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  1. 1 hour ago, phildog said:

    But it's taken til almost 9 30 to put out the fact that the game's on when the opposition and fans would have already been an hour down the road!

    Even after an hour there would have been time to turn them around, the way it snowed and rained last night there was no danger of it being off.

  2. The initial list of players for the cup match curtesy of the RFL.

    Brown, Buchanan, Burton, Campbell, Flynn, Gledhill, Hirst, Hodson, Kaye

    Kibula, Leak, Lillycrop, Manning, McGowan, Meadows, Morton, Reilly

    Richardson, Walshaw, Ward, White.


  3. Apparently it's a problem with website owner and is being looked into, I raised this issue with Kevin last week and also John Miller yesterday when I submitted my latest Player stats to him for the website, yes I am still compiling them although I have to resize my image as the file is too large for the site.

    At the moment my resizing tool is playing silly buggers with me hence I can't post them but they are there.

    If anybody knows of another image hosting site please let me know.


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  4. We have a problem Houston bleep bleep.

    I am still compiling it but my resizing tool is not working, once I get that sorted out I'll bring you all up to date.

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