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  1. I reckon somebody is investing £100k into the club. According to companies house our share capital has gone up to £150k from £50k
  2. I will accept a stake in the club as payment!!
  3. With no crowds allowed to attend games until at least October there was only going to be one outcome....season ticket refunds to follow??
  4. It is an appalling article, the club finally plays at a ground (shame it is not in Oldham) with a decent capacity along with the right promotions we could dramatically increase the attendances. Time to go CH
  5. FC United’s lease only allows them to play at the stadium
  6. Does anyone know what the future redevelopment plans are for the Vestacare Stadium? With Avros getting promoted surely the ground will need to be improved.
  7. We could offer CH the central funding payments for a number of years ( if it exists for L1 with the new TV deal) and replace the money by growing the fan base and cost control. Ultimately we need to see the Profit & Loss account to see were the money is being earned and spent.
  8. If CH is owed all the debt then it will be impossible to do a coup. Somebody would have to agree a repayment plan with him in exchange for his shares
  9. As an accountant the club value is a £1. If you look at Bury & Bolton their problems have been caused by the debt owed to people outside the club, our debt is probably all owed to CH or previous directors who haven’t demanded their money back.
  10. The club is only worth £1 due to the size of the debts and no assets (ie no longer owning the Whitebank lease)
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