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  1. Yeah, love Nightingales. The older shows take me back, always liked Dukes of Hazzard as well.
  2. Been watching a fair bit of Forces TV recently. Dukes of hazzard, Robins Nest, Get Some In!, Tripper's Day, Nightingales, Miami Vice and others and also military documentaries.
  3. Gonna have to be conference parties for a while I think. Zoom, skype etc.
  4. This week I have popped into Aldi most evenings to see what is there and if there is anything I want. I don't "need" anything but would like to get some beans. Each time there has been none apart from 4 packs of Heinz for £2.99. Nah, I'm good until I can get some own brand. I was out this morning to take cards round to my mum. I did keep my distance, but when I said I was going to ASDA she asked for some stuff. So I go down to ASDA and get her 2x beef joints & some wash capsules. Me, I got 6x tomatoes and some mushrooms. No beans at all. They were low on a lot of stuff. On the way back home, I went to Sainsburys Local and got nothing again. I was only after some sandwich meat and basmati rice. No rice and the meat was very expensive - 3 slices of beef for £1.95 - I should have got a joint of beef for myself as well. I also went to the Eastern European shop across the road. Nicely stocked but didn't have what I wanted. And I will say that I keep forgetting to look for beans - I will look in the shop opposite work tomorrow. I expect a full closure of non essential business by the end of the week.
  5. A video from the US. The first store had a limit of 1 of any item i.e. 1 tin of beans, 1 tin of soup. So it isn't just over here that it is happening. Later in the video they go to Walmart and there is a queue going around 10-12 aisles that is just for toilet paper.
  6. Can't fathom (pun kind of intended) what it would be like living in an area prone to flooding. When you see it on TV and everything is ruined, and most probably won't be covered by insurance it must be horrendous for them. And then knowing that during or possibly shortly after repairs are made, it will happen again. Where I am in Wakefield, if my street were to be flooded to the extent of these floods, half of Flanshaw estate, half of Peacock estate and all of Darnley/Lower Westgate would be totally under water. We are near the top of the high ground in our area and the nearest flood source are a couple of becks which are both about 1/2 mile away and a good deal lower than we are. It would have to be some biblical flooding though as we are about 50ft higher than the becks (according to this site - https://www.freemaptools.com/elevation-finder.htm).
  7. It does make sense. I have a few emails addresses I can use to re-join if needed.
  8. Yes, logged in main site, click stream button then it wants me to log in again but wont accept the credentials.
  9. Trying to watch but after I sign in and then click to watch, it wants me to sign in agin. Won't accept the credentials even though I have just signed in to the main site.
  10. Dire Straits - Alchemy Live Rush - Exit Stage Left, Rush in Rio, R30 and others Metallica - S&M Live
  11. I wonder if Lussick would do better if he stopped trying to start a Mexican Wave at each play the ball.
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7837625/Facebook-split-NOT-wash-clothes-New-Years-Day.html Something about washing away good fortune.
  13. They are a band I do need to go see. I had heard a few song by them, but a couple of weeks ago Ginger was in the Christmas Market Stall I was manning looking through the vintage music adverts (he didn't buy any this year). That day I decided to see if there was any new stuff from him and found shitloads.
  14. The few "songs" I have heard by AC don't do anything for me. However Howlin Willie had me laughing quite a bit. But then I don't think I have heard a bad song by Ginger.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQv1aiZzYWo Won't post this as a video as some might object to the artist name.
  16. i had a job collecting paper money when I was 12/13ish. Got paid 25p per round. When I left school I went straight on a YTS scheme and was paid £25 ish.
  17. I was like, just reading through this thread to see if anybody had like, mentioned this.
  18. Top two front teeth cracked. Looked like the Mersey Tunnel in my mouth. Now have 1 crown and one filled. 3 molars are basically shells that have been filled. A few other fillings as well.
  19. The only one I can remember listening to a lot would be John Denver when in the car, or the radio in the car. Other than that at home I don't recall really listening to music apart from Top of the Pops. As I got older 11-12 upwards I started to listen to a lot more music.
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