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  1. It will take people an hour to get to the bar in Ron's lounge the wall up the short flight of stairs as been papered with all the Heritage Players names and numbers.

    I was up there this morning and people were busy painting other walls in the boardroom. 

  2. As regards 18, in previous years 18/19 did not appear in appearances, so I would guess he wouldn't count now whether he gets paid I don't know, I suppose if 18/19 previously got paid then yes the new 18 would probably get paid . A trip into the rule book should solve that.

  3. I have just been on the Bronco's site and bought my ticket for Sunday at a price of £12.50 for a concession ticket and that price holds until 48 hours prior to the match, the full match fee is also reduced until that time.

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  4. If it's failed then all the levelling up brass will go to Dewsbury, new bus station, Huddersfield everything new, even Heckmondwike a new bus station.

    Batley a big fat ZERO.

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