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  1. Great pic...thats what it is all about.
  2. I agree. Barrow has a no smoking policy restricted to the stand only. Areas should be provided for smokers that are safe and unintrusive to non smokers...you might even get more supporters turning up for the game. Take the GF...Last year I wanted to see all 3 games, however my wife wouldn't go in until the Barrow game due to the smoking restrictions. I'm sure she was not the only one. There must have been half a dozen supporters removed when we played St's for smoking on the waste ground near the toilets...they were out in the open miles away from the stands, I just thought it was a stupid situation for the people to be in.
  3. Well lets see what comes out....Fev have not had the best season with some of their supporters and I really do hope that I am corrected. I will not comment any more until the facts are out.
  4. Is this another ranting Fev fan...I have said nothing other than you should not all be tared by the same brush and stated that this is the moment in 2010 that Fev will be remembered and not your fantastic season. I would believe the news and Police apeals more than one person claiming his mate rang him as he reads but doesn't post on the forums. Perhaps under the circustances you should wind your own neck in. I will wait for the official statement and as I said before...I hope this is a prank gone wrong.
  5. I hope this is right....however police apeal for witnesses??? if it was a prank then surely his mates would have explained this to the police. As for the thread.."my mate phoned me and asked me to post"...mmmmm slaps to me of a lets calm it down post. I really do hope it was a prank gone wrong but I wouldn't be asking for appologies just yet....not that you will get many anyway.
  6. I know what your saying Robin and that is why I am saying not to tar all supporters with the same brush. On the other hand I was verbally abused at both our home and away games with Fev this season. I have the utmost respect for your club and you personally but there does seem to be a level of agression with some of your fans. Barrow had 5000 supporters at our GF so I know how difficult it will be to identify these people who are not regular visitors to your games but someone will know who they are. As I said its a terrible end to your season.
  7. Its a terrible end to the season. Fev need to sort out some of the fans and quickly. One bad apple will spoil the barrel and its a shame after the season you have had, however I would hate to tar all Fev supporters with the same brush. I hope the guy will be okay. You will now be remembered in 2010 for ALL the wrong reasons. NAME AND SHAME FEV...
  8. I will be wearing my Fev head on the day....COME ON FEV.
  9. I think we realised that a good few months ago...Well done Fev great result. Hope to see you in the final.....Barrow.
  10. The Cumbrian welcome is always warm and heartfelt.....
  11. and you will get a big Cumbrian welcome....
  12. look above you.... good luck tonight. I can not watch the game untill my wife gets in from work at 8.30 so phone off, computer off and radio off... PS Griff S*d off and stop Trolling here and the Barrow site....your boring me.....
  13. I'm nervous and I'm a Barrow fan!!! Not sure who I want to win....If we beat Sheffield do we want to play you or Fax next round? Good luck to both teams....its going to be a cracker.
  14. Travelled it yesterday between 5-6 bypass is down to one lane at the end but no problems with the traffic. Just a pity its on a Friday night as I feel for you all having to travel this far on a weekday. Have a safe trip up here.
  15. A great picture and our hearts still go out to his family. I hope your fantastic season eases their sorrow for a moment. Your season has been a great tribute to Gareth.
  16. A great picture and our hearts still go out to his family. I hope your fantastic season eases their sorrow for a moment. Your season has been a great tribute to Gareth.
  17. Don't flatter yourself Sidnee.....
  18. No medals presented to Barrow...you will have to wait for your GF runners up medals
  19. Thats tragic news, my condolences to Paul and his family at this very difficult time.
  20. Dont forget Barrow play Widnes after the Fev game and if we are only 2 points behind at that stage you might not be ticking a box. Its been an incredible league this year but I feel its been a bit of a false one with the introduction of the DR's, taking nothing away from the top 6 clubs but if you stick 4 DR SL players in your team you are going to beat the lower teams. I suppose it will all come out in the wash during the GF playoffs when the DR's have not reached the 75% requirement and you are then putting a team together with players that have not been in regular 1st team. This is not a dig at any clubs so please dont go off on one. its just my opinion of DR players. I'm not after an arguement.
  21. always assuming..... cant afford anymore injuries we have been down to 17 players through the embargo, however we have players returning to fitness just in time for the run in and the GF...
  22. that made me chuckle. Fev have some very physical games to come which may take toll on your squad. Leigh at home, hard hitting big squad that need and want the win. Whitehaven away, always a tricky one against bigger teams. They like to cut it rough. Sheffield at home, another team that on the day could beat any in our league. Bately away. Very hard hitting team that have proved they should never be underestimated. Barrow at home, if you have dropped a game by this stage then hell will come with them. Could be the game of the season.
  23. You know what they say about big hands..... You are in a good position but if you slip up..."Barrows gona get ya"..
  24. Been saying it from the beginning of the season last game (was until we rearranged the Widnes game) will be Fev v Barrow for the title. Just like last season with Fax we will have a good run in. We just need you to drop a few games with the pressure we are applying....
  25. I could live with that, it would narrow the gap from Championship and SL. You would have to adjust the salary caps aswell though.
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