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  1. On 21/05/2023 at 11:16, distantdog said:

    Thanks. Woods looked similar to when he limped off at Sheffield and then missed the next few games. Let's hope it doesn't go down to drop goal territory!

    Why look at George Flanagan when he drop kicked the goal for us to won at Fev that boiling hot day that got Batley to the final so anybody could take a go at doing one.

  2. 5 hours ago, LINNERS said:

    What a bizarre thing to say. Looking at the Championship table I'd put us joint 3rd, 2 points off second spot. Do you have us 9th bottom?

    If you look again at the league table then we are 5th yes by an inferior points difference and at the end off the season that will be the deciding factor. 

  3. I'm not a naysayer at all, I didn't go because I didn't want to see them getting shellacked.

    I have supported them through thick and thin times yes even to Craven Park when we beat them in the cup.

    What concerns me is the squad started off thin and getting thinner and after the bash they will probably be even less, and yes I am even thinking of going to Toulouse if I didn't like the club I wouldn't buy a season ticket, contribute to BISSA and also the War Chest and wouldn't also be doing the Player Appearances on here and for the club. 

    So think what you want I will still be there.

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  4. I wasn't at the match I think friday night answered a few questions as early in the season the coach said the needed to find where they are, well they got the answer no way near Super League or top of the Championship. Sorry to say it.

  5. I know it's very early days yet but I am considering going there for the first time can any of you that's been before give me any tips as to the best way way to get there, time there and roughly costs please.

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