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  1. By who & why? As for Sam Walker, he qualifies for a UK passport due to his place of birth which would mean he qualifies to play for England. However, it seems he is English no other way whatsoever and IMO we should not be manufacturing routes for Aussies to rep for England!
  2. In a long coaching career he’s won nothing of significance and has a terrible record in big games when it matters!
  3. Hes regarded as a huge failure by Featherstone fans! During his tenure he had the money and players which should have seen him win promotion to SL or at least take the minor cup comp but he did neither. He has a terrible record in ‘Must Win’ games even when the odds are in his favour.
  4. Genuine question Throughout his long coaching career, what has he won?
  5. Let’s hope we can create some combinations that allow us to beat the CombiNations
  6. Great to see this happening! Over the last decade Hull KRs stadium has become perfectly fitting for modern day professional sports. It may not have happened all at once or had the opening day fanfare of a completely new stadium but it’s every bit as good as any other stadium in the game.
  7. I’ve got first hand experience of working on player development in the NE. There are some extremely well talented young players and athletes in the region. In past years they were held back by their RL IQ but as the decades have passed the amateur game has allowed these lads to start playing at 5 & 6 years old so the current players are right up there with most other regions. There has been a core of volunteers almost RL missionaries who’ve been involved from the very first day, they’ve nurtured the game and started new clubs with multiple age groups, they along with others are a credit to the region! Id love to see them compete at the top of the Championship and gain promotion, it would be just reward for the endeavours of those who’ve worked so hard with little to no help from the RFL. Should they gain a Super League place and keep it then it would be great if York could follow them as geographically it makes Newcastle less of a ‘satellite’ club and maybe creates a rivalry that both can feed off. In time they could make a Newcastle, York, Hull FC and Hull KR rivalry and really reignite the interest in East Yorkshire as well. Good Luck to them
  8. I’m on the side of not choosing them for any England fixtures if they are voluntarily unavailable for mid season games. You either value playing for the National team or you don’t!
  9. He chose to go to Castleford with some of his Amateur club team mates who were from Castleford! It also says a lot about Leeds as the biggest Rugby League playing City in this country yet can’t produce many junior players, including Mr Kevin Sinfield
  10. Who is a Wakefield lad, went to a Wakefield school, played for a Wakefield amateur club and spent his Scholarship years at Castleford so what’s your point?
  11. Andy Kelly during his HKR days He was the top try scoring forward for about 4 or 5 years in a team that won just about everything for a long period. 6’4” and 17st + and ran lines at speed before it was a thing. This was an era when we lacked size and athleticism against the Aussies, he would have been a real handful for the Kangaroos. For some reason players like Mick Worral & Wayne Procter we’re selected before him which was just bizarre.
  12. 100% in agreement with this! The support from the volunteers is amazing and the club should be very proud of how they and the HGSA get behind the their team. Sean Folan is the best Scout I’ve seen in terms of complete knowledge of the players, their parents and their coaches across all the age groups Andy Kelly has totally rebuilt the youth system from the ground up, the philosophy, the structure, the whole holistic approach that challenges everyone involved to be better over and over again which includes himself, the coaches, the scouts as well as the players.
  13. Who’s there that will be in consideration? Thomson is a miss but not an irreplaceable one T Burgess, Whitehead, Williams - I think we can cover those with U.K. based players who will be just as good against the Exiles Personally I wouldn’t select Hodgson as he stifles the 1st receivers options and there’s better hookers here in the U.K. Sutton is only a slight chance of being selected Young will cut his teeth Internationally with Jamaica until he’s England ready Farnworth is still a way off England/international level but has great potential to make it, again there’s plenty of U.K. based outside backs ahead of him
  14. Dom Young pretty much Knights best in an easily beaten team missing a lot of regulars. Defended well, looked aggressive, showed some great instincts with feet and hands. Set up a try and made the break for his own try right at the end. good showing from him
  15. Richard Agar copped a ban for calling Child’s “bent” during a post match interview when he was Hull FCs coach. Agar maintained that he was referring to the one sided nature of Child’s performance during the game that night but there was also a wry smirk on Agar’s face as he defended his words.
