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  1. Well we'll all have our different opinions. I personally think building and jelling a locally based core of the squad is best then get some out of county additions by generating funds through off field activities. Is that not what barrow did? We will all agree we need out of L1 but only when correctly equipped to have a crack at the championship. That IMO will take more than one season.
  2. I see your point but do we really want to rush back to the championship before somethings been built to give us a good chance of staying there.
  3. No substitute for experience. Good to have him around the younger players.
  4. We'll clean up in this league if we can land one of them
  5. Yeah you have to have ambition but you need to be able to match that ambition. We went up too early and look what happened. IMHO we need atleast 2 years if not 3 to build something capable of competing in the championship or you go around in circles.
  6. I agree johnny but for now we need to develop locals and spend a few years in L1 then hopefully some investment through the new stadium adding a few travellers and fingers crossed a few overseas will see us right for the step up. Just a personal opinion though
  7. I'd much rather town go down the rebuild route for the future than look at that player IMHO.
  8. After last season He probably wants a year off a championship relegation battle
  9. It's because their own forum is poor.
  10. because they are a cheaper option than paying travellers. Also there are two new teams in the championship far closer to the heartlands ,than West cumbria is, that players from that area will choose rather than travel. Unless haven can pull of some quality signings it's looking like a relegation scrap next season.
  11. Thanks Jamie and all the best for the future. I still think the jury is out on him at championship level.
  12. That Won't happen. The three things that hold cumbrian clubs back are money,location and lack of locals who are championship standard. Town are showing encouraging signs of a rebuild and haven and barrow are having good spells but due to the three issues facing cumbrian clubs will Inevitably drop to L1. Thatsxthe way it is unfortunately.
  13. Good to see JT back on board. A couple of big props alongside him and the pack would be shaping up nicely.
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