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  1. It looks like Lam has got the job, wonder how he will go?
  2. I can't imagine there will be many taking that bet, can you? Except Bullfrog Fans like Piggys Mate, but he has so much money he can throw it away on bets like that.
  3. Or employing the chuckle brothers!
  4. By now, after the last few years, you must have a bar and a wide screen tv under there!!!
  5. Mr Parkinson thought the better side won, he even said you would have thought Dewsbury were the team in the play-offs!! Did you manage to meet for a beer?
  6. Bless you!! Can you say one for the next game too?
  7. No BSJ, I have no struggle with the English language at all. However, sometimes I do struggle understanding why I still bother with RL, but then a win at Sheffield/Doncaster sorts things out!
  8. I think the vast majority Coolie is talking about follow cricket, not football.
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