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  1. Apart from the ones I’ve already listed as other than, which players are NOT seen as First Choice alternatives in the team that played yesterday? Are you saying that the team that played yesterday aren’t capable of better than what they served up? Heres the team that beat Warrington 18 - 8 earlier in the season. 12 either played or were fit and available yesterday while Tupou switched to centre to replace Arundel, Gigot replaced Lyne, Kirmond replaced Pitts and Arona came into the team. All three of those are First Choice alternatives to those not selected. In addition Fifita was available but the CEO chose to stand him down. That’s 3 players added to the 12 who were available or played leaving just the two young wingers who replaced Johnstone & BJB. As I said in an earlier post, the injury excuse does not hold up when you look at it. Wakefield 18 Vs 8 Warrington v Yesterday Jowitt - Jowitt Tupou - Croft Lyne - Gigot Arundel - Tupou Johnsstone - Senior Miller - Miller Hampshire - Hampshire Kopczak - Navarrete (Kopczak was Available) K Wood - K Wood Tanginoa - Arona Pitts - Bachelor Ashurst - Ashurst Westerman - Westerman Subs J Wood - Crowther (J Wood was Available) Tangata - Tanginoa (Tangata was Available) Batchelor - Kirmond Navarrete - Green
  2. To be fair Warrington bombed two absolute sitters against Wakefield with Forward passes!
  3. Jowiit - First Choice Full Back Croft - Young home grown 20 yr old Gigot - French International at Centre Tupou - First Choice Centre Senior - Quality Young 20 yr old brought in as cover Miller - First Choice Half Back Hampshire - First Choice Half Back Navarrete- First Choice Wood - First Choice Arona - First Choice Bachelor - First Choice option alongside Kirmond, Crowther etc Ashurst - First Choice Westerman - First ChoicE SUBSTITUTES - Crowther - 23 yr old possible First Choice alongside Kirmond, Tanginoa etc Kirmond - First Choice Tanginoa - - First Choice Back Rower Green - Bought by Chester as a First Choice or rotation Prop to replace England We Have Johnstone & BJB missing who are significant losses, both off the wing. You can argue Lyne but we’ve brought in a French international to cover him so not so much of a loss in reality! Jay Pitts is missing but we have Ashurst, Kirmond, Bachelor, Tanginoa & Crowther all fit so no back row crisis! Carter has stood Fifita down but Chester has deselected Walker, J Wood, Tangata and Kopczak, while he refuses to select Atkins and King even though they’re fit! So where is this massive injury list that makes such an impact on the team selection? Look at the team we started the game with and the bench, they are overwhelmingly majority First Choice players so why are we so abjectly terrible! The injury excuse just doesn’t hold up when you take a proper look! Before someone reply’s by stretching reality and names Brough or Arundel to make up a complete backline of injured players please don’t. Go give your head a pull till you hear a squelch then a popping noise as it exits your ass! Wakefield have 2 significant absentees in Johnstone and BJB that’s it!
  4. Eh? we lost 36-0 and wouldn’t have scored if we played till midnight! Effort being better is just not enough to justify what we’re seeing
  5. Baz says keep your head up Chris Chester, that’s only another nilling and another loss, is that 25 losses from the last 29 SL games! I’ve lost count of the number of players who’ve scored hat tricks against us but hey ho it’s not your fault so don’t worry! Don’t talk to me about missing players, the teams that are taking the field are good enough personnel wise to get better results and perform to a higher standard than this! This is absolutely abysmal!
  6. And access to the most disproportionately huge sponsorship deals in world sport!
  7. I mentioned this last week, it’s an acute collective persecution complex that Wire fans suffer from
  8. That’s the downside of taking the SKY dollar! We are squirrelled away behind a TV paywall, accessible to only a few tens of thousands of viewers, the worlds best kept secret!
  9. Huddersfield need back to back scores in the first 10 minutes of the second half and then we’ll see how Hulls mental toughness holds up!
  10. Giants are still on the bus at the moment, they’re playing at a snail pace which will suit Hull FC more than Huddersfield. Is Tai injured, because if not it’s a strange decision to play Turner in the second row, I’d even go with Hewitt over Turner to start the game.
  11. Touch of the Mail Reilly school of elocution about Ellerys TV persona!
  12. HKR continue to evolve their open play style of Rugby which is great to watch. If they iron out some of the errors and refine some of their decision making they’ll trouble anyone.
  13. Did he? Without checking the dates he may well have signed for CBBs before the Covid-19 crisis took hold in the U.K.. As for the tough game, tough players comment, how would you know anything of how tough the game is, here or there or whether a Thompson is a tough enough bloke.
  14. Strikes me that it’s an Ausie coach who thinks he knows better and is he’ll bent on reinventing Thompson despite seeing how good he is over here.
  15. They could do worse than bring Jason Demitriou back from Souths. He’s young but has great experience for a guy his age. He will have the energy and enthusiasm required to tackle the major issues within the Brisbane club while his relatively young age means he could build a dynasty similar to Bennett & Bellamy. Getting him from Souths would be their big problem as he’s the Heir Apparent to Bennett there.
  16. Try picking one that doesn’t include players who’ve already got multiple England caps or play for Wigan, Warrington, Sts and Leeds. It’s too easy otherwise!
  17. He hasn’t done bad with 77 trys in 87 appearances since mid 2015 when he made his debut. He’s had approx 4 seasons and is averaging about 22 games a season. With the curtailed 2020 season only half way through that’s not a bad average for games per year
  18. Ruling out any players from Wigan, Warrington, Sts& Leeds I’m also going to avoid players who’ve had a number of England caps before such as Sarginson etc. so: Evalds- Salford Davies - Catalan Griffin - Hull FC Wardle - Huddersfield Farnworth - Brisbane Gaskell - Huddersfield Atkin - Salford Mullhern - Hull KR McShane - Castleford English - Huddersfield Holmes - Castleford Ashurst - Wakefield Abdul - Hull KR Subs: Richardson - Castleford Livett - Hull KR Sutton - Canberra Massey - Castleford
  19. Jake Wardle is 6’2” and around 98kg, he’s a tough bloke and doesn’t get dominated by anyone. He’s also one of the most naturally gifted classy attacking players to develop in this country for sometime. That said he had a long time out with a knee injury so I’d give him another 12 months and look toward the 2021 World Cup for him.
  20. I do and I’ve suggested him before while he’s also in my OP as a Forward I considered. He need to get himself fitter, not that he doesn’t have decent fitness levels but he still carries excess weight and to be at the very top of his form he needs to be at another level. He’s certainly got the size, intelligence hands and footwork to make a quality international. If he really believes it then he need to set himself some very tough fitness level goals and smash it.
  21. It was mainly based on form up to now, not like we were playing a Test Match at the weekend
  22. Still waiting! its easy to sit in the cheap seats and heckle isn’t it!
  23. It’s good to see that there’s a variety of names and shows there’s competition for almost all the positions. Quite a few not even mentioned yet!
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