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  1. If the ref really said "it's foot on ball not ball on ground" then that is trolling of the highest level.
  2. Donington 2004, Joey Jordison and Dave Lombardo played most of the set when Lars Ulrich was in hospital. An amazing show considering the way it had to be pulled together. Also, Dusty Hill of ZZ Top https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58006978
  3. https://variety.com/2021/music/obituaries-people-news/joey-jordison-slipknot-dead-dies-1235028746/ Joey Jordison - Slipknot drummer aged 46.
  4. Was just listening to this and it does ring a bell with how things are now.-
  5. Can't believe I forgot about Guga. I do watch his videos. Also Barbecue Pit Boys for some really delicious looking BBQ food.
  6. Don't watch any cooking on TV, but used to love watching Ken Hom and Keith Floyd. Only ones I watch at the minute are on Youtube, Chin & Choo who show how to cook takeaway chinese at home and Epic Meal Time who make massive meals (usually with loads of bacon).
  7. 127 Wakefield. Loved flying in the Chipmunk, did aerobatics as well. Went gliding (never did my wings). Loved going to Finningley for flying and shooting.
  8. Bronze and Silver in the Air Cadets like others. Good fun doing the hikes.
  9. Also watched "They Live" yesterday. Followed by "2012" and today, "The Day After Tomorrow", "It Came from Beneath the Sea", "this Isalnd Earth" and now "Earth vs The Flying Saucers".
  10. Currently watching Chelmsford 123 on BritBox Also been watching Superstore on Netflix as well - easy going watching.
  11. Watch Guga a lot, really knows his stuff on steak. We have an airfryer, really only used it for chips though. Slow cooker we use for stew, curry, chilli and the meat just falls apart. Never thought of doing pies in it though. Might have to try it as in the oven they always spill their innards.
  12. 1979, Wakefield Schoolboys try outs. I was(still am) quite shy/introverted and didn't try my best. I coasted when I should have tried my best. Thing is, even if I had been picked I wouldn't have played as I was in hospital until the morning of the game.
  13. Tyson Fury at Tatton Park Car show. Ginger Wildheart at York Christmas Market. Big Country at Leeds Town & Country waiting with a friend after the show for autographs.
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