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  1. 1946 wakefield v wigan fold down middle rusty staples and 2 t on center page £10 - £20 1948 Bradford v wigan pirate programme ref changed £5 - £8 1950 widnes v warrington fold across middle rusty staples £5 - £8 1953 Huddersfield v st helens faint fold down middle 1 rusty staple £5 - £10 1954 Halifax v warringtion Sellotape down left edge on cover and right edge on inside first page faint fold across middle £1 1956 Halifax v st helens fold down middle 1 rusty staple score and 2 team changes £2 - £3 1958 wigan v Workington faint fold down middle rusty staples and score £2 - £3 1962 Huddersfield v wakefield fold bottom right corner £1 - £2
  2. Anyone got a spare copy or know someone who does? cheers
  3. It's the most common London Highfield prog and used to fetch £70 - £90. If it;s stuck on a page then the back cover is knackered so maybe £30-£40? I used to have a few London Highfield homes from White City, sold them for over £100 each.
  4. Prescot Panthers 20/7/97 Carlisle Away Final game for both clubs as it turned out. Anyone got a spare copy for sale or know any outlets selling it? cheers
  5. Hi Ant, Some very nice and valuable items you have. I'd suggest that you approach a couple of auction houses - SportingGold, Knights or Sporting Memories as they are known to sell Rugby league stuff regularly. The 1910/11 winners medal could be worth a couple of grand on its own!! I hope that helps. cheers DJ
  6. Just need this final league game from 1997 and would pay a good price for a mint condition programme.
  7. is it just a fair? Is there an auction?
  8. to be fair i doubt it was automated auction so adding prices realised manually will take ages. It would be nice but i guess the organiser doesn't have the time. also, not sure what that ebayer is smoking but £199 for something that's been through the dish washer is a joke!! I sold a folded version for £225 and ive seen one other go for £360 a few months back. As a filler that's worth a tenner and I'm being generous! I just don;t think there's a wider audience anymore, the casual collectors have disappeared so it's now limited to a few serious collectors and the odd chancer wanting gold but paying coppers. and, i think a few are selling up / cashing in.
  9. UPDATED WANTS: Prescot Panthers 20/7/97 v Carlisle Border Raiders Away various 1951 - 1959 Liverpool City homes and aways - wants list available. various 1934 to 1951 Liverpool Stanley homes and aways - wants list available. 1932 Challenge Cup Final Leeds v Swinton at Wigan War time Challenge Cup Finals Liverpool City versus: 11/3/61 Leigh Away 30/8/62 Saints Home 15/9/62 Widnes Home 22/9/62 Saints Away 18/5/63 Dewsbury Away 5/2/66 Batley Away
  10. Sad state of affairs to see this happen at Bradford again. Sorry if this has been covered but what happened to the £1m or so that was raised with fans and players selling off grand final rings and other fund raising after the first administration?
  11. UPDATED WANTS: Prescot Panthers 20/7/97 Carlisle Border Raiders Away various 1950s Liverpool City homes and aways - wants list available. various 1930s and 1940s Liverpool Stanley homes and aways - wants list available.
  12. Anyone got a spare copy of this programme for sale? Carlisle v Prescot Panthers played 20th July 1997. cheers
  13. a couple of scans attached. other resources include the RL stats books but no idea who sells these nowadays. liverpool city book by mike brocken has some chapters on Liverpool Stanley.
  14. Hello, Walter Mason did play in the 1935/36 Liverpool Stanley Lancashire League winning team. I can find 3 games he played in. 7th Sept 1935 Swinton away lost 3-29 but Mason scored the Liverpool Try. 14th Sept Salford home lost 7-14 Mason kicked two goals. 21st Sept Keighley home won 2-0 Mason kicked the only points. Not sure why he didn't play more as he seems to have scored points in all 3 games! I only have info on Liverpool Stanley so don't know about the other teams. That year was Stanley's most successful season and your grand dad played with a few internationals like Harry Woods and Billy Belshaw. Hope that helps.
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