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  1. Foreign coins can also be left at South Elmsall Travel (13 Barnsley Road, South Elmsall) We'll be fetching in anything we collect to each home game. We're also collecting foreign coins from our customers, even got some off a Cas fan the other day! Now for the shameless plug bit, if you're going on holiday this year, we've got Euros, Dollars and Turkish Lira in stock and can get get most others next day. We've got fantastic rates and are usually miles better than The Post Office.
  2. Statement on Featherstone's Website http://www.featherstonerovers.net/article.php?id=29441 Headlines < Back Rovers back new TV deal and structuresFriday 7th February 2014 Story in brief: Craig Poskitt said "As a club we fully support the new structures put in place and congratulate the RFL Executive..." Featherstone Rovers yesterday were delighted to host the latest Championship meeting at the Big Fellas Stadium. The RFL represented by Nigel Wood, Ralph Rimmer and Blake Solly presented information to all Championship clubs outlining the new structures to be in place in 2015". Featherstone Rovers Chief Executive Craig Poskitt said "As a club we fully support the new structures put in place and congratulate the RFL Executive on securing a record, long term TV deal with Sky that will bring stability to the sport. All at Featherstone are excited by recent developments and incentivised by the new structures being put in place. We are under no illusions that there is a lot of hard work ahead to get where we want to be. "I know as a club we can see the bigger picture and are particularly excited about the commercial opportunities that promotion and relegation can represent." On hosting the meeting Craig added "We have excellent facilities at the Big Fellas Stadium and it is an asset that currently is underutilised. It was a good learning experience too for our Commercial Manager Paul Taylor who observed the meeting. It also provided us with an opportunity to showcase the redevelopment of the Railway End of the stadium and our new Centre of Excellence." Chief Executive of the RFL Nigel Wood said "We would like to thank Featherstone Rovers for their warm hospitality. It was particularly interesting to see the ground redevelopments taking place which is a unique and inspiring project. I was also impressed with the new Centre of Excellence and was given an informative tour by Chairman Mark Campbell. It is good to see a forward thinking club plan for the future in a sustainable fashion."
  3. There's a meeting of Championship Chairmen next week, don't know about SL.
  4. It won't be split equally, that would be ridiculous. All clubs should see a significant uplift in funding, which is fantastic.
  5. I'd have thought Sky have this sewn up to, via the Sky Anywhere (or whatever it's called).
  6. What's wrong with watching Swinton v Whitehaven? Probably be a great game, with fantastic entertainment. Don't be so snooty. IIRC Championship Rugby was SS4's best viewed programme by some distance, I'm sure the execs will be more than happy if this continues to be the case
  7. If we could just get Sky to sign Vossy up, it'd be perfect
  8. Boohoo Parky I know you dislike good news and get some kind of kick out of the sport being in the mire. Perhaps the new structure also floated BT's boat, bet that never crossed your mind. Here in the real world, things are looking very positive.
  9. Brilliant news Parky and his band of doom mongers will be crying in their chips today, Sky are showing 2nd tier rugby, appear to have strongly backed the new structure and even appear to be paying for the privilege. The new structure bringing financial beneits, who would have thunk it? Well done RFL
  10. This will be my last post on the subject, the negativity from the forum "experts" is starting to affect my mental health. Rugby League is on the up, which I'm sure will be a disapointment to some of you miserable old sods. We had an amazing world cup We've got semi pro teams in places you couldn't have imagined 10 years ago, with hopefully 2 more to come. We've got a structure that gives all clubs something to play for and room to grow. We've got a title sponsor for both competitions now and they paid hard cash too. We've got broadcasters competing for our rights for the first time ever. But lets all have a moan and try to bring it down shall we?
  11. I can't remember it's exact title, but I think it was Championship Play Off Champions. So yes, I think they will. They'll be playing for an increased disbursement too. And of course they'll be needing to avoid relegation to C1. Plenty to play for.
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