  16. 1 Welsby - Sts 2 Young - Newcastle 3 Wardle - Giants 4 Newman - Rhinos 5 Farnworth-Brisbane 6 Trueman - Tigers 7 Smith - Wigan 8 Oledski - Leeds 9 Smith - St Helens 10 Havard - Wigan 11 Lees - St Helens 12 Smith - Rhinos 13 Thomson - Canterbury 14 Dodd - Sts 15 Liam Byrne - Wigan 16 English - Giants 17 Trout - Giants
  17. Wakefield have a big 6’5” natural athlete and quality centre called Oliver Greensmith coming through their ranks. He’s a very good player and certainly has the nuanced skills required to be a very good outside back but needs to be exposed to the higher level NOW if he’s going to fulfil his potential. Unfortunately Chester doesn’t seem to favour him and the lads progress has been a bit stifled by lack of games.
  18. https://www.newcastleknights.com.au/news/2021/02/20/knights-hold-out-spirited-cessnock/
  19. DoM Young is 6’6” and has been superbly developed by The Giants Academy & Scholarship both as a player and as a man. The Senior twins are both 6’5” not two inches shorter as stated by someone earlier. They are big lads with loads of talent and big frames, while they’re not overly muscular they will both develop into monsters by their mid 20s. Jake Wardle is 6’3” and has been one of the hottest properties in his peer group for the last 8 years or so. Wigan, Sts, Leeds & Warrington have all made him offers to join them from Huddersfield during his Academy years but he’s stayed where he knows he’s getting the best development. Its not coincidence that these big, talented athletes have all come through the Giants Academy at the same time and there are others too. Under Andy Kelly The Giants Academy has gone from below average to Outstanding while also producing the following: Jake Conner, Matty English, Jake Wardle, Dom Young, Sam Hewitt, Jon Luke Kirby, Innes Senior, Louis Senior, Darnell Macintosh, Oliver Russell, Sam Wood, Jack Richardson, Tyler Mellor, and Ronan Micheal have come through to first team level. While 3 or 4 have gone elsewhere the majority are in the 2021 Giants Super League Squad. Great Credit to Andy Kelly for reinventing and forging the Giants Academy into what it is today.
  20. Wigan - Bateman/youngsters + 1 year older Sts - Not top due to loss of major names in pack/Wolf affect Huddersfield - Watson/Recruitment/youngsters +1 year older Warrington - Slowly deteriorating under current coach Hull - Big season under Hodgson Catalan - Folou or no they’ve a frightening backline Leeds - Flattered to deceive under Agar, wont last Salford - Recruitment will offer greater consistency Cas - Powell will Be Gone before seasons end HKR - Recruitment will improve them no end Wakefield - 3 wins papered over cracks of 5 from 36 win record Leigh - They’re hugely handicapped but will get some wins
  21. Interesting, A few years ago people may remember Steve Parkin (Clipper Logistics) making a confirmed bid to buy Wakefield (pre Glover). He promised to pay every penny of Wakefield’s debts in full and to 100% fund a new state of the art stadium out of his own pocket. He told the RFL that he’d make Trinity one of the top clubs in the game and that the embarrassing financial yo-yo that Wakefield had been would never happen again. All he wanted was some assurances that the RFL were not planning to revoke Wakefield’s licence due to their perilous financial state and the Administration order they were under. That’s a totally reasonable and understandable request, he didn’t want to pump hundreds of thousands into the club only for the RFL to demote them and leaving him with a very expensively purchased Championship club. Nigel Wood refused to offer any assurances thus making it financially imprudent for Parkin to invest the money so he walked away and we ended up with Glover/Elston then Carter. Steve Parkin is now a minority co-owner and sponsor of Leeds United! What a terribly costly blasé decision by Nigel Wood & the RFL I hope Wigan get their man!
  22. The key part of your post is “2008” what a sad reflection on Super League that two of our play off clubs are recruiting old Aussies that we’re plying their trade in the NRL 13 years ago!
  23. There’s quite a lot of shelving going on right here, maybe IKEA should sponsor the TRL General Forum
  24. I know quite a few ex professional Rugby League players who have had the hip resurfacing done, it’s a less invasive and severe alternative to a full hip replacement. To a man every single one of them has said they feel they could play on the newly repaired hip and one actually tried very hard to get a contract with his old club after doing pre season training. The truth is that none of them, no matter how good they felt, were capable of playing anymore. The hip repair simply wouldn’t stand up to the rigours and forces sent through it when playing the game. I suspect this is the end of George Burgess career, he’s a large man and the stress on the hip will be greater than most. He’s missed a full season already and is set to miss another (2021) he’ll be 30/31 years old trying to make a comeback after major hip surgery. Wigan probably see this but George may not be ready to accept his career is done yet, hence there being no mention of ending his playing days.
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