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  1. Think John Davies has played everywhere for Fev except fullback and wing and never really looks out of place
  2. I know Mathiou has an Irish passport so guess that qualifies him. Not sure on Cooper but I got it from this Twitter page which does them all: https://twitter.com/HeCanPlayFor?t=lPaRAb_HJ8AwUohUtU_eJg&s=09
  3. Not sure on the exact criteria you use, but think there are a few more flags that could be added, such as Ireland (Mathiou, Cooper), Egypt (Kheirallah) and Canada (Jacks).
  4. This is exactly the same thoughts I had before and after watching it back
  5. Having just watched the match back, I can definitely see why Hall was chosen as MoM. He was involved in everything good that we did, and apart from the one mistake which led to their try was solid at the back. Having said that, I wouldn't have complained if it had gone to any of the three you mentioned.
  6. There's Toulouse, but then again they only play once a month
  7. Hall Chizzy Brown Brown must be one of the best defensive half backs there is, and is getting better and better in attack.
  8. Brown Moors Gale Seems crazy putting someone who scored 6 tries 3rd but think most of them came through great play by Brown and Moors. Hardcastle was great again too
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