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  1. Good idea I.M.O. it gives them a chance to be part of the semi pro set up without full commitment. If they feel its being used they could opt out. It may tempt some to make the switch if they like it.
  2. I think we are lucky to have secured CT on a 3 yr deal. Plenty of clubs would have loved to have snapped him up. Time to move on and look forward to next season.
  3. Sounds like you already know what the choice will be.
  4. Yes Injuries are part of RL but I think its safe to say we have had no luck at all with injuries in the last Two seasons.
  5. Hmmm strange view for a "Workington Town" fan to have. eh "marra"
  6. I hope we see more of blain as his back up play is very good and he looks very sharp. We definitley need some competition in the halves too.
  7. As right as you are you have a massive thread about town on yours. This is also the 2020 signings thread not about tommorow. But yes let's get back on topic. I think we won't hear much of signings until the playoffs are over.
  8. Good luck lads. I think we are capable of going there and running them close.
  9. Yep. There's atleast 3 currently posting on the forum. I dont think they fool anyone.
  10. You don't fool anyone "marra". You have gone up on merit but trying to build a squad to survive the championship in 3 to 4 months is difficult.
  11. No thanks. When we go up I would like us to be much better prepared and have built a team that just needs a few additions to give us a chance of surviving.
  12. Depends on what league we are in and what the strategy for next season. 3 good experienced heads.
  13. Massive effort. Well done Town and the travelling fans.
  14. I meant will the strategy be 1. building a team over the next few years working with mainly locals or 2.going flat out for promotion next season bringing short term travellers in. Of course nobody wants to be in this league but sometimes you have to take stock and work to a planned stratergy. Hopefully the RFL will see sense and go back to a two league structure soon anyway.
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