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  1. But it is ppossible to run in an unpredictable way without jumping in the air like a rabbit. When you do that you lose momentum.
  2. This is one thign that annoys me, and not just with Escare. A lot of players run the ball and then do that stupid hop/skip. If they kept running they would proibably make a few more metres thatn they actually do.
  3. Alll and any reality TV and that includes bake off, strictly etc. Also, I think someone mentioned Michael MacIntyre, so, him as well. I don't watch much proper TV, so I can't say about others
  4. Why not make it like football and have penalties. Have the "penalty spot" off to the side of the posts, not straight on to increase the difficulty.
  5. OK, did I miss something? Goodwin gets an head injury after about 10 minutes and then they announce he has failed HIA after about 1 hour. Did he get another smack to the head?
  6. "Goodwin, that cut on his head still strapped." Really? You mean it hasn't healed up in the last 30 minutes?
  7. Played to age 13 at middle school, then not again until about 21-22 when I played for the local pub team (Cliffe Tree, Wakefield) for a couple of years. Then when that team stopped, played for The Sun Inn (also Wakefield) for a couple of seasons.
  8. Wakefield born and bred, middle school (Flanshaw St Michaels) was mainly a league school. We did have a football team but the main sport was league. Not sure if they play these days, as I never see any posts when I go past. High school (Eastmoor) only played one league match in the 3 years I was there and got banned after it. I didn't volunteer for the team as I knew when I saw the other names on the list that it wouldn't end well. I was working in Northampton 25 yeasr ago, and was wearing a Trinity top whilst drinking in the pub near the B&B I was staying in when a guy came up to talk to me about joining the local League team. I couldn't as I was working there through the week and going home on the weekend. I was surprised that he knew it was a League top with Northampton being football and Union. As has previously been mentioned, you do see quite a lot of Trinity shirts about.
  9. Sky sports mix. Or maybe not as it is now saying cricket is on there
  10. I'm watching, but i'm not sure i'll make it to the end. May have to switch and watch Toronto
  11. Normally go to Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester or Birmingham for shows. But a few years back me and the missus went to Las Vegas to see country star Toby Keith. Also saw Ray Romano during the same holiday.
  12. I see no reason for the defender(s) to have their arm between the ball and the attackers body unless it's a one on one.
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