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  1. They are a band I do need to go see. I had heard a few song by them, but a couple of weeks ago Ginger was in the Christmas Market Stall I was manning looking through the vintage music adverts (he didn't buy any this year). That day I decided to see if there was any new stuff from him and found shitloads.
  2. The few "songs" I have heard by AC don't do anything for me. However Howlin Willie had me laughing quite a bit. But then I don't think I have heard a bad song by Ginger.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQv1aiZzYWo Won't post this as a video as some might object to the artist name.
  4. i had a job collecting paper money when I was 12/13ish. Got paid 25p per round. When I left school I went straight on a YTS scheme and was paid £25 ish.
  5. I was like, just reading through this thread to see if anybody had like, mentioned this.
  6. Top two front teeth cracked. Looked like the Mersey Tunnel in my mouth. Now have 1 crown and one filled. 3 molars are basically shells that have been filled. A few other fillings as well.
  7. The only one I can remember listening to a lot would be John Denver when in the car, or the radio in the car. Other than that at home I don't recall really listening to music apart from Top of the Pops. As I got older 11-12 upwards I started to listen to a lot more music.
  8. Three of my favourites Anyway, ones I don't get: Rap/Grime Warbling The Smith/Oasis/Stone Roses etc Classical/Opera - the ones that slaughter national anthems before matches Modern Pop music A lot of death/black metal - I can cope with the music, cannot stand growled vocals that you cannot really hear.
  9. Read this on the BBC website: "Oleksandr Usyk won his first fight at heavyweight after stopping Chazz Witherspoon in round seven in Chicago. It means Ukrainian Usyk, 32, remains the WBO’s mandatory challenger to the winner of Anthony Joshua’s heavyweight-title rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr." How the hell can someone who hasn’t fought at heavyweight be mandatory challenger for the heavyweight title?
  10. Can't really recommend any pubs where I live as I don't really go out drinking. I will be visiting the pub at Harrogate Train Station though during the christmas market while waitin for my train home. I have had a few good beers/stouts in there over the past few years. If you come across any pubs selling Five Towns Brewery ales, I would recommend them (full disclosure, the owner is my girlfriends brother in law), but I can say the ones I have tried from there are good.
  11. Was interested when I saw the 1979 Trinity one then I saw the price, £280. Think i'll give it a miss.
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