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  1. Mine, from the ones I have seen, would be Thatto fullback Heyes, Wath Brow centre Teare and Parkside full back Macshane.
  2. Fair enough. Unusual that West Hull have had 15 different MOM's this season, so very much a squad effort
  3. How many of the 700+ players in the NCL Premier have you seen?
  4. Fair enough, you're saying they have a boozy night planned at the Cavern Club or something
  5. How can the exact same side that, 7 days previous, started and beat Warrington away get battered by the honest plodders from Sheff - Huddersfield ? ?
  6. Closer than that. Leeds, by turns, terrible and reasonable have only lost 2 at home. They have alternated wins and defeats in their last 7 games. Loser last time out. Leeds welcome back Myler, Donaldson and Singleton though Hurrell - after his worst game so far- is out injured.
  7. They have basically conned the NCL management (not difficult, admittedly) into recommending their acceptance and thereby most of the NCL clubs
  8. A long season for Thornhill, nowhere near the side that won Division 1 last year
  9. Come on Jim, it was the Pennine League side that conceded. You still haven't got over beating the Pennine League side one week and losing to the NCL team a week later in the Yorkshire Cup
  10. Premier Division West Hull Division 1 Milford Division 2 Wigan St. Judes Division 3 Millom
  11. Don't take it to heart, HGAG it was an opportunistic joke I have waited for since you lost a year ago in the BARLA National cup
  12. Peter O' Toole….. Gary Schofield...…. Jason Robinson...… Paul Macshane ….. Your boys took a hell of a beating ?
  13. It was 98-4 and they turned up without a kit to play in as they had dropped 2 bags off at the National Cup game ?
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