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  1. Toronto land a Warrington star on a loan deal Big surprise, he is a Wire through and through
  2. Oh dear, you have only gone and mentioned the *ug word in front of Scubby!
  3. What has Prince Harry ever done for Rugby League......? ...... apart from having a photoshoot at Headingley with school children being encouraged to play the game, inviting Kevin Sinfield to his wedding thus ensuring some publicity for our game on his wedding day tweeting his good wishes to England's international teams presenting the Challenge Cup meeting England wheelchair players highlighting Rob Burrow's condition spearheading an initiative on mental health in Rugby League getting the use of his grandmother's pad for the hosting of the draw arranging his personal circumstances to get maximum media attention for the World Cup draws getting a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions of people to take notice of the Rugby League World Cup. Set against this, a poster here thinks Harry will not offer any future value to the game, and so should be dumped! There are two things in this world that sell newspapers and drive social media engagement, celebrity and royalty. It does not matter if the Sussexes do not have a few initials in front of their name, the interest in the couple will continue to be overwhelming.
  4. Understandable excitement about the men's tournament but I am also really pleased about England's group for the women's tournament PNG is fantastic, England may only have played PNG three times but a genuine rivalry has developed. Hope they can meet again in 2020 as a prelude to one of the Ashes tests. Canada This may be the game that is selected for both Harry and Megan to attend. Though Archie may end up wearing the dreaded half and half scarf. Brazil the tournament newcomers and the most interesting story and hopefully the most photogenic fans.
  5. They are roughly the same, large sections of both are closed off to the general public.
  6. The positive was the jubilation given to many communities of South Pacific islanders.
  7. If Perez does not have an EU passport, he could struggle to get a Tier 2 Work Permit
  8. Brazil! http://latin-heat-rugby-league.goodsie.com/brasil
  9. I am informed there is a top level coach residing in the North East who has suddenly become available and he is definitely not Gentle.
  10. As the founding, and so far sole, member of the Richard Whiting Fan Club (founded mainly, but not exclusively, on the basis that I work with a colleague who shares the same name) I am delighted that Richard has been given this richly deserved honour. Another top performance at Wembley meant he should also have been presented with a winner's medal, cruelly denied because he was surrounded by incompetents who seemed incapable of catching a breath, let alone a rugby ball. Whilst we are at it, we should strip the knighthood so arbitrarily awarded by Leeds fans to their skipper for services to mediocrity and give it to a much more deserving recipient. Arise Sir Richard sounds so much better
  11. Jonathan Liew has more background in the Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/rugbyleague/10267503/Burgess-brothers-to-make-NRL-history-with-South-Sydney-Rabbitohs-as-all-four-named-in-squad-to-face-Wests-Tigers.html I am starting to warm to Jonathan Liew, when he writes about Rugby League, he is generally fair and I think he will cover a number of the World Cup games for the Telegraph.
  12. Warrington CEO says show us the money http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/sport/wolves/wolvesnews/10599991.Where_is_the_money__RFL_/?ref=rss
  13. As they do not have any defence worthy of the name, that should not be too difficult.
  14. The World Cup is on the radar of Minister for Sport Hugh Robertson http://www.insidethegames.biz/blogs/1015110-alan-hubbard-there-could-not-be-a-better-time-to-be-in-charge-of-british-sport Robertson says: "After the Games the question I was most asked was 'how do you follow that?' But we have just witnessed a fabulous Lions victory in Sydney, followed by Andy Murray's wonderful win at Wimbledon, defeating the Aussies in the first Test and being favourites for the Ashes series, and Chris Froome looking set to follow Bradley Wiggins as winner of the Tour de France. "Also, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that we could have a British winner of the Open at Muirfield." (Which incidentally he won't attend because of the club's ban on women members. Quite right too). He adds: "Then we've still got the rugby league World Cup and the international triathlon series in which a Brownlee – or two – might do very well. When I look at the results of the Olympic sports there is certainly no sign of 2012 being a one-off."
  15. No 10 has just tweeted the Prime Minister's best wishes to all the finalists in the Festival of World Cups and encouraged attendance in the Autumn. I do think that Mr Cameron does have an interest in sport, and there is clearly someone in the Communications Team who has realised that in order to capture Northern seats you at least have to talk about things that may be of interest to voters.
  16. UK Sport which is the government funded body for elite sport in the country claims to be putting up to £500,000 into the World Cup. Incidentally I emailed UK Sport about their lack of promotion for the World Cup http://www.uksport.gov.uk/events/rugby-league-world-cup/ suggesting much more positive (and more factual about the pricing) copy, they wrote that they were aware that their copy needed to change. However that was several months ago and still their original uninspiring text remains.
  17. Red Bull- they love high speed high skill sport with a varied portfolio of sponsorships, two F1 teams, air racing, ice hockey, soccer, motorbike trickjumping, cliffdiving, ice racing all spring to mind. Their product being a high energy drink would be a natural fit, and for what they might regard as a small investment they would get increased brand exposure in both the English and French speaking worlds. Unfortunately when I visited Salzburg and went past their HQ I cannot recall seeing a set of rugby posts anywhere nearby, so they probably have close to zero knowledge of the sport, but potentially a very good match if they ever did discover the game.
  18. Wheelchair World Cup games take place on Wednesday 3rd July, Saturday 6th, Tuesday 9th, with semifinals on Thursday 11th and the final on Saturday 13th. Tickets available from http://tickets.medway.gov.uk/default.aspx ,select local events to book.
  19. Like the extension of the Magic Weekend concept- having four teams on the same pitch at Batley on 12th July playing two games simultaneously should be a most interesting watch!
  20. Unfortunately the nature of sport is that games are sometimes decided by people making mistakes; whether it is players dropping balls or missing tackles, coaches selecting the wrong team or tactics, or refs making shocking decisions. These things happen and that is part of the drama of sport, though rough for the players and fans if you happen to be on the wrong end of these errors. Fair play to the RFL for admitting their match officials got it wrong and for issuing the apologies and also for opening up channels where you can communicate with the referees and ask them about their decisions. I do not know any other sport which is doing that and it does show commitment on the part of the RFL to being accountable and transparent.
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