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  1. I always thought he was a nice guy till that day! I wonder what he is doing now??
  2. I understand, well I think I do......but I can't explain why? I hope you all understand.
  3. Please don't!!! I still have nightmares. If I remember correctly, the bar didn't open for quite sometime after either, so we couldn't drown our sorrows!!
  4. I live in hope, after all I'm a Dewsbury Fan! It's pointless having all the promotion for the game if its just a training session, and could potentially do more harm than good by switching fans off before the season starts. This game should be the most important one every time we meet, each and every season. After all is said and done, other than the so called big clubs in the league, this is our biggest crowd puller. (And that's for both clubs)
  5. I hope this doesn't become the usual training session, when every player possible within the squad is used. Both clubs need to keep their supporters interested for the coming season, and get the habit of attending games back, so they might take this one more seriously than before. Rams win of course, but by how many....who knows, hopefully 10.
  6. That will keep Piggy's Mate happy!
  7. We missed out on her unfortunately, she showed some real promise but you can't win em all. Signed up for the Gallant Pensioners I think!
  8. I fully agree with you, we should be able to arrange this. However, sense just isn't common. Some clowns after a few beers won't stick to the rules.
  9. Sorry I didn't explain myself well, perhaps the club could negotiate a better price for themselves to sell to us. And maybe charge a little extra because we want to support the club? I might be barking up the wrong tree, but any kind of interaction between us & the club must be good, and this is potentially the first game for a very long time.
  10. I wonder if the Rams can agree a deal with trinity so we can purchase the Trinity TV via Club and make a donation at the same time to watch? Not sure how many Rams fans would take the offer up, but its something to involve supporters & the Club.
  11. They will be in demand then, Piggy's Mate will be ordering his off plan getting to in on the early bird offer!!
  12. Like it or not (and I don't) the Barratt Houses to be built (260 of them) opposite the Rams Stadium will potentially provide new supporters. I hope plans will be made to encourage them to the games (if we ever have any) The Club will be looking at this as a positive I guess.
  13. By the time this season actually starts, we might find Sykes & Finn have decided to retire!
  14. Is it a Pink Panther with Blue Socks!
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