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  1. I'd take your info as true so if only one coming with IR i hope the CT wanting to stay rumour is true.
  2. And can offer championship rugby with a hell of a lot less travelling.
  3. Nail on the head. Neither are ready and chucking money at it next season wouldn't be sustainable.
  4. RL is a squad game mate. You have to have a squad to cope with the championship which doesnt come cheap . Barrow fans putting it down to lack of fitness resulting in errors and discipline costing them.
  5. No not really. I think they have got there on merit I'm just saying they will need a lot more than tweaking just like we would. I said a few week ago on here and i stand by it that I. M.O the championship is a lot more competitive and bit beyond cumbrian clubs ATM.
  6. Geographical difference for a start. Its always been cumbrians clubs downfall. The bottom half of the championship has become a lot more competitive and the relevant players can easily get a club without having to trail upto cumbria 3/4 times a week. I think york have a backer too. Big difference between york and you lot I.M.O. time will tell.
  7. They'd need a lot more than tweaking too donald.
  8. Its a tough one as it would be great to have CT for a full season but then again forming local links with a local coach would be good too.
  9. Hang in there mate we are gonna get plenty of visits in the next few week. A brand new one already! They'll soon disappear next season when the hammerings start
  10. Point is your going to higher standard. Look at barrow. If you think that squad just needs tweaking then i think you're in for a suprise. Anyway we are expecting plenty of visits from the dark side in the next few weeks but lets not go off topic.
  11. Add two halves a hooker and 2 centres. Its not ofter you see top of the table having the worst points 'for' in the top 6. If they cant score in C1 then they won't in the league above. Hence i see local players up for grabs for our coach if we don't make it through the playoffs.
  12. And haven will now have to go the opposite way and bring out of county players in making some locals available so its a bit of a vicious circle pal.. Their current crop of players are nowhere near championship standard
  13. I'd rather we stopped at DP than move to any diluted version of the original New stadium.
  14. A full season under this coach and a bit of luck with injuries and it could have been oh so different.
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