says he could do with doubling his heard as he is working flat out and can't keep up with demand for milk.  Two rival channels, two different reports.  Maybe it differs in different parts of the country?

  8. 1 minute ago, ckn said:

    We took the lessons from Italy and Spain, worked out their demand, and then added on the Nightingale hospitals.

    London's Nightingale took its first patients last night.

    Years of "fair winds" work done in mere weeks.

    Cheers for the update, think I am just trying to look out for any bit of 'good news' from this awful situation.

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  9. Not sure if something like this can be classed as  'good news' , but it's been reported down here on the south east news, and I paraphrase,  that the hospitals down here are coping quite well with the virus and the intensive care units are only three quarters full (good news ?) and that the Nightingale Hospitals are not needed yet.  Predictions showed them as being opened and quite full by now. 

    Found this in the Guardian, but its a couple of days old

    Guardian article


  10. 2 hours ago, Dave T said:

    I believe only 2 deaths in Scotland announced today, versus around 50 for the last few days, something due to a change in how they are reported, so that is clearly an under-reporting of deaths, sadly. 

    Not trying to make light of this, but there was a 'medical person' who specialises in infectious diseases on our radio last week talking about how deaths are recorded for this virus.  He said that if there is a death, from whatever cause, and the deceased has the corona virus, it is classed as a corona virus death, whether it has any bearing on the cause of death or not. However he did say that most deaths are caused by the virus, but not all.  

  11. 20 minutes ago, fairfolly said:

    Some selfish people about. Two elderly ladies,in their late 70,s both said they would completely ignore any self isolation order.One said she would still take her dog for her usual long walk on her local beach,the other said she met a group of friends in the same  age bracket as her, every week for lunch and plenty of red wine and this would carry on even if there was a self isolation order. Both said the same, if I get it,I get it. No consideration given whatsoever to other people. Their names were read out as they telephoned in to I believe it was the Jeremy Vine programme.Radio 2 should forward their names to the Local Police Authority and should both be arrested as soon as they put their foot out of their door.  Silly old selfish b*******

    Next door neighbour has a teenage son who's school closes down today.  He has told her that 'all the boys form school' have planned to 'meet up' at various locations around the town ni the coming weeks.  She has told him he won't be going out, but I bet a lot of parents won't know where their kids are.  Silly old  young selfish b*******.

  12. 16 hours ago, YCKonstantine said:

    Tesco are rationing anti bac gel, anti bac wipes, anti bac spray, bleach, hand wash, dried pasta, long life milk, tinned veg, kids medicine and water. 5 per customer.

    Must be a regional thing, our big Tesco are limiting you to three packets of pasta, and 3 anti bac hand lotions. Everything else ok, even toilet rolls.  One of their staff said they have plenty of stock, and more being delivered, " It's being caused by idiots who are panicking", (her words) .

  13. Been talking to my neighbour who has been on his monthly stocking up trip with his misses to  Costco at Watford. He says they have security guarding the toilet rolls and limiting it to a pack ( of 40) to one per customer as people have been buying dozens of packs at a time and causing a bit of an issue.  

  14. 15 hours ago, newbe said:

    Hemel Stags re-invented them selfs, gone back to the model which made them very successful back in the day,

    What have they done? (Genuine question).

    Heard the East League was still a bit up in the air with 4 teams confirming and another three still to decide which league and what level to play at.

  15. On 20/02/2020 at 02:29, lucky 7 said:

    Has Johnson visited any areas hit by the latest storms like he did into the run up to the election?


    7 minutes ago, Northern Eel said:

    When then PM Tony Blair turned up in similar circumstances, they told him in no uncertain terms where to go. Why would a pros bother just to be abused similarly. It’s not a party politics thing, just that it’s what happens to any PM after floods. 

    Couple of days ago on tv this was asked by a reporter of one of the ministers, who was there, and he replied something along the lines of 'The PM thinks if he did attend then his visit would take emergency workers away from their jobs of helping the victims ... and he would probably get an ear full as well'.

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