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  1. Don't think he played against us in 2018 so difficult to comment, nevertheless good to see recruitment starting so early. However, of more interest for me in the press release was the nine who were being released. A little harsh on a couple of the names in the list IMHO (and by the same token a couple I would have expected not in the list) but it was clear from the way we finished the season there were too many underachieving/underskilled players getting too much game time. An interesting close season beckons then...
  2. Yep, plenty of disappointed and disillusioned people after the game yesterday, and with some justification. The squad, which was built to be and good enough to challenge for a top three place - and was well on course for that at the start of July - now almost certainly failing to make the playoffs. Yes there have been injuries, but every team has them this time of the season. If nothing else, yesterday showed that the 'back up' players are not good enough to come in when we have a few injuries. Anybody prepared to have a guess at the outcome of the final match at Coventry? Well done to Newcastle, good team I thought yesterday.
  3. As this game drew to a close yesterday, conversation turned to whether it had actually surpassed the York "effort" for crass incompetence. My personal opinion was that it hadn't - well not quite! The game sauntered through endless pedestrian play-the-balls and regular penalty awards - both teams seemed to be trying to slow each other down! The early injury to Watson caused uncertainty and inbalance throughout the team (Thornton had named four forwards on the bench) and was the root cause of at least three tries. For a period in the third quarter we seemed to wake up a bit and looked like we might get back into it, only to return in the final 20 to a morass of missed tackles, dropped or mistimed passes, and failures to deal with innocuous kicks. So chaps and chapesses, time to put to bed any lingering faint hopes of promotion this year. Even though if the final two rounds of the season pan out as expected and we finish fifth, the last two away games have shown we are clearly in no fit state to challenge for victory in the playoffs at any team above or around us in the table. The best we can hope for is a trip to Odsal and with it a bit of extra cash.
  4. Entertaining in parts yesterday, both sides willing to throw the ball around and Skolars looked dangerous in the opening salvoes, but the performance went some way towards exorcising the York debacle. Southernwood a worthy man of the match but we had a lot of success down the left, Tonks, Ashton and Mvududu all regularly causing trouble. The try that started with Watson fielding the kick behind his own line and ended with Wright going over by the posts was as good a try as we've scored - or conceded for that matter - all season. Important that we build on this up at Whitehaven next Sunday.
  5. Well done yesterday ... now go on and finish the job!!
  6. Ah, thank you for setting up this thread on our behalf gents!! It would too obvious to say the better side won, but that's a back-handed compliment because just about any team playing Hunslet yesterday would have been the better side! I read an article from Thornton Saturday saying the team were all fired up and couldn't wait to get stuck in. That was good to know then - otherwise goodness knows what the score would have been. I stopped counting the errors - mostly unforced knock-ons - when I realised I'd need to take my shoes and socks off ... so after about 25 minutes then. Watson did OK (after dropping the kick-off), Southernwood tried his best to no avail and a mention for Reed, Lee and Mvududu who I think were the only others who didn't knock on at any point. While most supporters agree we've had a better 2018, that's the fourth 'howler' of the season, after Keighley and Donny at home and Newcastle away ... and it was the worst of the lot. Thornton urgently needs to get to the bottom of why we periodically come up with such performances when we have shown we are clearly better than that. Meanwhile the results from yesterday have, I believe, gone a long way to sorting out the play-off positions. The wins for Workington and Doncaster have effectively secured them play-off places, leaving us and Oldham to fight for the last spot. As Oldham still have to play Bradford and York, three wins from the last four games (though you wouldn't bet on it based on yesterday) will probably see us take fifth ... and a trip to Bradford or York in the play offs. So that'll be something to look forward to then
  7. Well our squad is out and three notable omissions are Chappell (knee), Duffy (ankle) and Ashton (suspended) all of whom I would have liked to see in a Hunslet shirt on Sunday, but leaves our options in the threequarters much reduced. As usual, a few old boys making their way up the A64 on Sunday ... Foggin-Johnston, Straugheir, Grimshaw, Lee ...
  8. Might seem an odd thing to say looking at the table but I don't actually think Sunday's result will have too much bearing on the final table ... Win, lose or draw, I think we'll still have to win our other remaining four games to make the playoffs - including the 'crunch' fixture up at Whitehaven last game but one. Admittedly us winning would greatly increase our chances of finishing third. As for you gentlemen, I know you'll feel you have to keep winning but I very much suspect that whatever you do from here on in - even if you win all five or lose all five - you'll still come in second... Anyway let's not worry about the rest of the season, here's to a good'un on Sunday - may the best team win!
  9. Usual sort of display we seem to see against the teams down the wrong end of the table, Hemel came with a gameplan and I thought tackled well in the opening 20 minutes, then as the points started to come we saw the mixed bag of some great tries - coupled with some elementary mistakes! Some good individual displays ... Straugheir, Duffy, Reed, thought Wright did a decent knock when he came on. I've looked at the remaining fixtures for everybody in the promotion frame and tried to work it out but just ended up with headache! Particularly interesting fixtures this weekend, a few points have to be dropped by the 'major players'. I do think though, that winning at Whitehaven and taking the points off them is more important than winning at York... Sunday almost feels like a 'free hit' for us...
  10. So then as promised, time to revisit this, exactly half-way through the season and everybody has played everybody else once. And lo and behold, there we are tucked nicely in the top five! 1 Bradford 13 12 0 1 587 143 24 2 York 13 11 0 2 585 172 22 3 Oldham 13 10 0 3 470 150 20 4 Hunslet 13 9 0 4 410 278 18 5 Keighley 13 8 0 5 540 303 16 6 Workington 13 8 0 5 421 257 16 7 Doncaster 13 8 0 5 419 261 16 8 Newcastle 13 7 0 6 414 278 14 9 Whitehaven 13 7 0 6 374 283 14 Interesting to look back now at what folks from several clubs were saying before a ball was kicked, especially those who thought we had no chance of getting near the top 5!! At the mo I'd say Bradford, York and Oldham are well on their way to a top 5 finish, then perm any two from Hunslet, Keighley and Workington for the other slots.
  11. Which of the streets around Bootham Crescent would you recommend I park my Bugatti in when we come over in August?
  12. We'll be in the mix, don't worry! The table is somewhat warped at the minute, most of the teams above us have played 2, 3, 4 games against the bottom teams where not only have they found it easy to pick up the points, but also ramp up points difference. Our only game against the bottom four so far has been Hemel away on the opening day of the season, on a filthy day, on a pitch which looked like the cows had been put out to pasture on it over winter. In four weeks time after 17th June, everybody will have played everybody else once, and the table will more accurately reflect the situation in the division ... let's revisit this again then.
  13. Ah, I love this time of year when supporters are flushed with bullishness at their teams' prospects for the new season! For what it's worth KOL, I think you have got the right teams in the top 4/5, plus Newcastle ... but not necessarily in the right order! I don't subscribe to the theory that Bradford are going to walk away with this division, and as for us, we've a lot of new players coming in so we must expect it to take a little time. Some of our new lads I know nothing about but I take encouragement from the fact that as new signings have been announced, no-one - including supporters of teams we've signed them from - has come out and said we've signed a donkey. So now for your next challenge ... what will the first choice 17 be? OK it's difficult until we've seen everybody, but I expect the first match proper to have a line-up something along the lines of Watson Gill Mvududu Chappell Foggin-Johnson Grimshaw Southernwood Haley Lee (if he gets fit again) Nicholson Straugheir Mallinder Mackay Subs Flanagan Reed Coventry + any of about half a dozen; Sanderson, Flynn, Foster, Ashton, Gibson ...
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