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  1. 1. Sutcliffe - Outstanding defence on Gelling who, even though didn't have the best game, still looked to be a class above at times. Two tries as well. 2. Golding - Solid at the back and some good runs. 3. Holmes - Guided us round the pitch very well, scored an important try and gave the brilliant long ball to Carey to score.
  2. The shirt he wore during the match was given to a fan at the end. There were spare shirts made for each player in case theirs got damaged and this is what this is, so it is still a player issue shirt made specifically for the bash, but was just not worn. Hope this clears up any confusion.
  3. Gareth Hocks player issue shirt is now for sale on eBay. All proceeds go to the club. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gareth-Hock-Summer-Bash-2018-Player-Issue-Shirt-Kit-Featherstone-Rovers/253812999568?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1
  4. In case anyone doesn't have twitter or Facebook the club are selling off the player worn summer bash shirts.
  5. I completely agree, and if you are referring to the Misi Taulapapa tackle then me and everyone around me agreed it should have been at least a red. What I don't like is how there are a bunch of Hull fans (not saying you specifically) calling Fev tossers and how scummy we are/were. Yes there was some niggle in the game, but it was hardly a bloodbath, and it was 6 on one and half a dozen on the other. I'm also not going to sit back and have Rafford belittle the club and the ground, when so much work goes into that place by volunteers, many of whom are OAPS. Especially when we own that ground and are very proud of it being the best ground in the area. Good luck for the rest of the season. I like Hull as a club and was even at Wembley last year in the Hull end in my Fev top cheering them on.
  6. At the end of the day, people are just upset that once again little old Fev have stood up to one of the so called big boys. If that game had been played in 1983 when the two teams last met in the cup, it would have been classed as a classic.
  7. Holmes Hock Robinson As others have said, special mention to Misi who went well today after taking some stick last week.
  8. 1. Wildie. Excellent off the bench. Really speeded the game up. 2. Cooper. Again excellent off the bench. 3. Newman. Fantastic second try and some great defence. Special mention to Hock who is really starting to show some form. Just needs to hold off on one or two daft offloads.
  9. 1. Briscoe 2. Knowles 3. Newman Very close 4th was Ridyard.
  10. 1. Briscoe: On another level to everyone else on the pitch. 2. Hardcastle: Making a very good partnership with Briscoe on the right. 3. Carlile. Excellent 80 minute performance. Special mention to Holmes stepping in to fullback at late notice, and to Newman who was very good on debut.
  11. Hi guys, let's try this again. The stand gang are asking for anyone who is free on Monday 19th to come and provide help in taking up the carpet in the Cappers Bar. Please meet at the ground at 9am. Refreshments will be provided. Thanks.
  12. Ridyard Clark Briscoe. Thought Hardman was solid at the back too.
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