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  1. Ok,so we have a board now. Do we still have a coach? Do we still have any players? Do we have any money in the bank? Is this akin to starting all over again like we had to do when we went broke ten or so years ago? Just asking.
  2. Hi Dave,are you the Dave Crossley who lived up Shore and used to go to Broadwater Youth Club with Robert Strong (Chobber)?
  3. So it`s Onward Hornets Onward then?
  4. For Rugby League to survive,even prosper,we all know you have to have youngsters coming up through schools,amateur clubs,etc. The system in Australia,where all NRL clubs have tentacles reaching down to the street level ensures kids move up through the age groups,playing rep football and getting into State sides until they finally sign professional forms for one of the 16 NRL clubs. England,New Zealand and France would have similar structures,but what does Toronto or even Canada have? Next to nowt,so I`m sorry,to me it`s all a load of hype,no substance and in the end,doomed to fail..
  5. I think you`re hoping for a miracle there mate. They can`t get anything right and the odd time that they do they soon enough stuff it all up. They had three teams in the NRL in 2019 and not one of them made the play offs,so something is badly wrong. Poor boardroom decisions,poor coaching,poor selections,poor decisions on the park by equally poor players. Who knows,but the Warriors are surely the worst of the sixteen clubs who`ve made up the comp since 1995. Will it improve anytime soon? I ain`t holding my breath.
  6. Well he would say that wouldn`t he? Didn`t hear him say anything like that all the years he was at Leeds.
  7. DiddyDave

    The Final

    Congratulations Biffos,back where you belong in the Championship. Pity Hornets won`t be there with you to carry on the great Derby day matches,but we all know why that is. Hope you have a great season and that you keep your noses above water both on and off the field..
  8. Ah well,that`s karma for ya. They sacked Griffin to get Bennett back,then did the dirty on Wayne to get Seibold instead of letting their best ever coach (six premierships was it) see his contract out. Good bloody job I reckon.
  9. Sort of like between a rock and a hard place that Swinton find themselves in now.
  10. The Warriors won`t make the top eight because they`re not good enough,end of story. But the refereeing and bunker decisions that go against them every season is shocking,how it`s only just been noticed by the NRL heirachy shows that the Aussies know it`s their game and the Kiwi team is basically a pain in the ######. Still,the game`s all about money now and Sky do well showing Warriors games,plus of course the NRL is something the NZRFU would love to disappear into the ether and never return.
  11. Most Aussie coaches eventually return to the NRL if a good job turns up and of course if the money`s right. Unfortunately for the GC Titans,they don`t appear to be an attractive proposition at the moment,so I very much doubt that leaving one of the top RL clubs in the world,who are offering a further two year contract,to come to a basket case club would be good for his career. Still,home is where the heart is,so they say,so I guess Holbrook will return Down Under eventually and living the high life on the Gold Coast would appear a far better option for the family that a dowdy,generally cold and wet town,in Industrial Lancashire. I know,I came from one.
  12. Anthony Griffin for me. He was shafted by the Broncos because they wanted Wayne Bennett back from Newcastle a few seasons ago and unbelievably was similarly axed by Gus Gould because he,Gould,wanted young Cleary to be coached by his dad. That was about this time last year with the Panthers in great form,in many fans eyes a good bet for the Premiership,but the in fighting was too much and they lost in the second round of the play offs. Kevvie is not the man,says he doesn`t want it anyway,same with Mal who wouldn`t want his great career tarnished with possible failure at club level. Griffin is a Queenslander,another must for the club who just keep getting it wrong,though as has already been said,the arrival of Jarryd Hayne was the catalyst for the sacking of poor Neil Henry.
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