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  1. Polynesia is not a nationality or a country, but it i an ethnicity that has common strands of the culture in the Hawaiian Islands, Masdsgascar, New Zealand and the rest of the geographical region known as Polynesia. It i also an identity that as received a lot of discrimination in sport until relatively recently.
  2. It depends on your criteria for popularity. Participation can be measured in several ways, as can attendances, TV ratings are highly dependent on the channel or platform and what other programs are being broadcast at the same time. How many people attend dog racing because their main reason is they love to watch dogs run. Compare the latter track athletics and you will get a vastly different result.
  3. Absolutely, often such statements are vague and little more than marketing or something similar. It would be better to state "xxx is the ....... based on ". Often you will find a mix of statistical information which can be misleading. For instance absolute numbers of a given situation, then in the same press release or article will use a different type of statistical information. London Broncos in their last stint in SL if they increase their attendance by as little as 500 that is a 25% increase, that would have been less than 4% for Leeds Rhinos. It is clear that a percentage figure sounds f
  4. Is that why SOO is popular, yet the same people will not want to watch the best players in the world in the most important competition to such a degree that they could not give tickets away for the final. It is incredibly paroquial much more so than it is in England and is based on dumb tribalism.
  5. ... but Australia does, it even produces international players for the second best resourced sporting body in Rugby League.
  6. The reality is very different in almost every sector of society. The available statistics completely contradict your viewpoint.
  7. 20k crowd for the Challenge Cup final is not far away (assuming Covid-19 infection rates remain stable)
  8. Accurate and honest journalists are rarely popular. Though the opposite is often true.
  9. From what I recall significant amount of funding was given for capital investments, the remainder was given due to the ambitious targets relating to increased participation proposed by Lewis. When those targets were not met it affected funding, other sports were similarly affected. Of course the RFL could have decided to fund the develop officers by other means, but chose not to. Despite all the good work he did Lewis is as much to blame as anybody.
  10. London, North West, West Yorkshire alone is more than three times that. That is excluding South Yorkshire, West Midlands and the North East where there are semi-pro clubs with ambitions of making it to Super-League. Based off of that statistics from Sky Rugby League is often the second sport for football fans on sky sports. Comparison to the scottish cup final is not appropriate particularly when compared with viewing ratings across the UK.
  11. This is when economics takes precedence over the lives of people. Germany and Belgium are in the top 10 for infection rates. That is the same attitude that has contributed most significantly to the scale of the problem.
  12. Sorry to be pedantIc but that was GB. I am not sure how Tonga are tier 2, you can argue the same applies to PNG. Domestically France are much stronger than PNG and Tonga.
  13. It seems you can predict the future with such accuracy. The above was stated 15 years ago, not much has changed in terms of representation, it is not clear what has changed so dramatically for this to change. Wales and Ireland have locally born and trained players in their national squads. Scotland is the process of resurrecting the Scotland A team based around local players, they also have two national youth teams. All of them are more advanced than what is going on in Tonga.
  14. They certainly have better coaching. Technically they have been been better players than those representing England since they became an International team. In terms of structures, I would guess that the opportunities in Croatia at level 1 & 2 are better than in the EPL and Championship. This is something the English FA have only recently tried to address.
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