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    Best kit

    I’ve voted but we’ve definitely not been given an easy ride like some.
  2. All Super League, Championship, League One & Women’s rugby is being suspended until at least 3rd April according to RFL & BBC websites.
  3. According to Rams website we play Widnes at home on 1st March with a 6.15pm kick off.
  4. We’re playing Batley on Saturday 30th May with a 3pm ko in Blackpool. Might be worth making a day or weekend of it.
  5. I see the great minds of the RFL have put Giants vs Wolfpack on 1st match on The Sunday. That means a 7.30am kick off in Toronto. So much for trying to engage the new fan base and expand the reach of our great game. Surely any other of the kick off times would have made more commercial sense in terms of media coverage.
  6. Do you think the one club is Dewsbury and we’ll just take what’s owed out of the gate money every fortnight?
  7. There are still announcements. Paul Sykes has signed for another year.
  8. It’s not all about booking jollies but twp are probably doing more to promote the overall game, including our teams, to a wider audience than the Super duper league are doing for any of us non-supers here in this country because that is nonexistent.
  9. To be fair to twp and their fans, Toronto city is a much better proposition for a weekend or week away than going to Dewsbury or some of the other heartland clubs. Perhaps the RFL or twp could promote the other attractions/olde worlde heritage available in the north of England to Canadians to make it more attractive for a visit. Is it expensive to get a Canadian passport or flights to the UK from there?
  10. Get in! A great performance after a slow start. Well done to all 17 players. A proper team effort.
  11. Leave him for Toronto as the Wolfpack may be distracted now that David Argyle is no longer in charge. We could take advantage if they’re worried about their future.
  12. Need a leader on the pitch and a team playing for each other. Let’s see some back slapping & high fives when we do well (hopefully that’s scoring!) or they make a mistake, whether it be through our pressure or not. Come on lads, time to up the game.
  13. There’s a poll on the our league app asking where you’d like it to be held next year. There’s Blackpool again and 5 other options. From my experience the other 5 don’t have much going on around them if you want a break from the games.
  14. The only benefit I can see is that it’s on Sky TV, so promotes the championship clubs a bit, although I don’t think they promote it very well. Could do much better. That said, my 11yr old daughter is looking forward to it because it’s a day out in Blackpool.
  15. It’s proper spoiled my Easter weekend. A real team would have put them to the sword or at least tried. Me thinks there are some aren’t really pulling their weight. Come on Lee, weed them out and get shut of them.
  16. Any incident resulting in injury is put on report. It doesn’t imply there’s been foul play.
  17. They kept that quiet or did I miss it? Been to all the forums bar one. Probably mentioned then but not seen it promoted anywhere.
  18. Rams website says that the cancelled opening fixture has been rearranged for July 28th. Won’t mind playing midweek if we’re in a semifinal that weekend.
  19. According to National Rail, the 1251 gets into Huddersfield at 1259 then change trains and catch the 1333 to arrive in Halifax at 1354. Hope that helps. The more fans behind the Rams the better.
  20. I like to stand so will probably be in the Beaumont Stand. Hopefully though it won’t be as sunny as against Swinton as the low sun right in your eyes made it difficult to see.
  21. The 2019 Championship fixtures have been announced. They're on the the rfl website. First match is on Sunday 3rd Feb away at Rochdale. It's going to be an interesting one this time around. Don't know what to expect.
  22. Details of the Summer Bash for next year have been announced. It's at Blackpool again but this time on the weekend of 18th/19th May. Rams play the dogs on the Sunday in the middle match.
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