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  1. Stanningley vs Milford should be a big crowd this week.
  2. As I understand it £10,000 sponsor split across 50 teams; £200 per team hardly subsidies travel for the season does it
  3. Personally I think the 16-18’s sides should play on a Saturday. Allows for curtain raisers to open age side also allows for unity between youth and open age teams at an important age. I think they’re more likely to conitinue at senior level. The drop out ratio at this age is huge. Just my thoughts.
  4. Emsley Rec is a public park with two portacabins next to the pitch. Thought the NCL entry requirements were a bit more stringent than that.
  5. Bedzrus isn't a very large company. Sadly I predict very tough times ahead for Bradford. Seems a very very difficult time at the moment for rugby league.
  6. Who's still yet to release there home kit in SL? Hull kr, Salford, and broncos?
  7. http://www.pennineleague.co.uk/team.index.php?team=117 Ossett trinity play in the penine league
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