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  1. sorry misread your post, but there are also rumours of no travel grant, so the real drop is >£50k for many clubs.
  2. 50%? Cuts in central funding for League 1 clubs are over 80%. I worry about all the clubs in L1 that are facing that cut.
  3. Thought for a moment that the Toulouse coach was returning to London. I'll get me (car)coat.
  4. Hall started off at Skolars, then moved to Coventry. If Keighley had their way both would go.
  5. 15 more players than Barrow have been prepared to send to play Workington. Good on WWR.
  6. When did these clubs miss out on central funding and why did they miss out?
  7. I've seen the Skolars' bus. It's a proper coach. Go to Hunslet this weekend and see for yourself. Martyn's idea may not be sensible, but you are coming up with the worst reason for rejecting it.
  8. 38 first class teams play in the Indian domestic competition (Ranji Trophy) but I'm sure you are right about the aim to rationalise the number of cricket teams.
  9. You'll be right eventually with your weekly predictions of a Skolars' win
  10. The same Shane Richardson that was responsble for destroying the Gateshead Super League club that had reached 6th place. Did that really move the sport forward? He may have a great record in Australia, but he was quick to take the easy bucks when he was over here.
  11. Sadly given his past record, Gary Wheeler may well be the man for an injury crisis, but not in the way intended. Great signing if he can stay fit though.
  12. Unless there are 2 drivers there'd definitely have to be a stop for the driver on the way as well. And for the likes of Skolars, getting home will involve a night bus for some after getting off the team coach. West Wales to Cumbria and vice-versa must be one of the longest trips in terms of time though.
  13. Yawn. Do you set a monthly reminder on your calendar to post this dream?
  14. Flashscores have got James Tyas down for all 9 Skolars' tries and 8 conversions. At least he actually plays for Skolars unlike Tomkins.
  15. Those debts were piling up bfore covid, but don't let that stop you blaming it.
  16. Sadly, there's a recent example in RL that someone has convinced so many people that the cheques in the post. Hopefully not so many credtors shafted this time.
  17. Can't see any of the current London clubs wanting to step up and not sure how you'd get enough players for a new club to come in. As for Bristol Sonics and Gloucestershire all golds - have you just pulled the same list of out from when you first suggested this? How many promotion spots would you give for North and South into the Championship?
  18. Well said. TWP's financial problems before they got into Super League were self iinflicted. Those problems manifested themselves initially with TWP not playing several other clubs (>£100k unpaid in at least one case). So when other posters blame other clubs for TWP's exit from SL, it perhaps not surprising that the other clubs were unsympathetic when TWP ran into bigger problems last year which for once were not of their own making. TWP could certainly teach Broncos a lot about marketing and communications though.
  19. It's always clear which one of the leadership group is the real captain when they get presented with the trophy. So we'll never know with Hull this year...
  20. Look forward to all these debts being settled, but I doubt if that will ever happen. The debt was racking up well before covid and before they won promotion to SL. Not the only organisation unpaid at that time and not the only 6 figure debt. Can't blame SL or Covid for the consistent approach TWP had to paying debts.
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