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  1. FC United’s lease only allows them to play at the stadium
  2. Does anyone know what the future redevelopment plans are for the Vestacare Stadium? With Avros getting promoted surely the ground will need to be improved.
  3. We could offer CH the central funding payments for a number of years ( if it exists for L1 with the new TV deal) and replace the money by growing the fan base and cost control. Ultimately we need to see the Profit & Loss account to see were the money is being earned and spent.
  4. If CH is owed all the debt then it will be impossible to do a coup. Somebody would have to agree a repayment plan with him in exchange for his shares
  5. As an accountant the club value is a £1. If you look at Bury & Bolton their problems have been caused by the debt owed to people outside the club, our debt is probably all owed to CH or previous directors who haven’t demanded their money back.
  6. The club is only worth £1 due to the size of the debts and no assets (ie no longer owning the Whitebank lease)
  7. I am quoting from the article "In his programme notes for the Whitehaven game, Chris said that in terms of clubs’ financial problems the past 12 months were the worst he had known in his 22 years of official involvement." My question is why was it the worst 12 months??
  8. Unfortunately I could not attend the meeting yesterday and it is great to see the positive messages coming from the attendees. Obviously Anne could not comment on the current debt situation but did anyone ask her if the club made a profit last season?
  9. I will be buying two junior season tickets and donating them back to the club, hopefully we can gain some new fans on our way to promotion (fingers crossed!!), hopefully other fans will join me.
  10. It has mentioned about the lack of youngsters attending our games this season so I was thinking about buying an extra season ticket for a kid next season and donating the season ticket back to the club. If enough fans get on board it allow the club to offer a free day out for a group of school kids etc without impacting the clubs finances and help to boost the attendances. Fans should back this initiative
  11. Surely we can release Bridge have this incident?
  12. Without seeing the breakdown of the debt it is hard to say but it could be the council debt and CH has paid back some of his loans. The most important thing is the creditor value has reduced.
  13. That will be surrending Whitebank lease back to the council.
  14. The incident happened right in front of me and George should have just walked away, hairnet players know to target him and he falls for it every time. We have such a small squad he cannot afford to lose our key players and Tyson falls into that category...be smart!!
  15. Simply an awful performance
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