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  1. Yes but I wasn't 100% on that. Plus seen as though your a giants fan I wanted you to have a change from last season and see what waiting and sweating was like lol.
  2. As far as I know the changes don't come in until 2015. The only difference this season is 2 SL clubs get relegated and 5/6 champ clubs get relegated.
  3. Will you stop it with these university challenge questions. If it was mastermind I might be able to help lol.
  4. Don't the top 8 go into a mini league then the top 4 of that mini league play off to see who goes to the GF? I think that's the way it works.
  5. I think you are right to a certain extent parky. I think we will have an 8 club SL until the dust settles and we have the best 4 clubs out of the middle 8 cementing their position in the top flight. But I really do believe once the crash bang wallop as happened between those clubs we will eventually have the strongest SL we have ever had. That's just my opinion of course but the best run and best financial clubs will make up the last four in the top tier I'm confident that will eventually happen therefore presenting us with a proper elite comp.
  6. I agree parky. But I do think with this system you will get your way and the strongest 12 financially clubs will end up permanently in the big 12. You wanted a strong top tier I think this system will eventually give you that parky. The cap is the main stumbling block for champ clubs but if they do get into the top tier the clubs with the most finances will definately stay their no doubt about that. This system will tell us is Fev really financially better and a better run club than say wakey and is Leigh financially better than Widnes and better run. You get the point. This system will put all that to the rest.
  7. It will last as long as licensing did it as to for it stand any chance of working. No one expects it to work straight away. It takes time for anything to work to its full potential. (I'm not a fan of the system either) But I am of P&R and I think this system is a safer way to introduce P&R than the old yo yo system.
  8. The poorer SL clubs know they can't make the eight parky. They won't be too bothered about becoming less competetive their main aim IMO will just be to avoid the drop and spend within their means. If a champ club tries to sign a sinfield etc the poor SL club could see that as a threat to their top tier status so with them only spending x amount on their cap the extra will help them kill any threat from a champ club too. Like I say parky I think this system suits the poorer SL clubs more than any other clubs.
  9. What I was getting at is the poorer SL clubs can now live within their means with this system. For example say the champ clubs get a 700k cap and SL clubs stay at the 1.8m cap a team like wakey say can spend 1mil on their cap and still be 300k in front of any rival champ club. This allowing them to live within their means and they should easily fight off any champ club challenge with that extra 300k salary cap spend. Lets just say Leigh go for Kevin sinfield and they have 40k cap left and they offer it to sinfield and he as no other offers but say wakey have only spent a mil on their cap. Their chairman would then turn round and say we will give sinfield 50k to fight off the competion or threat from the champ club. What I'm getting at is the Poorer SL clubs can spend less on their cap and live within their means but if they see a threat from the champ clubs they can quickly swat it.
  10. My thoughts exactly jon. I'm all for P&R but this system will make the stronger teams stronger and the weaker teams weaker and let them live within their means.
  11. Of course they have the money they will lose on crowds will be made back by not spending as much as they currently do on their salary cap. These so called poor SL clubs can now spend less on their cap if they get relegated. Also I'm sure most of them voted for this for that reason as they can't afford top flight rugby anymore. The so called poor SL clubs can now also spend less on their cap if they stay in the big 12 as I can't see wakey , bulls and London etc breaking into the top 8 anytime soon so they can spend say a mil on the cap and hope they can still fight off the top champ clubs its a win win for the poorer SL clubs IMO.
  12. I've got a feeling koukash will get his own way here terry and the SL will get their salary cap raised too. (Just a feeling that could be the carrot dangled).
  13. There is better teams currently in the championship than them that would miss out. Also you talk about expansion but what about Cumbria? Their is 3 teams in the champ at this present time and they are all better than the four teams you have mentioned. I'm all for expansion but it as to be earned not just thrown in like Paris/crusaders were.
  14. Don't the top 5 clubs destroy the competition now? (In both leagues in fact) So I don't see any difference if I'm being honest.
  15. Totally different though Richie London are full time and played against part timers. The salary cap is a big gulf too. I just hope the salary caps between the 2 leagues are similar as it will enable us to go full time and compete with the top 12 teams in this country. If the cap doesn't become similar then like you say I expect much of the same old and very unlikely a SL2 team will get promoted.
  16. Best scrum half SL have ever seen. All that class shouldn't go to waste a fantastic recruitment IMO.
  17. True Richie that could become the case but like I said the extra income will be the main factor I would of thought. Also you might argue that their fans won't turn up for meaningless games but we've been playing them ever since the licencing system came in. ( not knocking the sport before people jump on the comment just trying to point something out).
  18. Its more the lack of knowledge Richie than the system being complicated. You know how the 3x8 is going to be made up its just the finishing points as you have pointed out that need finalising.
  19. Avoiding relegation Richie. Of course they shouldn't go down when finishing around them positions but you never know also the big plus for them is the extra income which I'm sure will be much appreciated.
  20. To be fair I think its inevitable the champ clubs will get an increase in their crowds with P&R returning. I don't think many if any SL crowds will improve though.
  21. I don't see what's so complicated with the new system. I'm not a fan of the system but complicated it is not.
  22. I agree pottsy. But bringing P&R back in any shape or form maxing the credit cards will still happen to avoid the drop or to get promoted. Also I don't think their is more than 2 clubs in the current champ that can throw money at getting out of the league.
  23. Like I've said before that's one of many reasons why I'm not in favour of the new system. But like ive said before I would like the SL2 to have a salary cap either similar to SL1 or a max of say a million. So the current champ clubs can at least compete with the bottom of SL1.you might say well that as a formula of boom and bust in it. But I honestly do think with the licencing system that's been in place for so long clubs will know what they can and can't spend as the licencing system as made many clubs more wiser to their budgets.
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