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  1. http://www.legairfl.it/news/305-rugby-a-13-e-tempo-di-campionato-italiano-da-sabato-via-alle-gare-interregionali started in the north-central conference last weekend, but basically the teams are: north - Sieve, Magnifici Firenze and Rex Albinea central - USAG Lazio (players from Rome, Terni, Rieti & Ceccano), Gladiators Roma and Gran SassoSouth - Briganti Catania, Syrako Siracusa, Lamezia Terme and Catanzaro. The latter two teams are the first from the South outside of Sicily (calabria)all of the Lega IRFL updates are at: https://www.facebook.com/#!/ItaliaRugbyFootballLeague?fref=ts
  2. Not sure on that. Most of the history is difficult to find and I think either an ex firl/lirfl member has all the documents or a current firl member. But there were quite a lot of ex ru clubs involved or changed names. There's actually 2-3 ex initial rugby a 13 clubs that went or returned to RU that are in the too championship and the second tier competition
  3. I don't think they killed it off from what a former Italian RL member said. Was more no government / financial support during a very bad economic period (a lot of people migrating to Australia etc in the 60s)
  4. Two articles: http://www.rugbyleagueplanet.com/rlp-nations/italy/2290-the-italian-job-what-is-going-on-with-rugby-league-in-italy http://www.loverugbyleague.com/news_18279--rebel-gentile-calms-fears-about-italian-union-links.html
  5. Any sports association under CONI is the legal entity. If Coni recognise or authorise anything such as this with one body over another after speaking to, researching and analysing two different federations according to their rules then that says something. Generally speaking of course Lirfl haven't stated their official, only recognized under Fir therefore Coni, after having long discussions and meetings with both. Hence can provide important and otherwise unreachable items such as player insurance that then provides a smoother pathway for players to participate in RL. And for RL to go from a short "off season" competition to potentially 3-4+ months, even much longer.
  6. What people don't realise is all the people/admin on both Lirfl and Firl based in Italy are involved in both RL and RU already! Are RL officials aware of that fact... Nearly all players for both comps player both (as said previously) League at the moment is played in RUs off season like most other league playing countries in Europe The only pure RL team (non dual rugby) with their own facility is Gladiators Roma RL (lirfl). The rest are rugby clubs or ground usuage/support through RU clubs
  7. Rlef already 'banned' nations and clubs from doing do, which I guess is the only thing they could do. League can go from always being short 1-2 months during non RU period to 4+ months and 30+ teams, player insurance, protected under Coni laws, among other things. Already various former and current Italian rugby stars are showing their verbal support. rugby players will always play both codes in Italy if they like league, unless they do not want to risk RU 'professional' or small semi pro/amateur payments, but that won't be the case now with player insurance. Nearly all players in both federations play RU. With the odd exception like myself coming here this year
  8. Hopefully those on the board of both federations can some how sort out differences. Perhaps that could be a RL miracle otherwise Coni making an official statement on which body they recognize could be the only other way as that decision can not be reverted. I don't think I fall in the "not in the best interests of RL" category. I'm spending 5-6 weeks in Sicily from May 17 helping a new club out (in Europe/Italy for maybe 4 months). In the last press release Lirfl more or less stated they aren't against the RL bodies. The new RLIF ceo should be re initiating communication My personal belief is hopefully no one is lost to RL in Italy if the two were to re unify or one to be recognized by Coni.
  9. I'm pretty certain this statement won't change anything that is why rlif should be more proactive in bringing the two together. And it should be obvious coni favour Lirfl if you look at the recent press release.
  10. Rugby is different in Italy. Just because there is bad issues in Germany etc. Lirfl is still run by its own board and executives. You realize this has already happened in Norway and soon SARL (SARL had press releases about working with saru last year) The ideal scenario is certainly this mess should have been solved with reunification years sooner. Even no Italian body recognized until they reunified. There was issues with Lirfl approaching a rlif member and firl with a proposal and emails and being ignored. No trust between anyone.
  11. Norge RL are backed by RLIF and RLEF. They are under the NRB What if SARL officially sign off under SARU to get government recognition RL in Italy will have significant boosts in funding as well It is fair to say the split has just been happening/left far too long. It should be obvious Lega IRFL will not go away from league and are serious about RL. Considering all the if work has been done as an independent body - good sponsorship, partnerships, growth etc
  12. Interestingly, Firl wanted to partner with FIR so they could be "fast tracked" to CONI
  13. There is clarity in Italy with Lega IRFL. outside of that, nothing has changed yet (still two federations, etc)
  14. I noticed the typo after I posted it (ahhhh) - been a big few weeks - funeral, finishing a big few days at work and getting ready to travel to Gold Coast in 2 days (Pac tests), then leave for Italy on sunday for about 2 months (Lega IRFL Azzurri v BARA & then based down in SIcily with one club) and Europe! but thanks. Lega IRFL and FIRL should be a lot easier to notice now
  15. insurance for players - check PRO rugby players (or any player really) more likely to play RL now - check Lega IRFL under CONI and IOC - check Lega IRFL open to any other RL player or club to join - check a lot greater funding - check
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