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  1. The Warriors won`t make the top eight because they`re not good enough,end of story. But the refereeing and bunker decisions that go against them every season is shocking,how it`s only just been noticed by the NRL heirachy shows that the Aussies know it`s their game and the Kiwi team is basically a pain in the ######. Still,the game`s all about money now and Sky do well showing Warriors games,plus of course the NRL is something the NZRFU would love to disappear into the ether and never return.
  2. Most Aussie coaches eventually return to the NRL if a good job turns up and of course if the money`s right. Unfortunately for the GC Titans,they don`t appear to be an attractive proposition at the moment,so I very much doubt that leaving one of the top RL clubs in the world,who are offering a further two year contract,to come to a basket case club would be good for his career. Still,home is where the heart is,so they say,so I guess Holbrook will return Down Under eventually and living the high life on the Gold Coast would appear a far better option for the family that a dowdy,generally cold and wet town,in Industrial Lancashire. I know,I came from one.
  3. Anthony Griffin for me. He was shafted by the Broncos because they wanted Wayne Bennett back from Newcastle a few seasons ago and unbelievably was similarly axed by Gus Gould because he,Gould,wanted young Cleary to be coached by his dad. That was about this time last year with the Panthers in great form,in many fans eyes a good bet for the Premiership,but the in fighting was too much and they lost in the second round of the play offs. Kevvie is not the man,says he doesn`t want it anyway,same with Mal who wouldn`t want his great career tarnished with possible failure at club level. Griffin is a Queenslander,another must for the club who just keep getting it wrong,though as has already been said,the arrival of Jarryd Hayne was the catalyst for the sacking of poor Neil Henry.
  4. Coaching Hornets this year is like being thrown under a bus. Nobody,no matter who they are or how good they`ve been,could turn Hornets around this season. I admire the bloke for taking it on especially after being passed over by Hornets so many times before. As somebody said,the end of the season can`t come quick enough for this sad club.
  5. The Warriors and the Titans cop terrible decisions week after week. Maybe because they don`t have somebody like Cameron Smith who`s on the refs` backs all the time.
  6. Bit hard for Cleary to make a tackle,he was sat in the stands.
  7. Dale`s friendly with Blackburn is off on Sunday,so clearly Hornets won`t be playing on Saturday either.
  8. All the best Rhyse Martin,the Bulldogs wouldn`t know a good player if he bit them in the ######. Same with the Maori boy they got from the Panthers,he`s a top player,but Dean Pay thinks otherwise. I`ll give the latter till the end of the season,plenty of jobs in SuperLeague Deano.
  9. Yep,once again the Warriors get some shocking treatment from the refs and bunker. But it`s nothing new,par for the course in fact,and as Clogiron says,nobody really worries cos it`s the Warriors.
  10. Good idea,it may well be that it`ll end up that way,but of course the usual parochialisms will no doubt intervene to the detriment of both clubs and that`ll be the end of it. Certainly Hornets are not wanted at the football club,that`s very clear,the RL have let Hornets away with it twice now,but it I can`t keep happening for whatever the reason.
  11. Why do these problems only seem to affect Dale and Hornets? You don`t hear the same things happening at other football/league shared grounds. Wigan,Hull and Huddersfield are three I know of and they don`t have these shambolic episodes.
  12. Surely the best answer is to relocate the game back to Swinton. Come to an arrangement to share the proceeds,but anything is better than playing at Salford for eight grand and going to Mayfield appears out of the question according to RL rules,so what else is there?
  13. The NRL are courting the city of Perth because they want to move a Sydney team to there,so obviously there won`t be an expansion of the sixteen teams that quite a lot of people want. Thing is,none of the Sydney clubs want to move,so the NRL are going to have one heck of a battle on their hands if they try it on. Amalgamation among the Sydney clubs did happen after the Super League war twenty odd years ago,Wests joined with Balmain,St.George merged with Illawarra and Manly joined with Norths,but it was all done in an effort to literally save the game in Australia and there`s no chance of it ever happening again. Too many sides in Sydney they say,well it is a Sydney competition started in 1908,the GF is always in Sydney,GHQ is in Sydney,that`s the way it is.
  14. A better result,if you can call another defeat that,but at least we scored four converted tries. However,it looks like discipline is as bad as ever,13 penalties is unforgivable,usually brought about by tiredness or stupidity. Better not get carried away,or I`ll get shouted at,but hopefully better days are on the horizon when the lads start playing at home again.
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