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  1. Well he was a good solid player for us in C1. I think Your best bet is to speak to barrow fans about him not us.
  2. Good to see alex back on board
  3. You're still way short of staying in that league but we understand why you are all giddy
  4. I see your point but I'll hazard a guess the other championship clubs who are a lot closer to the main RL areas will be strengthening too so I'll stand by my prediction thanks. Being an outpost leaves us at a massive disadvantage.
  5. Until someone puts significant money into a cumbrian club the championship would just be a season long relegation scrap for any of us. Now I know you are all giddy at the moment but this is a town squad thread.
  6. Thats a matter of opinion. Red hot favourites for the drop again.
  7. Said it and I'll say it again these overseas club projects are an unsustainable joke. No doubt they will spend big and trample over C1 and the championship. Then it will go belly up. It adds nothing in genral to the game of RL in my opinion.
  8. Is the real problem just the players mate? There was heavy criticism of havens style and one up rugby.
  9. I'm enjoying seeing us build a team to have a go at the championship. No point going there if your lacking in all areas of the pitch. You are a clear example of that.
  10. If they can stump up a fee it could happen.won't make much difference as they are about 10 players short of championship standard. They are way out of their depth.
  11. When's the millions from the new Mines getting pumped Into haven then? Great effort from your boys this season. Shame you were up against men
  12. I think sports stadiums are starting to open up on reduced capacities from october. Given our crowds i assume there should be a chance of getting fans back but spread out for next season. Fingers crossed
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