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  1. Won't be the first time a council hasn't covered themselves in glory!!!!!!
  2. Thanks, appreciated. So it's dead in the water then? You'd think a commercial agreement could have been reached with Miners Welfare, particularly if it safeguards the long term tenants of the site.............
  3. What happened with the plans for a new Whitehaven stadium which was meant to be done for the last World Cup?
  4. That hill in the pitch gives Mount Pleasant a run for its money!!!
  5. I would also add, I was sat in the south stand last night as the missus would rather sit, and was impressed. Lots of legroom and padded seats, very comfortable indeed. The stand seemed nice and spacious
  6. That sounds serious. I don’t even want to know how the victim got cuts to her shoulder, leg and feet
  7. Still can’t believe he was Dally M half of the year, makes a mockery of it, or just shows how poor the halves in NRL were last year
  8. Indeed, he’s a wily old fox and he certainly outfoxed them
  9. Hmmm not sure I’d want Parkin involved in running Leeds. Much happier with him just being a sponsor
  10. They play RL in Bath, in fact they used to have two teams there and the uni play too
  11. I didn’t realise Cornwall was a city? Other than Bath, I wouldn’t call any of the others beautiful
  12. So you've gone from zero chance of compulsory purchase, to not high. Interesting......... Of course it would easier for the club to purchase the housing directly. There is stuff going on in the background, whether it will come to fruition, only time will tell. Watch this space, although it's not a priority as things stand, particularly after the on field results of last season
  13. I know there’s not zero chance, but I’m not going into more detail. If you want to believe otherwise, feel free, knock yourself out
  14. Of course there is, compulsory purchase. If there’s a will there’s a way, plenty of other grounds and developments have done it, just look at what crossrail and HS2 have had to overcome
  15. Not necessarily, it all depends on the characters on the council at the time. I think it was the Lib Dem/labour coalition that screwed Leeds over last time with planning on the south stand. Relations have certainly improved since then and the amount of work that the foundation does in the community certainly helps. Political support can help ease it through
  16. Can’t believe Darcy Lussick is a marque signing. He’s been nothing but ordinary in games for Toronto I’ve seen, barely good enough for Super League
  17. All 2 of them, for one man and his dog?
  18. They can't argue based on previous cases, Gasnier revealed this during the Souths vs Roosters game
  19. Not just the Revie stand, the East stand is also horrendous and unbearable
  20. Yes. Traditionally English fans prefer to stand at footy games
  21. I wonder whether planning would allow building over the road on the SE. If you look at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff, it’s remarkable that got allowed through planning given the tight proximity to other buildings and the overhang across the main roads
  22. MJM - do you know if there is the ability to add to the new South or North stands if Leeds ever wanted to? Also, is there anything in the plans about developing the quadrants to enclose the ground and add extra capacity? This always felt a bit odd that they didn’t adjoin the Carnegie and South stand during the new development
  23. It’ll be the 400 seat fancy banqueting suite, which will hopefully pay handsome dividends
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