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  1. A team rebuilding playing away to an established championship side. Well done lads top effort. I reckon we would have run them close at home
  2. Yeah a lot better kept them quiet for 30 minutes. but letting try's in now.
  3. Good luck lads. no injuries will do. Whatever the score
  4. All the smokers in whitehaven are having to get lighters as they've lost all their matches. Sorry.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Where did I say I knew it was rubbish??? I'm assuming its rubbish as it's highly unlikely we would want to lose those players.
  6. What's all this rubbish on your forum about Doran and maudling in talks with haven?
  7. Probably have to start at C1 like the rest. Could defo see it moving to championship level but would need an investor to go further
  8. So we should have a crop of semi pros in the not to distant future . However I wonder how much of it will be harvested by the M62 corridor.
  9. Having a club based over 3k miles from the rest of the competition is ridiculous IMO. Who's paying for clubs to fly over there
  10. With a shed load of cash compared to the rest of C1 that shouldn't be too hard for them.
  11. That's next seasons C1 winners confirmed then. Its not good for Cumbria. If this current league structure remains we have no choice in Cumbria other than to form one side. Some are dead against the M word but I think our hand is being forced if we want to compete at a higher level.
  12. Great effort away to a club have has spent a fair bit.
  13. That Maybe an idea but would that get rid of the gulf between the championship and C1?
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