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  1. Hi there Dave,

    Not sure what the problem is about a fortnight ago all of a sudden when trying to get on there was just a message stating something like there is a problem with the system and our requests can't be met.

    I approached the club about it and was advised  that it wasn't the club causing it, then told it being sorted.

    I know you fixed and completely overhauled Oldham's website, yes I followed you whilst you where doing.

    Cheers Roger. 

  2. I even sent Kevin a message about about the game last night once I got home. I for one enjoyed the match, have you noticed the bonding between Morton and McGowan very clever, I'm not sure but did McGowan go off and that's when Barrow scored their tries.

  3. 16 hours ago, phildog said:

    Numbers 10 and 12 as mentioned after Rog, they look worth a phone call to get down for a couple of training sessions, look at new blood.

    Hi there isn't it no 12 that was honking up on the pitch.

    Might I suggest you start a new topic called something like "One's to watch" and then cancel this out as it's crossing over and confusing. It's good your pointing out people. 

  4. And so we move onto a week tonight, yesterday was a very good run out for the lads, admiration to Wath Brow Hornets who never gave up, they gave Batley a lesson in how to vary the kick off, twice the kicked off flat and not too far and it went into touch without a Batley player touching it or at least to my eyes when Batley cottoned onto it they changed again back to high and length, there left winger was quick on attack.

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