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  1. Dear oh dear what a clueless team selection that was. Leaves out two wingers Tom Ashton and Dale Bloomfield and plays Jimmy Watson our fullback on the wing. Plays Reece Dean our stand off at fullback. He then has the perfect opportunity to switch things back round but persists with the clueless Niklas. Time to go Gary you havent got a Scooby. Now doubt we will hear the usual excuses about how unlucky we were. In reality your abysmal team selection cost us the game.
  2. Newcastle Thunder v Hunslet. Team sheets in plentiful supply as ever at Kingston Park. Places on most tables in the bar area.
  3. As some will know I am arranging away travel for next season as Geoff Creswick has taken a well earned rest. I will run a coach to Odsal for the Yorkshire Cup Match on Sunday 6th January against Batley. This is providing that people use it and it is viable. Would be travellers can book by texting or phoning me on 07887 399 835. As always we will be running a coach to every away game bar Keighley when we will all be on the train. Regards Jon. Turner.
  4. I cannot believe that the club are going to charge £15 for the Oulton game. All boils down to having a total clown as CEO. It will certainly be a low attendance that is for sure.
  5. I see Mr Flynn has covered himself in glory again. We get one of our biggest crowds of the season at the Shield |Final yet the bottle bar on the top deck remained shut.Then he announces that the Presentation Night is this Thursday giving everyone 4 days notice. It also clashes with Castleford v St.Helens on Sky. Even more amazing Mr Flynn is on holiday. You could not make it up. What a clown.
  6. I think "Innocence" is the big word you were searching for
  7. Nice tissue of lies Scott. Out of interest why did you feel the need to sit on the top deck next to Hunslet fans. That silly little boy with the beard seemed to enjoy flicking 2 fingers at us or shouting abuse. He soon cried wolf when he got it back. On a final note I will dedicate that old Kaiser Chiefs number to you "I predict a diet"
  8. Shameful performance. No spirit or organisation on the field. A lot of the players look totally dispirited. Why sign a winger on loan when we need forwards. Why did Danny Williams go back to Siddal.He wont be the last either rumours going round about other players who are unhappy.Coyle needs binning before it is too late. We also need a proper Director of Rugby.
  9. Early doors yet. That was a very strong Featherstone team who look well capable of giving Hull KR a run for their money. We have such as Haley, Carbutt, Mvududu and Duffy to come in. Fair bit of experience there. Joel Gibson yet as well who is an exciting talent. I must admit though I was very disappointed with the second half showing.
  10. Last night confirmed what I have always thought. Matt Bramald is totally useless. He cant lift the players for any game. As per usual we play in dribs and drabs. The performance at Keighley was due to all the euphoria of the walk and the amazing atmosphere created by our great support. Time for a clean sweep from top to bottom.
  11. Cant be bothered GC all getting too childish now. End of.
  12. Žžžzzzzzzzz. Incredibly boring man.
  13. Good today John see u at Batley
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