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  1. Next Thursdays running order on Freesports is this .... 0600 - Xiamen Marathon 2017 0700 - The UK Challenge 0730 - Swedish Speedway 0930 - The Magic of the FA Cup 1045 - Live - NRL Cowboys v Broncos 1245 - The FA Classic Collection 1315 - Skegness (stock car racing) 1415 - World of Free Sports 1445 - The Magic of the FA Cup 1600 - AC Milan Report 1630 - The Story of the FA Cup 1730 - The Story of the FA Cup 1830 - Xiamen Marathon 2017 1930 - On the Limit Sports 2000 - NRL Cowboys v Broncos 2200 - BVB World 2300 - FIFA Football 2330 - Barca TV What Futtocks says in this thread is correct - do a rescan on Freeview, if you can get Talking Pictures TV you will get Freesports (Ch 95). If you don't - you won't !
  2. OT .... You'll need a new TV / box anyway Futtocks in about 2 or 3 years when all the SD channels will be turned off anyway ! (the government are selling off about a third of the Freeview spectrum for the cellular phone auction frequencies. To squeeze the existing channels in they'll all go HD anyway) Try picking up Talking Pictures CH81- if it doesn't on your old TV you've had it
  3. FreeSports, the new free-to-air sports channel launching soon, has confirmed further details about its service. The channel, being launched by the people behind Premier Sports and the former Setanta UK service, has confirmed it will appear to viewers on Freesat channel 252, in addition to the previously announced slots on Sky 424 and Freeview / YouView (BT/TalkTalk) channel 95. The channel expects to reach 22 million homes from September. Further information on sports types to be screened on the channel have also been provided: FreeSports will feature Football, Rugby League, Tennis, Ice Hockey, MMA, Basketball, Cricket, Speedway, Nascar, Athletics and Wrestling, essentially beccoming a free-to-air version of Premier Sports, which already provides coverage of these sports on a pay TV basis.
  4. Further to this .... There's a placeholder slate now running for Freesports on Freeview Ch 95 on the Emley Moor Transmitter (Yorkshire) It should be on Winter Hill TX (Granada) by now too. It will be using a HD channel, though it will be in SD only, (the carridge costs are cheaper, if you wonder why they do it) If you can get "Talking Pictures" (the oldies film channel) on freeview you should be able to get Freesports (they do the same thing) You may have to do a forced retune on your TV to get it though, (Emley Moor told you to do this on some tv's last week.) 75% of terrestrial transmitters in the UK will carry this - if you get Talking Pictures you should get Freesports. Some of the relay transmitters won't carry it though. (like some in Cumberland) ATM .. there is nothing on satellite as yet (I'll post on here when it does). The rumours on the satellite / Freeview enthusiast forums I go on indicate it will carry at least a couple of NRL games (delayed recording only) a week - the live stuff will be on Premier only It will also apply to the GAA games too (who BTW are also going to a super 8s type format and moving their finals to a different month due to taking the Sky shilling) There's hell on in Eire over this ! (the big counties killing the weak) - where have I heard that before LOL ! I think the FTA channel is after block advertising from internet betting companies (this was the reason ITV went for Saturday afternoon racing BTW) Let's hope the channel survives - the ones that have failed recently had only ratings of 10,000
  5. I can't see another post about this on here ..... A new channel is coming to Freeview and Freesat from September 1st called "Freesports" It's an offshoot of Premier Sports and will show NRL free to air. Details here https://www.freesports.tv/
  6. Dug out one of my old books to look some of the old clubs up ... This was the Warrington Amateur RFL from 1968 Cadishead & Irlam (open) Crosfields Recs (open) Latchford Albion (open) Rylands Recs (open) St Albans (U17) Thames Board Mills (open) Warrington "B" (U19) Warrington Colts (U17) Woolston Rovers (open) I'll add the various other leagues and clubs pre BARLA as time goes on. BTW I take it the Thames Board company has long gone
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