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  1. Because we are always behind the curved ball.
  2. Circumstances and times change Phil.
  3. Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see.
  4. What two away games to start with, London first then Eagles, I thought they were only declaring the first weeks matches today, but the Eagles have jumped the gun again by saying their first home match is against Batley on the friday night.
  5. Evens we are at home, odds on we are away.
  6. I believe these are last years shirts as I have seen it before, it's just to get us interested.
  7. RogerT


    Yes for me and paying for name on it.
  8. RogerT


    Back towards a shirt pattern from years ago.
  9. Movement on kit answered on the Kit thread by Ravensport yesterday.
  10. That's all four of the squad that phildog mentioned on the 22nd of October confirmed signed on.
  11. The expectation of what is about to come, Next year's players completely signed up Next year's shirt design Next year's admission prices Next year's beer prices Next year's fixtures Next year's War Chest and BISSA More spectators through the turnstiles More live entertainment in the beer garden. This is not aimed at making trouble on here, just a quiet spell at the moment.
  12. They probably had not figured out that there was a quarter final that day, and suddenly realised the mix up and pushed it back another week.
  13. Just seen on Facebook Widnes are saying fixtures are out on Sunday 13th November.
  14. Please read POR's thread on the 27th of last month.
  15. Ok folks let's not get our underwear in a twist, lets await official confirmation in print. Yes I put them on my list after reading phildogs piece and they are staying there until officially told otherwise.
  16. Hi doggystyle, yes I know I mentioned it a good while ago, If you look at my Players for 2023 list you will notice he is top.
  17. 18th August 2022 according to Total Rugby League.
  18. About 4 fixtures before the end of the regular season, although I did go to the Grand Final.
  19. Now that's interesting it being a transfer, rather than a straight signing on, unless it's a slip of fingers when typing.
  20. I would like to congratulate both bodies in the astute work of signing the two players for next season along with the other players that have signed on again and still some to come I hope. In the mean time I will be sending a contribution onto BISSA to help them along. I am starting to get my enthusiasm back for Rugby.
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