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  1. Yes fair enough, but she is small for a prop, and the size difference between the respective packs tonight is one of the main gists of this thread. I would say Liv’s natural position is second row. Without checking, I’m sure she started some games this season in the second row - maybe in the challenge cup semi final against Leeds when Savannah Andrade was still playing centre. As I’ve suggested elsewhere, Savannah and Jas Bell should be in the squad and obviously Sinead Peach.
  2. Not that I’m aware of. Same with the bbc coverage I suppose. If the men weren’t any picking props in their 13, it would be a significant talking point.
  3. I think England will beat PNG as they have fabulous backs and back-rowers, but the front-row selections have been absolutely bizarre. I don’t see how they can do themselves justice in this World Cup with two second rowers starting at prop.
  4. Two games in a row that two second-rowers have started at prop. You can get away with it against Brazil & Canada. Not sure about the rest of the tournament.
  5. Interesting team selection for England with two back rowers starting at prop and a couple of others out of position. It was great being at Featherstone on Thursday to watch Brazil. Scrum half and captain Maria Graf and second rower Patricia Oliveira were excellent. The whole team looked strong and fit, but very naive from a rugby point of view. England should win by at least 70.
  6. I wouldn’t look at many of the Saints players and think they shouldn’t be there. But it is perhaps a mistake to select a squad of 30 that meets up regularly over two years and is then whittled down to 24 at the end. I feel for someone like Jasmine Bell whose form this season has been outstanding, because it’s natural for a coach to want to stay loyal to the group who have done so much training together over such a long period. Today’s England Knights front row of Bell, Peach, Crowl is probably better than whatever England will field next week. Richards will have to use at least one backrower at prop, probably off the bench, and against much bigger teams, this is going to be a problem. I’d have picked those three and also Savannah Andrade.
  7. He coached England Men’s Academy in 2008 for a one-off Test against the Australian Schoolboys in Australia. They were thrashed. I remember it well because there was one regular Super League player available to him (Jay Pitts), and he didn’t select him in the squad. Those of us following the Academy scene at the time were astounded. Not selecting top players seems to have become a theme for him.
  8. I agree with him, and regardless of the reasons for the omissions of Peach and Crowl (who I thought was treated appallingly in the documentary), choosing to go into a World Cup without your best hooker & prop is a massive gamble, especially when you end up with only 3 props in the squad. The England Knights starting front row for tomorrow’s game v Cook Islands of those two plus Jasmine Bell looks far stronger than what Richards now has available to him. It’s a fine balance between getting the culture you want and shooting yourself in the foot, as Jamie Peacock discovered in 2016 when he dropped Albert Kelly.
  9. “Fifth and last” should either be “fifth and penultimate” or “sixth and last” given there are six tackles in a set!
  10. Yes and very good for GB too. I interviewed him recently. Nice fella. Lives in Queensland now.
  11. Yeah I did it in two minutes. Dave would have to be in there, yes, and then a choice between Andy Greg and Shaun for 7. Greg was the better halfback, but Shaun did more for Wigan.
  12. That’s a good team but very little between that and a potential Wigan 13: J Sullivan, Boston, Ashton, Bell, Offiah, Kenny, Gregory, McTigue, Egan, Platt, Ashurst, Farrell, Hanley.
  13. Hi all, I’ve written and published a new book called Rugby League: On This Day. You can buy it here for £12, including postage. The book contains 366 rugby league stories, ranging from 1866 to 2022. Stories include countless memorable matches and also: The Wembley winner who was surprised to find his obituary in League Express. The Station Road bomb scare. Clive Churchill agreeing to join Workington. The tragedy of the 1939 cup semi-final. The story of Rochdale’s Fijians. The ‘test match’ between Millom and Morecambe. The Origin coach in stockings and suspenders. The man who found the World Cup. The story of South African beating New Zealand. Rugby league’s first black player. The film and tv classics This Sporting Life & Another Bloody Sunday. The sad tale of Ryan Tandy. And stories about: Albert Goldthorpe, Jimmy Peters, Jim Valentine, Jack Harrison, Jim Sullivan, Jonty Parkin, George Nepia, Gus Risman, Billy Batten, Brian Bevan, Willie Horne, Tom Mitchell, Vince Karalius, Johnny Whiteley, Eric Ashton, Billy Boston, Tom Van Vollenhoven, Neil Fox, Roger Millward, Green Vigo, Des Drummond, Ellery Hanley, Mal Meninga, Martin Offiah, Shaun Edwards… … AND MANY MANY MORE!!
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