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  1. apologies John some people really need to do their research.
  2. Yes I am sure we would combine the roles, but playing at BP...who knows??!!!
  3. Well with central funding cuts CH will have to find work elsewhere, he has worked for Leigh in the past
  4. He is football reporter and apparently CH is in the running for the vacant Chief Executive role at Latics
  5. I think it is time for the fans to have meeting, our input is required now more than ever before.
  6. 0-12 up at half time....so far so good!!!
  7. It won't be the end of the club, CH is a shrewd operator and will cut salary costs to compensate. However I do think that if supporters are to be taken seriously then we really need to put some money on the table, if 100 fans pledged £400 each doors will open and I would be happy to one of them.
  8. Any thanks should go to the season ticket holders and sponsors who donated their money for little or no return.
  9. Well the latest accounts are now available, debt is down by £75k and cash in bank is up by £15k.
  10. Speaking as an accountant I am not worried about the state of the accounts. CH can always convert the debt into shares or simply write off the debt which many of the football club owners now do. As Art of Hand and Foot says the most important thing is cashflow and I have not seen or heard (please correct if I am wrong) of any incident were we are not paying our bills on time.
  11. Outstanding short term appointment and hopefully the players will respond on Sunday!!
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