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  1. That`s what you get from a newspaper that`s no longer owned in the town.
  2. Definitely a no because the underling division will be a joke. Clubs will go broke trying to attract so called star players who won`t be value for money. British sport is full of it especially football, it`s a recipe for disaster by clubs who generally don`t have a penny to scratch their backsides with, but want to be up their with the elites. The salary cap will be rorted beyond belief, so don`t try to change something that`s not broken.
  3. Can anybody recall the test match between Great Britain and Australia when Tommy and the GB scrum half started fighting over who`s ball it was to feed the scrum? Was it Steve Nash or Roger Millward he was fighting with? Anyway, they both got their marching orders, typical Tommy, he didn`t give anything away!
  4. Numbers yes, names no, because as has been stated, players will get their own numbers and it will end up like the NFL. Too much American ###### is slowly infiltrating all sports these days, we don`t want any more.
  5. Lovely service, short and sweet as things have to be these days. Mal was his own man, he lived life to the full, loved his rugby, his beer, his mates and his family. As he always said in his emails, Christmas and birthday cards, Blue Skies Dave. Well, Blue Skies to you too Mal, wherever you are now.
  6. Anybody who wants to follow Mals funeral, go to Website https://www.obitus.com/ Username Meku2007 Password 317236 The website will go live 5 minutes before the service starts and that is on at 11.10. Monday 1st March. If you`ve done it right, you should see a small waterfall going down a bank and a duck swims across from left to right. Good luck. DD mal`f funeral
  7. Same as me mate,I`m a Warriors fan since day one,but having lived in Tweed Heads for the last 13 years,the GC Titans,Tweed Seagulls and Burleigh Bears have always been destinations I go to every weekend of the footy season. The missus is die hard Titans,so when we fly down to Newcastle and on to Gosford in a couple of weeks,it`ll be tough for me!
  8. Thank you,I`ll have a go.
  9. Yes, Mal was an active member of the Rochdale Stroke Foundation,so any donations could be kindly sent to them. Only 22 people allowed on the day and I would imagine that number will be easily made up of family,so as soon as I hear from his daughters,Sammy or Tia,re the webcast,people can pay their respects to either nearer the time.
  10. I got this info from his nephew who got from Mal`s daughter,so I don`t know. Knowing Mal I would think not,but he may have put summat in his will. I`ll try to find out in the coming days.
  11. Latest info I have is that Mal`s service will be at Rochdale Crematorium on Monday,March 1st at 11.10. He`ll go from his flat on Queens Drive,on to Mayfield`s ground,then to the Crem. It`ll be on Webcam for us in Oz,or for you in the UK who can`t make it,or if there are too many who want to attend.
  12. I should`ve added,Mal was also known as Archie,indeed a lot of people will only know him by that name. Apparently when he was about 5 and just started school,he was given a terrible (in his words) short back and sides,so one of the kids called him Archibald and the first part stuck. Don`t know when his funeral will be,or if they`ll put it in the Obby. I was told the MEN charge 135 pounds for a single insert,large or small,so the family might not want to do that.
  13. Malcolm Thomas Harrison passed peacefully away just after midday Monday 8th,February. He asked to come off the CPAP machine he was on and the end came quickly as he knew it would. I`ve known him since Coronation time 1953 when my family moved to the top end of Oswald Street,us at 19,Mal and his brother Charlie at 18. We both went to Heybrook School,he was two years older than me so we had different mates and I rarely saw him once he left at 15. Quite a dare devil,once riding his motor bike he was all but killed outside the baths mid 60s,fell thirty feet off a girder at a building site in Yorks
  14. Yes,the game of rugby union is entrenched in the school system in NZ. Other winter codes like league,hockey and football have to fight tooth and nail to be played and when they are,generally the schools don`t give them much help to get established for obvious reasons. Football,though it`s probably played by thousands of kids every Saturday,has no chance in NZ,the professional game just isn`t there,but I think league is more popular now than it ever was in ultra conservative NZ and that`s why a successful Warriors/Kiwis is a must.
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