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  1. 2 hours ago, meast said:

    Not  a fan then?

    Wouldn't a fairly successful football club in Wakefield have benefits for trinity and the city?

    They want to play at Belle Vue but we said no due to wear and tear on pitch so they ended up at fev.  Don’t know if that will change when we get 4 g pitch laid.  I’m a football fan (lapsed against modern football) and would like to see a fairly successful football club in Wakefield and playing in Wakefield.



  2. 18 hours ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    The Leeds side featuring several teenagers and missing a host of their star players were still able to beat Wakefield, it’ll be like men against boys when we get to face Leigh.

    1.J Miller

    2. J.Wood
    3. TJ 
    4. J.Croft 
    5. R. Hampshire 
    6. A.Walker 
    7. D.Fifita
    8. K.Wood 
    9. J.Crowther 
    10. B.Tupou 

    We had out injured before or during match and we didn’t have Hicks.

    Up the Trin 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Agbrigg said:

    There is no doubt Agar is a terrible coach. He has been found out to be rubbish in every post he has held. I was extremely surprised that Leeds recruited him. He will not be sacked tonight as even a badly coached Leeds are far better than the team us Wakey supporters are having to suffer.

    However if you Leeds lads really need to see a bad coach look no further than Chester. Agar was bad at Wakey but I believe Chester has been an even worse coach for the club. No other SL club would tolerate his record .

    Agar’s a good coach in my opinion I like him.

     Up the Trin 

  4. 28 minutes ago, Harry Stottle said:


    Sure Dewsbury wanted to go up but were refused, happy to be corrected.

    Maybe wrong but did Dewsbury say they didn’t want to go up after winning gf 99?  Hunslet think I remember a planned rebrand to South Leeds Buffaloes maybe wrong either way whatever reason they didn’t go up after winning GF 

  5. 2 minutes ago, DOGFATHER said:

    Sorry, it wasn't meant as a pop at Trinity. 

    I'm sure with £2M a season from central funding, Batley could field an U19s academy.

    Sure they could, like Wakefield the Heavy Woollen area produces good players always has, same can be said about Halifax. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, DOGFATHER said:

    And yet Bradford, York and Newcastle would be welcomed in? 

    How many of the U19's at Salford, Wakefield, Catalans made it into the first team as regular starters over the last 5 years?

    As for being soundly beaten in most games, is that not true about most of the current incumbents and the teams likely to be promoted?

    Off top of my head Tom Johnstone, Max Jowitt, James Batchelor, Jordan Crowther, Lee Kershaw all regular 1st teamers. Jack Croft, Yusuf Aydin, Connor Bailey, Ollie Greensmith made 1st team appearances.

     Up the Trin 

  7. 5 minutes ago, PREPOSTEROUS said:

    He's lost his spark somewhat recently but Fifita is a character. The 2018 and early 2019 version, the big bopper, eats pies scores tries version, the one who gave it to the Cas fans when he scored but then had to take some back when they replied shortly after, the guy who took on the Wigan wingers, swatting them out of his way as he set up a play straight from a kick off. More often then not you get the negative side od a maverick,  such as the ridiculousness od last season where he refused to wear a GPS. With more coaches looking for percentages, the mavericks are losing out to the reliable but dull professional.

    He might regain some of that spark if the new signing happens 


    Up the Trin 

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