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  1. 49 minutes ago, Saint Toppy said:

    Saints are one of those clubs talking with Ritson. It all depends on Grace and whether he accepts the offer from Welsh RU or signs a new contract. Teenager Jumah Sambou is identified as the long term replacement for Makinson and they're starting to integrate him into the 1st team now but he's a couple of years away from being a 1st team regular, so if Grace goes they need an immediate replacement. 

    Gotta say i've been impressed with Ritson in the few games i've seen him in this year.

    Isn’t Jumah a second rower?

    Ive seen him play his way through the Academy and Killer has very high hopes for him. Big fast and powerful but he’s got some athletic ability and knows his way to the try line.

    He has a younger brother in the Sts system as well

  2. 22 minutes ago, Jughead said:




    He’s had multiple issues around head knocks in the past year or so on top of two knee injuries. Someone will take a punt on him but there’s certainly question marks over his injury record. 

    Tom had one major concussion and everything else was a continuation of the complications he suffered from that

  3. 7 minutes ago, Scubby said:

    He will be on crumbs with jam at Wakefield so I'd imagine he would jump at what they were paying Dean Whare.


    Martin Offiah was the worlds best winger when he signed for Wigan but what did Wigan do, they signed Gene Miles to play Centre inside Offiah!

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  4. Johnstones had just three injuries in something like 8 years in SL, granted 2 of them were serious knee injuries but he’s come back from them and looks as good as ever. The reason people have this overinflated impression that he’s injury prone is his profile and the level of anticipation of watching him play. Everyone wants to see him pull one of those magic acrobatic finishes off or to watch him step through defenders then blast his way downfield with sheer pace on show. When he gets an injury or simply doesn’t play there’s a huge deflation as so much potential excitement exits that particular match. 

    He’s the best winger in SL and brings an X Factor that you’re currently only seeing with Jai Field but he’s doing it in a team that doesn’t have the players that Wigan have. Stick him in that Wigan back line, Sts or Catalan with Tomkins linking up with him out wide and he’ll be even more scintillating than he has been with Trinity.

    Talk of Yaha or Davies being better is just ludicrous!

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  5. 15 minutes ago, gingerjon said:

    It's really up to the coach to make the players feel and act like professionals.

    But good of him to admit that he's failed in that.

    Bit of a silly comment made from afar, how would you know what’s happening during the week and perhaps in the hotel when they’re away for a game?

    Kelly obviously knows what’s happening regards players attitudes and if he feels he needs to call out a few for thinking this is a bus man’s holiday then I’m happy with that. By all accounts the set up and the coaching has been outstanding but if some players can’t up their attitudes to match then it needs calling out.

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  6. When you look at The Giants squad it’s chock full of their own Academy graduates complimented by some of Watsons signings. It’s not the Salary Cap that’s made Huddersfield competitive it’s their fantastic youth department

    • Innes Senior
    • Louis Senior
    • Jake Wardle
    • Jermaine McGilvery
    • Leroy Cudjoe
    • Nathan Mason
    • Sam Hewitt
    • Jon Luke Kirby
    • Matty English
    • Oliver Russell
    • Will Price
    • Michael Lawrence
    • Owen Trout
    • Oliver Roberts

    There’s a number of others but they’re really young lads who haven’t played first team rugby yet

    Then you consider that there’s a few notable Giants Academy players now starring with other SL teams

    Jake Connor

    Kruise Leeming

    Sam Wood

    Darnell McIntosh

    Dom Young at Newcastle Knights

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  7. I played at a high standard for quite a few years and the toll on my body is significant

    Im in my mid 50s now, during my career I had a broken leg, broken ankle and a broken arm as well as dislocated fingers and knee ligament damage. I was concussed a few times but played on however I had one severe concussion which put me in hospital for 3 days, 3 days I have no memory of even now!

    Since retiring I’ve developed arthritis in both knees and have a damaged disc in my spine from playing Rugby League.

    A couple of years ago I had an mri scan which revealed I’d had a double fracture of my jaw, fractured right eye socket and 3 broken ribs that I never even knew about. I have no idea of when those happened except for the broken jaw, I think I know who did it and when it happened.

    Now, I mainly played in the backs, sometimes Loose Forward so I wasn’t really in the firing line like the props and 2nd rowers were.

    I love the game but it has quite obviously cost me physically, it’s also stunted my working career and cost me a relationship.

    I loved playing and have some great memories and lifelong friends but if given my time again, knowing what I know now I wouldn’t play Rugby League.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, GUBRATS said:

    I really don't see how much difference it'll make , I'll be as empty as the one that's there now IMO 


    1 minute ago, Davo5 said:

    Why will a new stand make them play better ?

    It will bring in more revenue allowing the club to spend closer to the salary cap, it will also have upgraded training and video review facilities giving the team better preparation

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