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  1. I'd rather we stopped at DP than move to any diluted version of the original New stadium.
  2. A full season under this coach and a bit of luck with injuries and it could have been oh so different.
  3. Yes i do think that marra. But i also think our coach did his homework and got his tactics spot on away to a team who have took some beating this season
  4. I know haven fans are playing the "we were awful and town were very good but it was still a draw" card" but i would more see it as our coach did his homework on haven very well and we stopped you playing your normal game.
  5. I take it you are referring to moi moi there who you will have seen twice this season. Actually he has had a good season in genral for us and i would like to see him back next season if we remain in C1.
  6. Yes you will need a good defence pal. But this squad has averaged 22 points a game in C1 so a lot of work to do. But there on merit. A busy off season ahead for you.
  7. Problem is mate its gonna make next season an even bigger gap for you to bridge.
  8. Their defending has literally won them the league as they are the worst attacking team in the top 6.
  9. Sometimes you can only play as good as the opposition lets you. Gutted not to win today after all the haven hype.
  10. Great effort lads we should have won this one. Top of the league they're having a laugh
  11. Beating ourselves. Far too many mistakes. They are there for the taking
  12. Read my initial post again. I said "cumbrian clubs" . It would be exactly the same for us too.
  13. I agree but I'm afraid thats a lot easier said than done.
  14. Oh yes you have to have ambition i am just saying how tough it is ATM. I disagree their current squad would "give it a good go". They will without doubt bring in about half a dozen out of county players. Yes of course you need to have ambition and drive to play at a higher level my point was with the current set up its very difficult for the cumbrian clubs up there. Look no further than barrow.
  15. I dont think there will be a lot in the derby on sunday. I will be suprised if haven slip up now but whats the prize for a cumbrian club, a season long relegation scrap plenty of hammerings and locals who get *issed off coz travellers get picked every week. In its current set up i think that league is beyond any cumbrian club.
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