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  1. It dusnt matter because as soon as that incident happened the referee will have turned his back cos there french and he wudnt ov wanted to know
  2. just got text from someone whos in toulose 12-18
  3. briggsy scored and converted ###### on rovers woooo
  4. hes a legend by the way whos the new australian who we aparently signed
  5. cant agree more for the mighty rovers the future is bright
  6. who are you kidding (GROW UP) the referee was the worst i have ever seen and if you dont think that then you must not watch any good games with any good refs so wat im saying is the referee was so rubbish he must be a amature
  7. have toulose got any good players? by the way its jamie lol
  8. we are top of the league we are top of the league were fev roversssssssss woooooooo
  9. ahh finally got it on poopin myself i hope we can do better than what were doin
  10. this will not let me go on the site
  11. I reckon we shall take widnes for granted and might be a shock how many of fev fans are going tonight?
  12. have you any ex super league players that might cause us a bit of a upset
  13. there 4 main players maybe if our spirit is high we can have a slight chance
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