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  1. I said a threat to the top 4 Just out of interest, apart from Sts and maybe Catalan which other two teams are Trinity “miles off”
  2. Wakefield are 1 player short of being a real threat to the top 4 With Lino, Tanginoa and some great talent coming through they’ve got match winners Theyve won this game without David Fifita and Tom Johnstone if they finally get Andrew Fifita they’ll be hard to beat for anyone
  3. Just to reiterate again, Batchelor, Jowitt and Hall are all Trinity youth products Also on the pitch are Murphy, Adin, Crowther and Kaye all Wakey youth system
  4. Another amazing team try from Wakefield, fantastic offload from Batchelor to Jowitt who did fantastic to stay alive and get a pass to Hall who scores athletically in the corner Warringto 12 v 16 Wakefield
  5. Great try Wakefield, Lino has been a problem for Warrington all day but also Kaye did well and Lyne finished it superbly
  6. Last play of the half Trinity ran it on the 5th tackle, made a break down the right wing and then kicked back infield for the Wakefield players to chase. Tanginoa was clearly going to be first to the ball over the try line but was tackled a couple of metres out preventing him from scoring. Max Jowitt who was next of the chasing pack was also brought down. The referee instantly pointed to a 20 metre restart when it was obvious that a foul had been committed by 1 if not 2 Warrington players. He then flatly refused to go to the screen and check it.
  7. Just watch for this in the 2nd half, the ref will double down and arrogantly punish Wakefield again because they’ve caused him to be questioned about his decision.
  8. It’s a penalty try and a sin bin clear cut and easy to see even as it happened, no need for a replay I have to wonder why the ref was so intent on rushing to a decision!
  9. Great hands from Wakefield, Jowitt, Hall and Murphy combine to score a superb try. All three products of the Wakefield youth system too
  10. Millers been awful so far in the game, poor decision, poor execution and poor defence. Williams is running all over him
  11. If Wakefield turn Warrington over I fancy them to beat Wigan at Belle Vue
  12. I’m not sure about the bad reads, he had to follow his centre Gagai in a couple of times as that’s the system they play. He missed 1 tackle when rushing up to cut out a play where Penrith had a 3 v 1 and they went on to score a try but it was Trish or bust either way.
  13. Dom Young had what appeared to be a mixed game this morning, taking his try very well but there were a number of try’s scored down Newcastles right edge. I say “appeared” because the Knights had a man sent off early and it allowed Penrith to work the extra man down Newcastles edges making the centre & wing partnerships look exposed. Newcastle are no easy beats this year, despite being a man down they still score 3 try’s against Penrith.
  14. I think the Walker brothers at Ipswich Jets will emerge as the favourites for the Leeds job.
  15. Farnworth had a superb game on both sides of the ball, 2 try’s and some great defensive reads Very similar from Dom Young, he took his try very well but also made some great defensive reads 2 of which were potential try savers.
  16. It was a bit of a tongue in cheek comment
  17. Don’t forget Ryan Hall and Jermaine McGilvery
  18. I’ll throw this in, Bateman is living off his form at Wigan 5 years ago and his performances for Canberra 4 years ago. On last years showing and this years so far, he isn’t a shoe in unless you’re Sean Wane. Another one, Lewis Dodd is shaping up to be an amazing player however, Mikey Lewis is more ready than him at this moment in time. Difference is Lewis plays for HKR so peeps are over looking him. Percival has been underrated throughout his whole career and it’s already cost him a few deserved international caps, if he continues to play well he should be in the team unless there’s someone better. Our middles are the best in the world but we need half backs that can make the best use of them. In the past we’ve had an amazing pack of forwards but due to poor half backs they’ve spent most of their energy driving the ball out of their own 20. Walmsley, Thompson, Burgess, Knowles, Lees, Oledski are collectively better than anything Aus, NZ & Tonga can put together. Australia have had half backs that can not only control the game, have good kicking games but they also had the ability to make a break and go 60 metres to score. I can’t remember the last time we had half’s that could do that but we’ve got 4 or 5 now so let’s not make them watch the World Cup from their sofa. Players must individually carry a threat to their opposition and thus make their opposites nervous when defending them. Makinson, Welsby, Johnstone, Dodd, Lewis, Walmsley, Whitehead, Clarke, Thompson all carry a threat
  19. Somethings very very right, it’s called loyalty, a rare commodity in sports these days
  20. I can tell you for a fact that 3 NRL clubs and the top 4 clubs in the SL have all tried to buy him over the last 5 years
  21. What do you imagine Australias back line is or will be
  22. Numerous people missing Tom Johnstone out of their back lines is a surprise
  23. Tomkins Makinson Newman Farnworth Johnstone Dodd Lewis Walmsley Clarke Oledski Whitehead Pearce-Paul Knowles Price Welsby T Burgess Thompson
  24. Also Jake Connor & Darnell McIntosh! L Senior I Senior Wardle Young McIntosh Price Connor English Leeming Mason Hewitt Trout Kirby Russell Andy Kelly has certainly done an amazing job in creating one of the best Youth Academies and pathways in the game.
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