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  1. Yeah it's turning into a strange one the FFMM thing, especially with the new season just around the corner. If he is returning why no announcement.
  2. Another good run out. lack of size down the middle showed again.
  3. Don't worry they will soon disappear faster than they came.
  4. 346. That's worrying for them. Looking at their fans comments on today they are living in cuckoo land
  5. Was hopkin great? No. Was he the future for Town? No . If any of us could get a job in carlisle for the same money as a job that meant travelling to Manchester would we take it? Yes we would . We move on .
  6. I am seeing it as a rebuilding season. After sunday I think theres a few components still to add. That may change in the next few weeks but as it stands it's a squad building and development season I.M O
  7. Same league probably same pay minus all the travel. Can't blame them really.
  8. Now that's a team! Only Two subs allowed aswell.
  9. Three horse race. Best team from haven oldham and Swinton stays up. All three have a chance but on yesterday you are lacking quality in key areas and as for all cumbrian clubs the geographical element doesn't help you.
  10. On the bright side I think only town can take positives from yesterday. Still somethings to work on like discipline in particular, but a new look side that had a good go and showed promise. I don't think our lads are possibly getting dragged in for training tonight due to yesterday.
  11. Good effort lads. Could have won it. Some positives and negatives. Haven fans should be worried.
  12. I'd like to be in havens position but only when we are 'ready' and 'prepared' for it. My hope is having a top coach like CT see us prepared for it soon. No point in going up unprepared.
  13. Nice to see you back. You haven't got the players simple as that . I am sure you will soon disappear . 2 to come down from lions Oldham haven
  14. Season long relegation battle. They dont have have a championship squad
  15. town4me

    2020 Squad

    We are lacking size. Hopefully that will be addressed.
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