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  1. Can you explain how it’s a shoulder charge because he doesn’t tuck the arm or rotate his torso, he keeps his hips square and contact is top of the shoulder in textbook tackle technique
  2. James Child “no attempt to wrap him” Since When was that a rule? JPP isn’t late, isn’t high and doesn’t rotate his torso or tuck his arm so what’s the penalty for let alone the sin binning? I despair, get the tags out and let’s just have done with it!
  3. Yes you can blame them because it’s tihshousery and cheating however they can and will get away with it due to the shambolic organisation of the game which is the larger issue!
  4. Atkins, Kirmond, Clarkson and Washbrook really dragged York back into the match and after looking dead and buried it was eventually a pulsating 2nd Half FT York 26 - 28 Newcastle
  5. York benefit from an unforced error by Newcastle, slick left to right passing gets Whitely over right on the corner with an amazing finish. York 26 - 28 Newcastle 90 seconds left on the clock
  6. Amazing awareness from Connor Bailey who grubbers a long kick out to the right where Thunders right wing was unmarked and easily touches down. York 20 - 28 Newcastle 8 minutes remaining
  7. York in again, long crossfield kick after Kirmond was held up, hint of a knock on but Sam Scott the recipient and touches down Game has turned on its head in the last 10 minutes York 20 - 22 Thunder
  8. Flourished in League 1 but IMO he’s flattered to deceive since gaining promotion
  9. Try for Atkins off a Dixon kick gets York back into the game then a set restart and a penalty sees Clarkson over York 14 - Newcastle 22 with 25 minutes left
  10. York Knights currently getting smashed by Newcastle Thunder 2 - 22 Thunder scoring twice in the first 5 mins of the 2nd half Has James Ford been found out at the higher level or has he lost a bit of interest after not getting the Castleford job
  11. He was what, 16 maybe just turned 17 years old the day he played against Sts, he’s still only 19 years old now! He stands 6’6” and as a youngster he hadn’t then and still hasn’t yet grown into his frame, very much like the Senior twins at 6’5”. Young athletes at that height and build won’t gain the full core strength until much later than smaller athletes. Staying with Young, playing against The Cowboys this morning he scored two good try’s, laid another one on a plate with a superb backhand flick offload, laid the last pass on for Kalyn Pongas try & ran for around 180mtrs Not bad for a 19 year old trying his hand in the NRL
  12. Yet whenever the County of Origin idea comes up everyone from West of the Pennines says Lancashire doesn’t exist anymore? I guess the white arose of Yorkshire really did win the War of the Roses! We prevailed while the Red rose of Lancashire has faded to insignificance and blipped out of existence
  13. I thought Jowitt was MoM and agree with Hampshire being a threat throughout For Wigan I thought Havard was a tower of strength and energy, Head and shoulder (literally) above every other front row forward on the field. JPP was a handful and looks like a star in the making, he has everything required, size, athleticism, stamina, offload, footwork and so on I think some of your young forwards look in need of a break, in particular Partington and Byrne while Bullock looks like a player who knows he’s leaving and couldn’t care less about Wigan.
  14. I’d blame autocorrect but I just couldn’t be ar*£d checking the spelling
  15. Points are welcome but it was a dour uninspiring match! Wigan were poor and there to be beat, lots of kids and had an average age of 23 even with 56 year old Tommy Liulieuai in the team.
  16. Full Time: 14-6 MoM Kyle Wood how they’ve come up with Wood for the man of the match is baffling!
  17. And the pressure created by that Havard break finally tells with Hanly getting over after good hands by Wigan
  18. What a break that is from Ethan Havard, Wigan need to capitalise on that
  19. Kershaw has been very good on the Wakefield Right Wing, Wigan have dropped a lot of kicks on him and sent the attack his way but he’s coped well with the lot of it. Hes put his hand up to run the ball out pretty effectively as well
  20. Hampshire in off a Tom Johnstone break nice play from Jowitt who receives a downtown and turns the ball back to the outside to Tom Johnstone who’s pace does the rest, Hampshire in support gets the spoils. Lino converts 6-0
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