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  1. Following the showing and results of the first four matches of this season, I must say I'm impressed with how it's going.

    My thoughts are now turning as to player retention for 2022, the club are going to have to work very hard to keep some of the players, four immediately spring to mind, it wouldn't surprise me if other people aren't already sniffing about.

  2. Yes purchased my season ticket on line today and 2 for my great grand kids, they came with me in the short season of 2020.

    I've already put money on one side in case the War Chest runs again, I have paid for the Halifax CC game and also the featherstone CC game it was so good and even the Featherstone league game they deserved it.

  3. I can buy the half time draw tickets ok on the mysports ticket site but it won't allow me to buy a season ticket, yes I got one last year so followed the instructions but it said member not to this card, but allows me to buy 1/2 time draw with the same card. I have been onto the club about this.

  4. 6 hours ago, phildog said:

    BTW, just visited club home page to check fixtures, 2021 fixtures aren't there, only 2019 and 2020......bit behind eh?

    Hi there phildog, the Player Stats are there now so it's started moving.

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