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  1. I am not sure what the club are supposed to do. Turn down promotion, better crowds and more funding? It is tough on such a small fan base but surely they are better off in the Championship than League 1 and if they can beat the weaker sides, they'll hopefully survive and grow stronger over a few seasons. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!

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  2. On 27/06/2019 at 21:52, roughyed34 said:

    Think the ground is more than suitable at the moment for the division Avro are in, if they get a further promotion then I believe the ground would need more development.

    In fairness when we had the ground we did absolutely nothing, the ground and pitch is 100 times better than what we had. All we did was not pay rent and lost an opportunity to perhaps develop our own ground after the fanfare of being back in Oldham etc.

    Avro deserve huge credit, they have shown more ambition with the ground and club than we ever did and continue to make improvements.

    Oldham RLFC could have developed the ground a bit (via volunteers etc) and had the money from the bar/food etc, instead the club didn't pay the bills and yet again we became tenants because the rent wasn't paid 🙄. We will never have our own ground again in Oldham, Whitebank c.2010 was our chance and the chairman blew it.


    The difference being Avro's had the money to do it because of the sale of their old ground and other funding. How could the rugby develop it with no cash? 

  3. What a great bloke Eric was. He was my sports teacher at Breezehill. Went on tour to Belgium with the town team with him and Syd Jolley (Round ball) and had rugby connections at Salford, Oldham and Oldham Rugby Union. So much respect for the man. 

  4. 11 hours ago, tandle said:

    if a player like crooks had been signed early in last season we would not have been relegated  fact that is what hurts me.

    He was pushing for promotion in League 1 on winning pay and had a contract! It wasn't likely to happen unless we paid a signing fee and where would that come from? Maybe all the Millions of pounds being paid into the ORSA account haha!

  5. I am absolutely delighted Scott has signed a two year deal. Since arriving, him, Spanner and more recently Pete have brought a more professional attitude to the club. Backroom staff have improved and if we are to climb back up to the championship, i'm convinced he's the bloke to do it. Hope Pete also signs and would love Spanner involved, health and workload permitting. Great week ;)

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  6. I thought the lads gave everything tonight and feel gutted for them. Scott must be wondering what he has to do to buy a win. We were the best team and taking into to consideration having 3 players taken off with injuries, others playing with injuries and two lucky tries for Dewsbury. I can't be anything but proud of the lads and staff. We've probably lost Scott Turner and Gaz Owen for a while now and not sure how Bad Grimmers hamstring is but hopefully we show the same spirit against Bradford and this time come away with some reward. Keep your heads held high lads and thanks for all your efforts, you certain;y deserve more than losing pay!

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