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  1. Well, who would have thought that Fev would have run Cats so close, leading for a long time... and not only that, but Leigh run HKR to just 6 points. Think this just shows the credentials of the promotion candidates.
  2. Game now gone, but it sounds like Fev have had a really good dig. Cats 26 - 14 Rovers.. 6 mins left.
  3. Half time.. Rovers sound to have defended well and taken the chances that have come their way.
  4. Cats score in the corner, missing the conversion Cats 8 - 10 Rovers
  5. Rovers score again, Joey Leilua first try in Rovers colours. Converted 10 - 0
  6. Does it not just auto renew, until you cancel your subscription, mine does. If it does, its probably because your payment method is set up.
  7. I thought that 3700 seemed about right. I reckon that there was possibly 100/150 max from Fax, and the family stand did seem busy without being full.
  8. And lets remember, there was no DR last year either. We loaned what we needed, not just what Leeds offered.
  9. My kids always enjoyed Eureka at Halifax, that's an option.
  10. Workington score a try to take it to 10 - 20, Fev have a man in the bin for the rest if the game.... 7 mins left... but they are certainly giving it a go. Conditions definitely a leveler
  11. Workington score a try under the post which is converted... now 6 - 14
  12. Was that the one where Hall was shown the 'Green card' hence having to spend 2 minutes on the sideline leaving us down a player for that period. Although this is designed to prevent players from teams feigning injury to buy time, as shown by this, it can punnish the innocent.
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