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  1. Finish your ovaltine and take your teeth out granddad, it's time for bed. Well done tonight, you're a good lad despite coming from the wrong side of the pennines.
  2. The best quarterback to ever play rugby league. Has he ever passed a ball backwards?
  3. A bit like that little sh*t Tomkins whining on in the paper about banning fans for life now he's had a couple of coins thrown at him. Funny how his mouth was zipped shut when the wigan tramps were throwing all and su ndry on the pitch at headingley back in May. A bit like most Wiganers, short memories and only one eye.
  4. Blowy and cold in leeds today, let's hope there's a bit of rain thrown into the mix tomorrow so the smelly wigan fans get a wash on the western terrace while their team of cheats and plastic hardmen get blown away on the pitch.
  5. I think you are punishing the majority because of a tiny minority when you take these steps. Stiff penalties are undoubtebly the ultimate deterrent, if they face six months in clink they simply wouldn't throw things on the pitch.
  6. Huddersfield by 8 points to set up a west yorkshire grand final.
  7. You'll be able to pay at the western terrace on the gate, carnegie stand from the ticket office. Both standing. I'd estimate a crowd of 14 to 15 k so a sell out won't be a problem.
  8. My club = Leeds 2nd superleague club=Huddersfield Other favourite club= Hunslet Amateur club= Queens.
  9. A spiteful game from start to to finish, leeds to edge it because for once they'll get the big calls from the ref............at last. Phil Clarke not to do his usual pitchside roundup after his vindictive comments mean he heads straight to the sanctuary of the commentary box. Wigan to bottle it......again.
  10. Phil Clarke is a bigger pr**k than hannibal, and that's saying something. The "rugby gods" would have been well in order to break Sam Tomkins neck for the amount of cheating he did over the 80 minutes, i wonder what Phil clarke would have thought about that. Do you only deserve an injury for cheating in the last minute, what about the other 79, and what about a massive injury on a totting up basis for cheating throughout the match, a broken back say, a good old career threatener eh. Clarkes a tw*t, let's leave it at that.
  11. It certainly is , on Wigan. They've choked twice now against leeds when it mattered and having the bookies make them favourites on saturday certainly takes the pressure off leeds. I'm hoping for a slugfest on Saturday because there will be only one winner.......and it won't be Wigan. We all know Fielden has a glass jaw and needed Peacock to be his minder against the aussies, as for ASBO Tomkins and Leuluai, did you see their ***** fall out when JJB ran in and sorted them after they threw their weight about following Abletts hit on Ratboy. I've never seen two rugby players look so scared in my life. Bring it on Wigan. As for Phil Clarkes comments, very very disappoiniting and comments he will live to regret. Have you got a new sarnie box for saturday?
  12. In my opinion the RFL set a precedent by ignoring exactly the same behaviour by Wigan fans in the C.C cup game at Headingley. Thousands of t.v viewers saw coins,plastic glasses, lighters and even a sandwich box rein down on leeds players, yet failed to hold an inquiry never mind punish them. If they are to be consistent no action should be taken against Hull K R. That would obviously be the wrong response but if consistency is what you are looking for these two incidents appear to be very similar therefore should elicit the same non -punishment from the RFL. I am sure if missiles were aimed specifically at a gay rugby league player the response would have been swift and merciless from the authorities. The RFL have created a massive problem for themselves with their draconian punishment meted out to Castleford for what most people would say was a relatively minor offence where nobody was physically harmed, and was the result of the behaviour of a tiny number of fans. Every incident will quite rightly be compared to the Gareth Thomas one because which ever club you support you want to see a sense of fairness, honesty and consistency coming from the authorities. If, as Ullman stated the other day, an inquiry is still ongoing regarding missile throwing at the K.C back in April, i wouldn't think Hull K R or Wigan have anything to worry about for at least 6 or 7 months, it seems the RFL like to draw these things out and make themselves feel important. A swift response is only forthcoming when a homosexual player is involved by the looks of things. As for the original question, i think physical misdemeanours should incur a bigger fine than verbal misdemeanours, that would rightly or wrongly mean a bigger fine for Hull K R compared to Cas if they and their fans are found guilty of any wrongdoing. If verbal abuse is an ongoing problem at any ground then obviously fines would increase to reflect this.
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