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  1. Rated Niall Walker big time in the couple of matches he played for us ( Hunslet ) but boy is he injury prone .
  2. Anyone remember a ball playing forward from Cas , Barry Johnson, think injury ended his career but rarely got tackled with the ball without offloading .David Solomona took some beating though
  3. in his later days at Hunslet Johney Wolford played loose forward , boy he could open up a defence
  4. Lock Stock Smoking Barrels..... everyone raved about it but somehow it passed me by. Was it really that good ?
  5. No one has mentioned the blatant trip by Spears and only getting a yellow, straight red all day. Agree the sending off was ridiculous. A draw would have been a fair result , a good game enjoyed it.
  6. As a neutral supporter I thought it was a good game and if Dewsbury had taken their early chances would have been out of sight, Sykes and Finn were controlling the game and York looked badly out of sorts however Brining came on and got his usual try from dummy half and it changed the game. Thought the sending off for York was very harsh in the 2nd half - a yellow at most , never a red BUT spears should have had a red instead of a yellow in the 1st for a deliberate trip. Years ago a trip was a straight sending off and that was 100% stoping the Dewsbury player by sticking his leg out.
  7. Awful News, condolences from Hunslet.
  8. We will give you a good game for 70 mins then Penky will win you the game late on , as he always does. A pity 2 of our main strike players are out in Ashton and Dean as id be confident but no Wilkes for you levels it out, hope the weather is fine.
  9. If Ford isn't a better half back than owt Leeds Rhinos have got than I,ll eat my hat. Same with Dane Chisholm, as well ask any Fev fans hes turned them around.
  10. Theres a guy at Toulouse whose the best passer of a ball ive seen since Wally Lewis and a stand off ....how Leeds or anyone else in SL haven't signed him ill never know ! I aint gonna say his name but you should all know !
  11. I don't think ive got sky sports mix mate !
  12. Seen the games this weekend on sky sports arena - 4 pages down from normal sports list ....but a couple of weeks ago the game apparently was on something called sky sports mix - what the hell is that ?
  13. looked all over sky channels this morning and yet again nothing on main channels - why do they hide the nrl games ??
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