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    I'd prefer the cougars again. I'm sure the games going to well promoted by the club and they'll let us know soon by I'm guessing tickets won't go on sale until after the cougars donny match. Judging by the queues yesterday pre purchasing a ticket and getting down a bit earlier is advisable
  2. Job done but boy did we make hard work of it. Can't keep turning the ball over so much in a game allowing the opposition so much possession. Better team will punish that.
  3. Yeah It has to be a big improvement on the last few home performances. We need a good kicking game today especially on last tackle. Let's pin them back and make them play it out from deep
  4. I had wondered what the crack was with the Barrow tickets. I personally am happy for the club to keep the money I paid for the Barrow game.
  5. If Town go back to playing the way they were earlier in the season they can win this game, but if its a repeat of the last few home games then it'll be a long afternoon.
  6. Me too but to produce the goods they need a platform to work off and thats good field position. Cant get that with reduced go forward down the middle. Hope they can turn it around for the playoffs cane in the front row??
  7. It just feels like we are relying on free kicks to make any headway into the oppositions half at all. I know there's the modern day style of mobile forwards and going around teams but the good old fashioned banging it down the middle is the way to make inrodes into the opposition.
  8. Simply not enough size down the middle to provide a platform for the back to work off.
  9. Correct. I'm forgetting all this win % stuff. However unless we see 100% improvement does it really matter. That was bad.
  10. 14-32 . Game all but over.
  11. 14-12. HT. Back upto 2nd as it stands. Gonna be a nervous 2nd half
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