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  1. Well done lads great start to the season a win on the road.
  2. Disappointing result but a good effort against a much fancied side this season. I am under the impression they retained most of their relegated championship squad too. We could and should have won but a good run out to blow the cobwebs off
  3. Barrow are coming to DP to play a friendly? Somebody send them the directions.
  4. Lots of negative comment appearing on social media about the new ground. Waste of money! .money could be put to better use etc. I wouldn't be suprised if it gets knocked on the head too or the budget is reduced. I'll believe its happening when they're digging the foundations. I wouldn't be suprised to see someone head a campaign to block it
  5. Who are the doom merchants and why do you call them that?
  6. Personally I didn't enjoy the experience at all. If a new ground was built around the current BP terracing it would suggest there's only a small budget. The thought of it beggars belief (if true).
  7. Any new ground will be dictated by the finances. New facilities are definitely needed and no one should look a gift horse in the mouth. It will be what it will be. 6k capcity with a possibility to expand would be ideal IMO but as I say finances will dictate. I thought with the hotel being built and new plans were to move away from single use ground/stadiums. Moving away from single use seems to be the modern way so they aren't sat idle for the majority of the year.
  8. This is the concern from some up here. Basically Our football club are getting a new stadium built on their current site on a model of a football ground in Manchester with a lot lower capacity than we currently have for RL which we would share.
  9. I take it you're a big reds fan. Yeah it's all about opinions. I suppose Having a small football stadium is better than nothing. Having a stadium used on match days only is what is needed to get away from as it spends most of the calender year sitting idle and requiring upkeep and no potential for more income.
  10. So it'lll basically just be BP being rebuilt and we'll be playing there too. Any new investment is good but I personally dont like the look of the fc united example. I found watching RL at BP just not the same with the shallow terracing. The project Seems more geared towards the reds IMO.
  11. What's to say they wont in the future?? They certainly wont be able to in a compact low attendance stadium. Limits ambission IMO.
  12. Personally rather see DP redeveloped for town and reds to share.
  13. I agree just having locals won't cut it at championship level. And with out of county players apparently wanting silly money to trek up and down to cumbria it makes it difficult. Money has spread down into the top half of the championship now and I.M.O any cumbrian club would need a backer to top their RL money to stand any chance of getting into mid table safety.
  14. Not suprised at all about that decision. They have the ground and a backer and its expanding the game. Best of luck to them but the question is what kind of support will it get from the people of the north east crowd wise. You need some money behind you to stay in that league now and that's a little worrying for us cumbrians I.M.O.
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