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  1. Swearing and morals. I think the average person from 1917 would be shocked at the common place 'hard' swear words that you hear nowadays, from kids on the streets, pubs, tv, films and most other forms of life, and the amount of swearing that the modern young woman does. I'm not saying people from back then didn't swear, they did, and frequently, but they seemed to be governed, in general, by kind of code - not in public places, not in front of women and children, that sort of thing. And as for morals, god knows what they'd think of 'entertainment' when the sole object of a show seems to be for narcissists to meet and have sex with a stranger, then boast about it on tv. I think thy would be quite confused.
  2. I am one of these strange people with no political party leaning. When an election comes around I vote for whoever I think will do the best job for me, my family and the country. I agree with John Drake when he says "Has the UK ever had a worse collection of leaders across the political spectrum than it has right now?" No it hasn't, and none of the three 'major' party's leaders speech's has done anything to change that. There MUST be some potential leaders in waiting out there, but, as Bob says, no one capable seems to want to lead at this moment in time.
  3. Its hard to find out exactly home much the UK pays each year to the EU, and how much we get back in rebates and contributions as both sides seem to 'adjust' the figures to suit their own agendas, but I found this in the House of Commons Library site quoting figures from a UK Statistics Authority report - The UK made a net contribution to the European Union of roughly £156 million a week in 2016/17. The UK's gross contribution to the EU budget in 2016/17, before the application of the rebate, totalled £16.9 billion or around £325 million a week. But, as the UK Statistics Authority pointed out during the referendum campaign, the Treasury pays the UK's contributions to the EU after deducting the value of the rebate. The rebate in 2016/17 was £4.8 billion. Subtracting this from the gross contribution gives a figure of £12.1 billion. A further subtraction of the EU's payments to the UK public sector gives the final figure of £8.1 billion, or about £156 million a week. The precise amount of money the UK sends to the EU is 'difficult' to calculate. European Union payments that are made directly to the private sector, such as universities and research organisations, are not included in the Treasury's figures and therefore not reflected in the estimate of £156 million a week. The UK organisations that receive this money directly from the European Commission, aprox £1billion per year, or just under £2 million per week also includes funding for research and innovation as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, and money for education, training, youth and sport through the Erasmus+ scheme.
  4. Loving it, all those NRL games .... and Toronto on shortly. Thinking I might drop Freesport a line to say how much I am enjoying their channel/progs (especially the RL). As I don't tweet, chat or facebook, anyone any idea where I could send such a message?
  5. Last night on BBC 1 10 o'clock news, first item on the sports section, womens rugby union game, 1 minute and 45 seconds long, second item, RL Challenge Cup Final, 15 seconds long. (Sad I know but I did time it.)
  6. No wonder recorded hate crime is rising, this, from the Met Police website - (my highlights) What Is Hate Crime A hate crime is when someone commits a crime against you because of your disability, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other difference. If someone commits a criminal offence and the victim, or anyone else, believes it was motivated by prejudice or hate, we class this as a ‘hate crime’. It means the offender can be charged for the crime itself and also their reasons for doing it. If someone does something that isn’t a criminal offence but the victim, or anyone else, believes it was motivated by prejudice or hate, we would class this as a ‘hate incident’. Though what the perpetrator has done may not be against the law, their reasons for doing it are. This means it may be possible to charge them with an offence. (So does that mean if a Chinese man is walking down the street and an Englishman pinches his wallet and runs off, that's a 'normal' crime. But if the Chinese mans aunty Mabel, who didn't witness the crime and lives 100 miles away, 'believes' it was motivated by hate, then it is classed as a hate crime??? Or even to a silly extent, if a man with a ginger moustache is robbed, if someone else thinks the robber picked on the man because, with his ginger moustache he was 'different, then that is classed as a hate crime??)
