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  1. Probably not, especially if he reads some of the comments on here and Facebook!
  2. TBH I didn't know you were a pensioner, I knew PM was close but not you!
  3. He's still got a mountain of it left over from panic buying during the pandemic!
  4. Blackmore playing with injury, needed pain killing injections before game.
  5. Granted not often, but every now & then, I do make a little sense. I do try to keep it to a minimum though...
  6. "No ref no game" Bit of a pointless statement, as no players no game! Even better still, no fans no semi professional club! The game has been speeded up so much, players and ref's are expected to be super human. There was a reason we had proper scrums, and a play the ball using your foot (and gaining your feet first), it helped slow down the game and gave defences time to set. And the ref chance to catch his breath, and therefore make less mistakes (hopefully ) This need to speed everything up causes more issues for the ref rather than helping them manage the game.
  7. Halifax looked good last night, but they had two players sent off who will receive lengthy bans. Hopefully we will concentrate and give a much better performance.
  8. But still younger than you and Mr Parkinson!!
  9. I'm 56 so my experiences at Crown Flatt were great both as a player and supporter, but doesn't go back quite far enough. I'm sure Piggy's Mate will disagree. Using the current terms of today, fans, players and the Club don't engage. I just wish I had the magic formula to change this.
  10. I sort of agree, however, the interaction between fans of all ages (home & away) with the players somehow seemed better. Fans of all ages & players stayed after games, not just for 30 to 60 minutes, and celebrated or commiserated together. Now the game, and result, is everything. We moan about the lack of information, but you can ask Mark Sawyer anything in the bar after the game, and he will tell you. I had quite a conversation about the cost of replacing the fencing at the Bywell Road End, the amount is staggering, eye watering....but it's got to be paid. When you know and understand these sorts of things you feel more connected with the club. Maybe that's what we had! A few beers and a good time just might be the answer to all our problems
  11. I know you are quite right about the standard of RL on offer at that time, and the quality of pitches played on, but......the enjoyment I had attending games along with the involvement with the players and club were far better than today. Every Sunday seemed like a party, before the game, during and especially afterwards. Maybe rose tinted glasses, but I don't think so.
  12. Just been told he is the new coach! Don't know how true it is
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