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  1. town4me

    2020 Squad

    An announcement 7am tommorow
  2. town4me

    2020 Squad

    Times and star saying CT lining 2 more signings and in talks but there is no rush. Two props needed IMO. olly and FFMM need replaced. Has penky definitely gone?
  3. town4me

    2020 Squad

    Should call them whitehaven Town this season
  4. So we sit 5th favourites to win the league at 8/1 with betfred behind barrow donny thunder and the Hornets. Are squads complete yet? It seems a little early to be giving odds.
  5. town4me

    2020 Squad

    Very frightening. Theres talk of bringing in a RU man to try and sort it out.
  6. town4me

    2020 Squad

    The current structure and budgeting are some of the reasons the game is on its backside top to bottom I.M.O
  7. town4me

    2020 Squad

    I'd now like to see a couple of big lads and a bit of competition in the halves come in.
  8. You've got a lot more to worry about than our badge.
  9. I think the new top is modern and has style. I like it.
  10. New shirt revealed. Looks good.
  11. Fitzy now confirmed on twitter
  12. Marcus obrien confirmed on Twitter so far.
  13. town4me

    2020 Squad

    I take it there is some signing announcements tonight.
  14. town4me

    2020 Squad

    I'd be disappointed if I was a haven fan but I'm not surprised. The better championship standard players will want stupid money to come up here. It can't be done on a budget. That's why I have said I think mid table safety In that league is currently beyond cumbrian clubs IMO
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