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  1. This is what a good custodian of a club looks like
  2. No it was good team performance yesterday but my assessment is based upon the whole season and teams winning 40% of their matches don’t deserve to be given a chance to be promoted. I think it is a fair point. Yes I will be at the game on Sunday and will be buying a season ticket again next season.
  3. Swinton have a win ratio of 80% and Crusaders 75%. If we go up above these teams it would be a farce
  4. Agreed the guys did what was required today but a team who only wins 40% of their games does not deserve the chance to win promotion
  5. I don't think people have lost interest but it is really hard to celebrate when we quite clearly don't deserve to be in the play offs. Owen really did rescue us today
  6. If memory serves we have not beaten anyone currently in the top 6 this year so let’s hope that changes this Sunday!!
  7. I don't doubt your commitment to the cause John and I am grateful to have you on board but the club came out with the begging bowl during COVID asking for the season ticket money to be donated and where has that money gone? The fans gave that money for nothing in return. The time has come for this to be a real partnership and supporters should be allowed to buy a stake in the club, you will get the fans engaged and investment at this crucial stage
  8. Oldham's debt position is really meaningless because all of it is owed to CH. He could easily write off all the debt today and we would still be in the same position as we are in now. The only thing I have found interesting about looking through each non Super League accounts is the number of directors most clubs have compared to us and thus more resources they are able to call on. If CH was willing to allow more outside investment perhaps we would not be in this current position
  9. The total loss has fallen from (£326K) to (£323K) so we made a profit of £3K in 2020/2021. Trust me I am a accountant
  10. we made a £3K profit, loads a money
  11. It really does not impact the fundamental changes that need to happen to the club anyway
  12. Well I left at half time against Doncaster and won’t be back again this season watching this squad. Complete joke
  13. AmigoTopping


    The days of CH being in complete control are coming to a end. I am sure he will be trying to sell his vision of what the club's future could be like to Latics new owners.
  14. AmigoTopping


    Well that is one of the Oldham clubs future secured, lets hope we won't be too far behind
  15. If the current club folds then that is it. It is time for the fans to group together and buy a stake in the club
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