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  1. I go to Titans games whenever they play at home. I reckon there`s about five thousand loyal supporters who turn up every week,the rest of the crowd made up by whoever the away team is (generally good support for the Broncos,Warriors,Dragons and Eels),and whoever feels like turning up on the day/night. It would appear a lot of people who live on the Coast are from other places,so feel no loyalty to whatever code attempts to start up and survive. National Football,Basketball,two other League sides have all started up over the last thirty odd years and fallen by the wayside,even the Gold Coast Suns AFL club needs massive backing from Melbourne to survive,so it`s all sports really. Yet there are a dozen or so League clubs in the GoldCoast/Tweed Heads area,Palm Beach/Currumbin and Keebra High are always two of the best school teams every year in Australia,so the game`s still popular nonetheless. Obviously the Titans need a few wins under their belt,think they`ve lost thirteen in a row going back to last season,but they now have a strong financial base thanks to the Kelly/Frizzell partnership and I`m sure Justin Holbrook wouldn`t have come here if he thought the club wasn`t in a competitive state. Onward and upward hopefully because the game and Queensland needs an NRL club here.
  2. Bad news,but probably the first of many. Cudgen Hornets Leagues Club burned down a few weeks ago,so it`ll be interesting to see if they`ll rebuild,go under,or maybe join up with Tweed Coast Raiders just down the road in Hastings Point.
  3. Exactly mate,good sports journos are as rare as hens teeth these days and now that Murdoch`s sacking thousands more around the world,the profession will soon die out.
  4. Thanks for the photos Anita,the one with Eddie Waring is a real one off. Great days,even with the snow.
  5. That famous photo of the four Fijian boys in their Hornets kit being interviewed by Eddie Waring at a snow clad Athletic Grounds says it all. All because Arthur Walker decided to take a holiday in the South Seas.....
  6. Oh ok,must be getting mixed up with another game. Too many Websters at Sudden Club methinks at the time!
  7. Probably because the final was already set down for Knowsley Road John. Think Eric Prescott scored the only try in a pretty dour game. Never mind,just getting to the final and playing in front of the BBC cameras was enough. From memory the Hull game was a bit iffy kicking off for some reason,probably incessant rain or summat,but Hornets really turned it on.
  8. Yes they did,but I think the Warriors board realised that they were basically pulling out of the comp if they did go home after Saturday`s game with the Raiders following the Australian and Kiwi government`s new isolation laws that came in on Monday. Self isolation for 14 days meant the Warriors were screwed either way if they returned home. Most of the clubs are helping them out,the NRL have said their unregistered fringe players can play if needed,so they really had no choice.
  9. The NRL are in a Catch 22. They have to keep going or the money will soon run out. Paul Kent said on last night`s NRL360 that they receive $14 million a week from Fox and Channel 9,presumably advertisers too. No footy,but players will still be expecting their outlandish wages,so it`s not hard to see that the game can`t afford not to play.
  10. The Warriors have just announced that they`ll be staying on here in the Tweed for the duration. They`ve got 24 players,so plenty to cover for injuries and the NRL plus many Aussie clubs have offered their support in various ways,mainly providing balls,strapping tape and other essentials. They`re sending to NZ for other stuff,no doubt new strips and all things Warriors. Good luck boys,maybe having to live together might just be what they need,get that true Kiwi spirit going.
  11. Looks more like a Maori name to me.
  12. Just what we wanted to hear!
  13. Latu had a reasonable season playing Queensland Cup for Tweed Heads Seagulls,helped to get them into the top eight,but on the odd occasion when injuries took their toll and he got onto the Titans bench,he didn`t exactly set the side on fire. Mind you,neither did anybody else,he was obviously one of Garth Brennan`s protoges at Penrith,same as Cartwright and Peachey with only the latter showing any real form. Maybe Latu will be a good player in a good team and Warrington appear to have enough top liners to prove that,only time will tell.
  14. They can have him. Might as well include Shannon Boyd in the deal as well.
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