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  1. You can ask who we played yesterday Mr Butt, but they brought more fans than Hornets.
  2. TOSH1960


    Really feel for the groundsman at Stalybridge, that pitch took a real battering yesterday. And this rain just keeps on coming!
  3. TOSH1960


    I'm sure with the BBC being there, they will have an early inspection.
  4. It was the centre and no I don't think he was, just on. What do you think about an obstruction on Rochdales last try?
  5. TOSH1960


    Can't understand why you are leaving Scott Turner out. He's hardly put a foot wrong apart from the Hull KR game. Lippy had a great game on the wing last week and so we had the benefit of both of them. As for injuries, hopefully there's nothing major but some maybe rested. I think Scott has to name his squad today being a Saturday match.
  6. Milking penalties. Just watch Miles Greenwood holding the tackler down every time he was tackled nearly! Milking penalties haha
  7. Last 10 minutes of both halves killed us! Awesome game of rugby with everything but came away thinking we'd been robbed.
  8. Getting excited about tomorrow's game now. Come on you Yeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Still has a knee problem i think.
  10. TOSH1960


    You said this on Sunday and i didn't laugh then either
  11. TOSH1960

    game on

    He arrived at 1.30. That is not the clubs fault as far as i can see. But hey we've got a derby match Sunday!
  12. TOSH1960

    game on

    The clue is in the fact that it was playable at 11 am.
  13. You could also look at it positively and say the good field kicking of our current half backs brought us so close to pulling off two wins.
  14. You have to be favourites after the great start you've made. Should make for a great Derby game
  15. Rochdale have to go into this as big favourites. They've made a brilliant start to the season. We've played well apart from Hull KR. Hopefully preparation for Sunday will be improved due to no soreness from the match on Sunday. It's great to be playing in this division and have Hairnets in with us. Can't wait for the game now!
  16. Can't see him as a prop at all but second row may be better than centre to keep him more involved. Centre would be best if we were going to move the ball wide more often.
  17. Any further updates Bryan?
  18. TOSH1960

    Away kit

    Whatever it is, I like it
  19. Hewer was awful last week in the Oldham vs Hull KR game. The only positive is that he was awful for both teams and so we had no excuse for the heavy defeat.
  20. There could be a whole host of reasons why there's not been an update, personal reasons, legal reasons or simply waiting for medical information. I am sure with the better communications from the club, a statement will become available when it's in the best interest of the player and the club.
  21. I have to say the pitch has been great most of the time. We've played when the football haven't. The drainage seems very good and so if there is any chance, i'm sure it will be played.
  22. Doesn't the 19 man squad need to be in Thursday or Friday like last season?
  23. Shame we have no dual reg players but hopefully will have the two loan players from Cas fit. We don't need to fear anyone this year. Really looking forward to it.
  24. What a cracking game of rugby and feel sorry for the lads, fans and staff that we didn't come away with the points. Hopefully Scott and Phil Joy will be back quickly, both were having great games. The effort was superb and if we can sustain that level then we'll be fine. Isn't it a joy to be in the Championship and watching such good rugby. Can't understand the poor crowds. Can now look forward to Hull KR.
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