  7. Went to the 3 East Rugby League Cup Finals a couple of weeks ago at Hemel Hempstead. Got talking to a chap from one of the clubs about next year and what was happening. He gave me a piece of paper with what his clubs thinks will happen. A quick breakdown is Premier East LONDON CHARGERS HAMMERSMITH WEST WARRIERS LONDON SKOLARS EAST RHINOS HEMEL STAGS NORTH HERTS CRUSADERS Premier West COVENTRY LEICESTER NORTHAMPTON LEAMINGTON ST IVES BEDFORD Remaining teams to make up Division 1 East and Division 1 West St Albans Centurions Brentwood Eels Surrey Sharks Richmond Derby City Northampton A Birmingham Worcester Boston Sherwood Wolf Milton Keynes Luton Vipers Cambridge Kings Lynn Bedford A Hemel A He said it is based on what they have heard from some clubs and a bit of speculation - so who knows.
  8. After explaining to my Tory mate how and why I though May almost lost the election (so much to choose from), he sent me this saying its the only thing that's made him smile in the last two days. I told him to laugh now, as she won't be there in a couple of months time .....
  9. Thanks for that bbf, also just came across this, might be of interest to some - New Southern Rugby League Competition set to launch in 2018 http://www.rugby-league.com/article/40143/new-southern-rugby-league-competition-set-to-launch-in-
  10. Re the above, just been told by a little bird that the RFL have had a meeting (today I think) about a complete reshuffle of the amateur game outside of the 'heartlands' for the 2018 season. Anyone heard anything?
  11. On the day that Home Secretary Amber Rudd gets a 'testy response' to her speech at the Police Federation Conference, Home Secretary has clashed with rank-and-file police officers over crime rates and funding as she insisted the Tories remain the "party of law and order" you would think that the Labour shadow Home Secretary would jump at the chance to get one over on her, and what does she do? Diane Abbott gets lost on stage at the Police Federation Conference The election campaign that just keeps giving.....
  12. Well, the business world seem to think its a foregone conclusion:- From the Financial Times - Good news for business as the FTSE 100 Index closed above 7,500 for the first time as higher than forecast confidence over Britain's prospects under a Tory government drove stocks higher. London's blue chip index reached a mid-session record of 7,533.70 points in afternoon trading, before settling at an all-time closing high of 7,522.03 - up 67.66 points or 0.9% for the day. It was a third consecutive record close for the FTSE 100, which reached 7,454.37 a day earlier. Markets were reacting positively to signs that Theresa May's Conservative Party will secure a majority in the General Election on June 8. Jasper Lawler, a senior market analyst at London Capital Group, said: "The UK stock market reached a new milestone today when the FTSE 100 hit 7,500 for the first time. Investors seem to be feeling confident about the outlook for Britain under what is expected to be the biggest Conservative Party majority since Margaret Thatcher".
  13. Evening Standard reporting that the Labour party, this time in the shape of the shadow education secretary, has had another 'car crash interview' - Angela Rayner stumbled over her figures relating to a key education election pledge in a car-crash live radio interview. The Shadow Education Secretary floundered when asked the details of a Labour pledge to reduce the number of primary school class sizes with more than 30 children. The live interview on LBC Radio has been compared to Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott's on the same network last week, in which she stumbled over details of a Labour plan to increase police officer numbers. Ms Rayner was asked how many children across the country were taught in classes of more than 30 people. She was unable to cite the number and repeatedly told interviewer Nick Ferrari it was a “substantial” or “significant” figure.
  14. I posted this on another thread a few days ago - Remember this headline of pre-Brexit days - "Richard Branson's Virgin Group is to help bankroll a campaign set up in secret by Blairite former ministers and advisers to derail Brexit, The Independent can reveal." Well according to a report on one of the tv channels the other day, this group is still meeting, but they are not talking about Brexit anymore, according to a 'parliamentary source', they are looking at forming a new 'centrist Labour party' if and when Corbyn gets his bottom handed to him on a plate after the election. Maybe they could call it something to reflect its newness, New Labour maybe!!!
  15. Remember this headline of pre-Brexit days - "Richard Branson's Virgin Group is to help bankroll a campaign set up in secret by Blairite former ministers and advisers to derail Brexit, The Independent can reveal." Well according to a report on one of the tv channels the other day, this group is still meeting, but they are not talking about Brexit anymore, according to a 'parliamentary source', they are looking at forming a new 'centrist Labour party' if and when Corbyn gets his bottom handed to him on a plate after the election.
