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  1. That is harsh. You could argue that he likes drawing attention to himself on a regular basis but the way he left Salford deserves a lot of credit. Salford's path to the Grand Final was of course at least partially built on actions from Koukash.
  2. No copyright issues. If NUFC have trademarked they would need permission to use it, but I seriously doubt they have since they are marketed as Newcastle United.
  3. One is a third level competition the other is a top level competition. With the current trend of BBC thinking it is clear which is considered more important. Obviously the BBC RL correspondent did not find the league 1 final newsworthy
  4. Sold out typically means that all the tickets released have been accounted for. If they released 10,000 tickets for the Grand Final and all those tickets were allocated or purchased it would be declared as sold out.
  5. Marketing does not necessarily require much money.
  6. If you think the figures are accurate within a range of 1% then you are probably not aware that that is not along the lines of a usual poll. Unless the programme in question is extremely popular the ratings for a similar event very wildly. That indicates the figures are not reliable but can be used as a rough guide, they certainly are not accurate. People generally do not change their political allegiances on a daily basis but their TV viewing behaviour does. BARB exists for the purpose of marketing and Media company execs.
  7. It would be anti-Australian and inaccurate but it cannot be racist.
  8. As far as I can see the only time football looked in such danger was an internal civil war at the FA over professionalism and the aftermath of two world wars.
  9. I fail to see how there is zero coordination, unless you are deliberately ignoring the very public coordination that occurs. Merging the two organisations would be a mistake and would most likely result in a more disjointed organisation that plans even less strategically than both organisations currently do.
  10. That would assuming the other clubs do not increase their attendances. If Broncos average 2k and the other clubs achieve a 3.5%+ increase the average will not be lower.
  11. Even if there were no International games at all, clubs should be doing this anyway in coordination with their governing bodies.
  12. That depends on how important they are. Strong performers will always be treated differently to others. Any organisation that dismisses somebody for testing positive for illicit drugs is not a great company and deserves contempt, the exception to that is if that act had put others safety at risk. Wigan should be commended for this, as for the other two clubs he has played for ........
  13. Nostalgia viewed through perfumed rose tinted glasses
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