  16. American actor Clifton James, best known for his portrayal of James Bond character Sheriff JW Pepper, has died aged 96.
  17. (Mind you, Gordon Brown was paid a total of £962,516 in 2014 on top of his parliamentary wages, and his £100,000 for two speeches takes some beating.)
  18. Just seen this on another website, not sure if this is true or not .....
  19. It certainly does, but it also mentioned that Belgium, Italy, and I think Rumania all have secessionist movements of their own and have also publicly stated that they would all veto Scotland as well. Also, the last time this was discussed on here, wasn't there something about you can only apply to join the EU if you are a 'proper', stand alone, independent country, and not as Scotland wants to be - part of the UK one day and joining the EU the next. Wasn't it mentioned that it takes about three years plus of negotiating to get into the EU, from the time that Scotland would declare its independence. Could Scotland survive on its own for that long? (I don't know, just wondering).
  20. Couple of weeks a go on Euronews, on a piece about Scotland, they were saying that Spain has said it will always veto an independent Scotland joining the EU due to the question of Catalonian independence.
  21. Once again, just like pre Brexit, different groups putting their own figures forward to suit their stance. Just been mentioned by one commentator on Euro News that UK exports to EU are less than 40% of the UK's total export market. Then came across this list of the top 15 countries that the UK export to in 2016 (which says its 50%) - `From a continental perspective, 50% of UK exports by value are delivered to European trade partners while 23% are sold to Asian importers. United Kingdom ships another 17% to North America but just 2.6% to Africa ......` United States: US$66.5 billion (14.5% of total UK exports) Germany: $46.4 billion (10.1%) Switzerland: $32.2 billion (7%) China: $27.4 billion (5.9%) France: $27 billion (5.9%) Netherlands: $26.6 billion (5.8%) Ireland: $25.5 billion (5.5%) Belgium: $17.8 billion (3.9%) Spain: $13.1 billion (2.8%) Italy: $12.9 billion (2.8%) United Arab Emirates: $10.3 billion (2.2%) Hong Kong: $9.6 billion (2.1%) South Korea: $7 billion (1.5%) Saudi Arabia: $6.7 billion (1.5%) Sweden: $6.6 billion (1.4%)
  22. The more incidents like this occur, then the more I can see the German peoples patience running out with Merkel and the refugees. Police in Berlin arrest seven young immigrants after they set homeless man on fire http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/outrage-after-seven-young-refugees-9523175
  23. The Telegraph - Record exports of British goods rose by £2.1bn to £26.8bn in October, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This is the highest level since records began in 1997, and was boosted by strong goods exports to non-EU countries, which jumped to a record £14.4bn. The increase also pushed up total exports of 'goods and services' to a record level of £46.4bn.
  24. This morning, some news channels like Euronews, CNN, Bloomberg etc positively commented on the report that the British Chamber of Commerce have announced that UK growth will be stronger than previously thought this year, post Brexit, with a growth rate of 2.1%, up from a previous prediction of 1.8%, but they thought that that momentum might slow over the next couple of years with growth of 1% next year, and growth 1.4% in 2018. However, on reporting the same story, the headline on the BBC News page is - 'UK's current GDP growth rate won't last, warns business body.'
  25. And it seems in the South east they are trying to destroy the junior game. (No names, no pack drill) Last week I bumped into a coach from one of the teams down here who runs a junior team . (Last season the RL ran U9, U11,U13 and U15 leagues, and so his team that was U14 - and about six others- played in an under 14's merit league.) In 2017 they will be U15's. He has just been told that its all change this season there will only be U10, U12, U14, and U16 junior leagues and that if his team wants to play they will have to play in the U16 league. That's ok he said, he and a few other U15 coaches will get together and run an U15 merit league for 2017 like last season. He says he was told that they 'will not be allowed' to run a friendly or merit league this coming season and it's U16's or nothing. He's now wondering how he will keep a squad of over 20 boys interested in RL when they won't 'be allowed' to play until 2018.
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